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10 Best Bridal Lehenga Fabrics For All Seasons

The wedding day is considered to be the quintessential part of the marriage festivities. Every bride wants to adorn the most beautiful outfit, especially a lehenga that is different from the regular attire that one encounters every day. The day a bride decides to be a bride, she decides to be that unique queen with a smile that never fades and confidence that never evades. To be able to dress one’s best, one requires to conduct thorough research, juggle through different markets, compare the prices and make oneself aware of the worthiness of the material being served.

A lot many times we come across a variety of costumes but we are naive enough to just get attracted to the bling and not assess the real hard work gone behind the studded bridal lehenga. There should be a checklist in mind as to what material (keeping in mind what time of the year you are getting married in) or fabric one wishes to wear on the big day, whether or not it would be practically possible to carry it, whether or not it would be in congruence with our idea of being a beautiful bride. We, at WomenXo, are going to present you with the 10 best fabrics that you will adore for your wedding day and walk the aisle like a dainty damsel in delectation. 

Source: Sabyasachi

Best Fabrics for Bridal Lehenga

The best fabrics for your big day depend on your prerequisites, preconceived ideas, imagination, creativity, financial resources, and availability. The notion that one bride looked her utter best in a net lehenga does not, in any sense, define the fact that all brides would look their best in the same. We need to play with the catalog of lehengas available. The idea behind curating a whole list of ‘best fabrics for bridal lehenga’ is to provide you with multiple easily accessible choices that would add extra glamour to your wedding day. 

Those fabrics should ideally belong to the tables that are not too expensive for the larger audience. The main purpose for listing the best fabrics is to accumulate for the brides-to-be with options that are super appealing and enticing. These fabrics can either be utilized as shown in the pictures or you can play with your imagination and curate your lehenga designs. Thus, it is not just about the color that we need to focus on but we also work on the different fabrics available in the market according to the season. To make your search easier, we have brought you the top 10 fabrics for a bridal lehenga that will just add the right touch of glitter and glam to your wedding day. This vast variety of bridal lehenga options will help in the organization, accumulation, and creation of the best wedding adornments without affecting your pocket. Let us just dive into this virtual boutique that caters to all the major fabrics suitable for a bridal lehenga. 

1. The Vivacious Velvet 

The beauty of velvet never ceases to exist especially during winters. A lot of you would not want to choose georgette or net during November and December and look for fabrics that are gorgeous looking yet have the protective shield from the numbing winter season. Velvet not just has that soft, shiny material; it also has a very royal touch attached to it. The glory of this fabric is accentuated in dark, bold, and bright colors like red, bottle green, burgundy, and magenta as it will reflect the gloss-like texture of the material. A super winter fabric that can make you rock your wedding day while keeping you warm, a velvet bridal lehenga is not an everyday easy-peasy attire. It has a sense of aesthetics that will make you feel sensual and at the same time be comfortable without hurting your pocket. The material is also easily accessible in all the famous markets in your city. You can go for a golden zari or embroidery to enhance the overall appeal. You can even mix and match the lehenga with a contrasting dupatta with the same work on the latter. This will create a sort of balance and will make the whole look extremely quirky. 

2. The Gleaming Georgette 

Georgettes have always been in-trend for the delicate and tender patterns that can be brought to life on this material. A material that is suitable for summer weddings weaves magic with the different available colors. Georgette is one of the most favored materials that is chosen for bridal lehenga as it allows for greater room for creativity. One can play with a lot of colors, be it bright reds or vibrant pinks to cool-toned pastels or light beige; you can sparkle with all the district colors at an affordable price range. We can choose embroidery or cutwork, golden zari, or Swarovski for the blouse to suit the individual needs. Georgette comes in different types like blended georgette, plain georgette, semi-georgette, and pure georgette. All of these fabrics have plenty of uses when it comes to designing them for a glam wedding look. Nowadays, brides are choosing pastel colors with handwork and embroidery on georgette fabric with the same or contrasting dupatta to balance the whole look. You can buy georgette if you are looking for a flowing and party-wear look or want to add more bling to yourr lehenga rather than subtlety. 

3. The Sensuous Silk

Source: Banu Designs

Another great choice for a winter wedding is raw silk or pure silk. You can easily find it in fabric stores and some popular clothing shops have a wide range of silks available which makes it even more adventurous for you to decide. But, it is thrilling to decide between different types of the same category of fabric accessible. It gives us several options out of which we decide the perfect match for ourselves. The different bridal lehengas then become a pool of variety rather than confusion as we can compare the quality of different types of the same fabric. Raw silk also has a very royal, rich, and enticing form that never goes off-board. We will come across many gorgeous-looking brides who choose raw silk for their big day because they know this one fabric would not let them down. You can choose bright colors like reds, pinks, greens, and yellows in silk as it exaggerates the princess look. One looks as if a lot of effort has gone into conceptualizing the outfit while it is just the outfit spreading its charm everywhere. Thus, silk is the ultimate evergreen pick for one’s wedding day. 

4. The Outstanding Organza 

Source: Sabyasachi

Organza is a fabric that always holds a special place in our hearts. While you find different types of organza fabric in the market, all the distinct variants provide the same lush and rich feel and texture to the dress. It does not feel heavy at all. You wear it as a bridal lehenga and you would be sorted for carrying that extra baggage of your bridal attire. Not only one can play with multiple colors in organza, but you can also even go for the pretty, tender, and mesmerizing organza prints. They look as beautiful as your raw silk apparel. Many times, brides feel that organza is a bit toned down for weddings but we remain unaware as to how subtly we are underrating this gorgeous piece of fabric. This particular cloth can provide that oomph factor to your wedding day without much effort. It is the delicacy of the fabric that sets it apart from the regular raw silk patterns deemed as an acceptable norm for big events like an intimate wedding. Once you take that step of trusting this fabric for your big day and put your creative caps on, it will only enhance the luxuries of the night. 

5. The Naughty Net 

Source: Faraz Mirza Weddings

Nets are an everyday pick for a wedding event. They provide that glam appeal to a simple, normal outfit. If you want to step up that game at acing the perfect heavy embroidered lehenga, the net would be an excellent choice. You can work with the net with different concepts that can be like contrast, embroidery, handwork, or thread work. This is the beauty of working on fabrics as versatile as the net. It allows the craftsmen with the space to use her creative liberty to amp up the style game. The whole look changes with customizations, personal details, and tiny twirls and turns here and there. You can go for the net if you are planning to adorn a heavy attire or a lehenga with loads of work, or maybe a dress that glitters and gleams during the whole night. Net is one such fabric that will surely make heads turn and make you feel pretty in your creative way. 

6. The Sequined Ensemble 

Another trendsetting adornment has been ‘Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s Red Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga’. The sequins and thread work on the lehenga has been worth appreciating and applauding. The whole attire looked super-luxe at the same time reflected a sense of subtle art and creation. The craftsmen have put in personal detailing, new insights, and a whole lot of love in crafting this lehenga for the lovely Bollywood actress. She looked unique and a princess in red while walking through those saath pheras, hand in hand, step by step. Her whole dress was breathing a whole lot of intricacies with a touch of glamour which made the whole look utterly perfect and stunning. All the brides-to-be can also choose a lehenga like that of Priyanka Chopra Jonas with sequins and thread work and a monochromatic look. Nowadays, when brides are after contrasting different colors, a monochromatic look would not only make you stand apart from other brides but also depict a touch of one’s self through romantic attire. 

Thus, this red-colored sequined bridal lehenga is a personal favorite for the thought and creativity that has gone into it and the sequins are a big thumbs-up from our side. If you want to dress differently, you can certainly take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She knows how to ace the game of trendsetting and modern fashion without losing onto one’s traditions; what we call the perfect amalgamation of modernity with the already-existing conventionality. 

7. The Fine Art Silk 

Source: Sabyasachi

If you are looking for that utterly luxurious but vegan alternative to the traditional raw silk then, fine art silk is a great choice. We have reached a time where norms are changing, nations are revolutionizing and there is a certain sense of awakening happening among the citizens. Our temptations are taking a more honest and ethical turn wherein the lives of others are being treated with as much importance as our own. The vegan community has escaped the clutches of mainstream fashion and created a trend of its own wherein they are bringing beautiful substitutes for an unethically sourced material, from cosmetics to clothing, food to fashion; the Fine Art Silk is a great pick for those who want to stay away from utilizing the pure silk that comes from silkworms and indulges into a more guilt-free fashion on their big day. It is all about the small alterations that lead to greater feats in life. For a happy moment, spend your money on ethical fashion and inspire trends in your unique way. 

8. The Bewitching Banarasi 

Source: Royal Wedding Affairs

Banarasi has been a cult-favorite whenever Indian fashion has struck our minds. We all want to indulge in those vibrant, golden(ly) crafted gleams of the traditional Banarasi fabric. A type of silk fabric that looks not just extravagant and expensive but also decent and eye-catching. We are sure you are going to be a charmer on your wedding day if you choose Banarasi fabric. It will keep your winter worries at bay and make you feel extremely comfortable in your skin. Ranging in a vast combination of colors, you can pick pinks, reds, and greens. It will suit not just fair-skinned brides but also dusky-skinned beauties. You can go all out while pairing it with a different colored dupatta or go for a monochromatic look. Banarasi silk always remains in fashion especially in a culturally-rooted place like India. Banarasi provides that ultimate richness of Indian culture with a hint of unconventional beauty styles and patterns making it to be one of the most bewitching attires out of all your shaadi wale functions. Brides want to get dressed in colors and fabrics that bring light, happiness, and well-being to the entire aura of their wedding event. Nobody wants to get ready in dull colors so why would you? *winks*

9. The Shining Chiffon 

Source: Pinterest

Chiffon is yet another charming fabric that will suit all the pretty brides-to-be. This is one fabric like georgette that gives a good amount of freedom to play with different trends. Unlike fabrics like Silk, Banarasi and 

Organza, this shining chiffon can be molded into various patterns and styles like handwork, thread work, and embroidery which makes it look distinct from the regular bridal lehenga designs. If you want that heavy look, chiffon will allow you to indulge in a bountiful treat of kadhai and bunaai or if you are looking for a more light version on your wedding day, it will allow you to go for weaving of threads. Embroidery and sequins too can be added to the chiffon fabric. All in all, chiffon is a clothing material that can arouse your creative instincts and make you juggle patterns, works, colors, contrasts, and styles. You can convert a minimal chiffon bridal lehenga to an elaborate, exorbitantly luxe chiffon bridal lehenga. And, according to us, this space of customizations is the extraordinary thing of this beauty of threads and weaves. 

10. The Charming Chikankari 

Source: Pinterest

Chikankari is every woman’s first love when it comes to ethnic wear. All the women out there would agree with us that the white chikankari bridal lehenga makes everyone go crazy over its intricacies. The white color in itself is so peaceful and calming that it leaves every person in awe and charm. The thread work on the chikankari lehenga is so detailed, minute, and elaborate that it will amplify the whole aura of your wedding rituals. 


We have catered to the different needs of all the brides-to-be and their quintessential bridal lehengas. From raw silk to fine art silk, georgette to chiffon, and Banarasi to chikankari, we have covered the top-most alluring fabrics out there in the market which will accentuate your whole personality and will compliment all your new brides-to-be. This wedding da season is going to witness the ultimate beauties of all times carrying their epic bridal lehengas with utmost happiness and love. *smiles*

Featured Image Outfit: Abhinav Mishra

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