12 Best Essential Oils For Skin Lightening: Uses & Benefits

Have you noticed that most of the women on Instagram these days are posting their selfies and pictures without makeup and filters? Yes, the pictures using captions such as ‘Golden Hour and of course Sunkissed’. And we know that you do crave such good-looking skin, and which is why we are now going to share some secrets of getting radiant and glowing skin. 

First of all, beautiful skin means healthy skin. It’s not about your skin tone or texture, our goal should be to get glowing skin and for that, you need to be hydrated especially in summers. Drink a lot of fluids if you need naturally glowing skin. And if you are already doing so, the next step is to invest in these amazing and essential facial oils that will lighten your skin and let you flaunt your photographs with no filters.

Major causes of skin darkness?

  • Sunburn
  • Stress
  • Constipation
  • Drinking less water
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Packed and fast food

Best Essential Oils for Skin Lightening

There are various best essential oils for skin that not only improve your skin complexion but also the skin quality by giving it proper nourishment.

These days you will find a number of essential oils in the market, which works directly on skin whitening. These oils act as a cleanser on your skin, which makes the skin blonde and improves the texture of the skin as they multiple benefits such as:

  • Nourishment of your skin
  • Reduces wrinkle and scars
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Prevents stretch marks on your face 

People are more fond of natural and organic products which do not harm their faces. If you also want to enhance your skin tone, then these essential oils can be useful for you. 

1. Lavender Essential Oil

You must have used various lavender fragranced products and you have to admit the fact that they smell amazing.

Lavender oil is extensively used in making skin creams and soaps. This oil not only smells good but is also very helpful to remove skin spots and wrinkles. Nighttime is considered to be the best for planting to get smooth and moisturized skin. 

2. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon in any form is a gift for us, right? You must be wondering about what are the uses of lemon oil as an essential oil. It contains bleachers like limonene and citric acid that help to even out the skin tone. Extracted from the peel of fresh lemons, lemon essential oil fights exhaustion, clears your skin, and helps you in dealing with depression.

3. Grapeseed Essential Oil

Extracted from small seeds of grapes, this essential oil is a powerful punch of Vitamin E and other skin-promoting compounds. We have enlisted some benefits of Grapeseed oil:

  • It minimizes your wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces skin scars and acne
  • Brightens the complexion
  • It can be absorbed easily by your skin
  • Supports collagen

4. Castor Essential Oil

This oil is helpful for acne, aging effects, and skin dehydration. It cleanses the skin color and beneficial to prevent excess oil from accumulating in the skin pores. Castor oil is a common vegetable oil extracted from castor beans. It also has natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties that prevent skin problems such as dermatosis and fungal infections.

5. Coconut Essential Oil

Coconut oil helps in healing burns, rashes, skin spots, and scars. Not only this but it also reduces skin stretch marks when applied. Coconut oil can be considered a source of saturated fat, which is extracted from raw coconut or dried coconut. It is used for many things like cooking, beauty products, hair nutrition, etc

6. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

We love the earthy aroma of carrot seed oil which is extracted from carrot plants. The carrot seed oil contains beta-carotene, and it is used to lighten skin color. Applying it to your skin removes pigmentation and wrinkles and tightens the skin. Don’t confuse carrot oil with carrot seed oil. Carrot oil is made from crushed carrots which can be used for cooking, and carrot seed oil is only used for external use. 

7. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Known for its calming aroma, sandalwood oil reduces the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation.

Do you remember your dadi using ‘Chandan’ for various purposes? Chandan (Sandalwood) has been our friend from time immemorial. This oil moisturizes the skin and prevents the effects of aging. Applying it regularly makes the skin smooth and the skin tone light. Mix it with almond oil to use as a night skincare routine

8. Olive Essential Oil

Do you know applying olive oil to your skin can block about 20% of the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet radiations? It has antioxidant properties that help your skin by making a barrier shield. According to research it also helps in fighting cancer-causing cells.

9. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for treating acne scars, skin tone, and other skin damage. Tea tree oil is extracted from tea leaves. It is also used in aromatherapy and as an antiseptic. It can be applied to the skin by mixing it with any carrier oil or can also be used in cosmetics. This oil soothes irritated skin and prevents acne scars.

10. Neroli Essential Oil

Also known as ‘Orange Blossom Oil’, this essential oil can be found in many beauty products. If you want to reduce those wrinkles on your face, then this essential oil is a boon for you as it is the best option to prevent wrinkles. If you have oily skin, you must try this Neroli essential oil to remove the excess oil.

If you properly use this oil, it will close the pores of the skin. Neroli oil can also be mixed with sandalwood oil and jojoba or bergamot oil. It is widely used in many cosmetics including perfumes and body lotions

11. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile contains flavonoids and helps in fighting against the free radical damage that tends to lower skin inflammation. It also prevents premature skin aging of the skin. Not only this, chamomile essential oil does wonder on skin suffering from eczema. 

12. Almond Essential Oil

Summer and Tan are best friends. And almond essential oil can help your skin fight with both these in case you don’t like them. Almond essential oil promotes flawless skin by deep cleansing. There are so many healing properties of this oil that you can use this oil for various purposes. It removes your tan in no time. 

5 things to consider before using essential oil

  1. Always do a patch test. Test your essential oil by applying it to a small portion of your body. If it doesn’t cause any irritation then you can try using it on your face.
  2. Exposure to heat can be very harmful while using these essential oils.
  3. The best time to apply these oils is at night. 
  4. Read the cautions on the bottles carefully. 
  5. If your skin is very oily, you should avoid using these oils.

Some rules if you are using these essential oils

1. Don’t skip sunscreen if you use these essential oils as these oils make your skin more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. If you avoid using sunscreen then you should avoid using these various oils enlisted above.

2. There is a proper procedure that you need to follow if you are thinking of lightening your skin with these essential oils. You should follow a proper routine and most importantly don’t forget to consult a dermatologist before taking a big step.

3. You are advised not to use these essential oils in their pure form directly to your face. Either add some water or cream and then apply and massage.


For skin brightening and lightening, we usually prefer creams, foundations, facials, and beaches, etc. But organic oils usually don’t leave any side effects. Healing naturally is always the best. It is difficult to choose the perfect oil for your skin but once you are done selecting your essential oil, your beauty regime will always be free of hassles. 

Say bye-bye to a dull face!

By Saakshi Pathak

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