Top 21 Best Essential Oil Brands Globally

Essential oils are concentrated plant products. They retain the essence of the plants from which they are derived. Scientists warn that essential oils should not be consumed like mustard oil or cooking oil. On the contrary, they are an integral part of cosmetics. Aromatherapy companies like Aroma Magic use essential oils in their products. The oils obtained chemically are not considered to be genuine essential oils. The plants need to be distilled using either water or steam to get essential oils from them. 

If the users inhale the perfume given out by these essential oils, they reap benefits. Castor oil is exceptionally beneficial for the hair but too concentrated to be applied alone. So, it is diluted with some essential oil and then applied to the scalp. The vital oils of ylang-ylang, bergamot, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and tea tree are considered necessary. The perfume of essential oil is crucial in relieving stress, anxiety, migraine, and insomnia.

According to the dictionary used in European pharmacies, the essential oil is a fragrant product, having a complicated composition. It is obtained through any form of distillation that doesn’t affect its physical design.

Science proves that essential oils have multiple health benefits. However, the purer an essential oil is, the more impact it will have. Now, let’s find out some of the best brands of essential oils.

Best essential oil brands

1. Rocky Mountains Oils

 This brand came into existence in 2004. This company doesn’t involve high-end marketing for its products. However, it believes in providing premium quality essential oils in the market. For the sake of convenience, productions have been centered at Orem in Utah, USA.

This company uses state of the art machines to manufacture. Essential oils. It is available at a reasonable rate. Also, one drop of it is powerful.

2. Edens Garden

This company manufactures essential oils of therapeutic quality. The USP of this brand is that it doesn’t use any carriers. Renowned aromatherapists recommend this brand to patients. The good news is that the products are free from cruelty. So, even Vegans may use the essential oils of this brand. However, the essential oils of this brand may turn toxic when consumed.


This brand originated in 2008. It also affects the lives of the harvesters positively. The pink pepper oil of this organization has a fruity aroma and soothes the nervous system. This brand tests the oils thoroughly. After stringent testing, it is labeled as CPTG. All the essential oils doTerra sources are pure. They are manufactured in an environment-friendly way.

It provides methods like providing job opportunities, ensuring on-time payments, and encouraging long term partnerships. 

4. Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions is a brand that derives organic essential oils at an economical price. This organization works in collaboration with some of the most reputed suppliers of essential oil. It is committed to manufacturing premium quality essential oil at a reasonable price. It is the only company to offer a lifetime guarantee on the essential oils it manufactures.

The organizers of this brand satisfy the demands of its customers for quality. 

5. Young Living

This brand originated in 1993, thanks to D. Gary Young and Mary Young. It exercises strict quality control over all the processes that contribute towards manufacturing essential oils. The essential oils produced by this brand are expensive but pure. The customers may visit this brand’s website and call the toll-free customer care number if they have any concerns. 

This brand oversees essential oils’ manufacturing from the beginning, including harvesting, planting the seedling, and distilling. It has based its standard on three pillars: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. This brand has an ownership seal of “Seed to Seal” to commit to the customers that it will always provide premium quality products. This brand also does the quality testing part in a grueling manner. The essential oils manufactured by this brand are free from synthetic materials. 

Though this brand relies on 100% pure materials to prepare the essential oils, it is advisable to keep these oils away from children. Expecting mothers should take the advice of doctors before using the essential oils of this brand. The employees of this organization believe in a policy of including. They are proud to have employees from diverse backgrounds. The popular belief of the makers is that wellbeing is beyond everything else. This belief affects the quality of essential oils. 

6. Now Foods

This brand has been in the market since 1948. It has cold pressed citrus essential oils available in the market. The customer care of this brand is active. So, any concern of the customer is answered promptly. The customer needs to dial the toll-free number or send them an email. Both the toll-free number and the email ID of this brand’s customer care are available in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

The customers may return any essential oil within 60 days of purchase. They are needed to produce an invoice. A full refund is offered to them in case they return it.

7. Aura Cacia

 It is one of the most reputed brands producing essential oils. It uses Gas chromatography tests for each essential oil. The exact measurement of blending two or more essential oils is also mentioned on their website. This brand even produces bath salts, facial products, and shower objects using essential oils (single and a blend). It delivers essential oils in amber-tinted bottles made of glass. 

8. Mountain Rose Herbs

Rosemary Gladstar started this brand in 1987. This brand has won many prestigious awards that testify to the premium quality of oils it manufactures. This site’s customer care is easy to contact either via email or through a toll-free number, available in the “Contact Us” section. This brand accepts returned goods. However, the customer needs to visit the headquarters in-person to replace them.

9. Plant Guru

This brand believes in treating customers as respectfully as God’s. It manufactures essential oils from good farms. So, they are sure of getting quality essential oils. 

10. Plant Therapy

This brand was founded by a couple named Chris and Amanda Jones in 2014. The essential oils of this brand are directly available to the customers. People don’t need to be members to buy this brand’s products, and It gets its oils thoroughly tested by third-party testing.

The results of the test are available for all to see on the official website of the brand. It doesn’t compromise on quality and believes in transparency. 

11. Lisse Essential Oils

This brand had been launched in the year 2014. Now, it is based in California. This brand purchases natural raw materials directly from the distributors. So,k the raw materials are not of inferior quality.

The customers need not panic over the chemical impact of the oils. Thus, the essential oils are pure and do not harm the skin. 

12. Vitruvi

Vitruvi Essential Oils have a variety of perfumes for the customers to choose from. Essential oils are an integral part of perfumes. The essential oils from this brand are as effective as stress busters. Only a few drops of any perfume from this brand are effective in removing worry. It has premium packaging in black and white, reminding the customers of vintage days. It offers a small variety of choices. H

owever, the manufacturers believe in quality over quantity. So, they don’t compromise with the quality of the products and are available with some popular retailers.

13. Revive

This brand harvests wild plants to manufacture essential oils. It doesn’t deal with brokers and deals with customers directly. So, there are no hidden charges involved. The customers don’t need to pay any minimum amount each month. The good news is that they are free to pay for the quantities they buy. This brand offers effective essential oils that induce sleep, reduce inflammation, cleans up the homes. They need to be used regularly for the best results.

The bottling is done in America for quality reasons. The brand hires people to travel across the world to find plants with the unique smell used for aromatherapy. After that, a distillation of the plants is done at a reduced temperature. It doesn’t use any synthetic materials.

 14. Radha Beauty Aromatherapy

It is available as a set of 8 essential oils, of 10 ml each. It needs to be used with a diffuser for the best results. You can use it for detoxifying the house and relaxing. The essential oils of this brand contain the smell of nature. They are free from any artificial fragrance or synthetic ingredients.

The essential oils from this brand are used for preparing scented candles, bath bombs, and soaps. Mixed with a carrier oil, it is also used as a massage.

15. Art Natural Essential Oils

This brand manufactures therapeutic quality essential oils. The essential oils of this brand are unadulterated. We may say that they are GC/MS tested for quality. Since no cruelty has been done to produce these essential oils, even Vegans may use them. 

16. Walmart Essential Oils

The essential oils of this brand are not of premium quality. However, they are suitable for aromatherapy.

17. Sacred Frankincense Aromatherapy

This brand organically manufactures essential oils. This brand is most suitable for those who meditate diligently. It has a slightly wooden fragrance that soothes an anxious mind. Along with it, it also tightens pores and lightens scars. 

This brand has a variety of essential oils. All of them are organically produced. It also has a brand of pure essential oils that induce sleep and relieves stress. 

18. Fantastic Frannie

This brand offers an array of essential oils. All of them are manufactured in a cruelty-free way. As a result, even Vegans may use this brand. They have blends of different essential oils as well as individual essential oils. It is a good idea to check out the wide variety of essential oils this brand uses.

19. Saje Natural Wellness

This company has as many as 26 blends of essential oils. This wide variety ensures some unique perfume is available for every customer. This brand is so particular about the quality that it doesn’t use any synthetic materials while producing the array of essential oils. It is one of the best brands producing essential oils.

 20. LSI

It is the best essential oil available in the market. A tiny container of it costs the earth. However, it ensures a quality product. It is useful and 100% organic. Many studies have proven that this band’s essential oils are way above its competitors in the market.

How to choose the best essential Oil Brand?

To choose the best essential oil brand, one must understand the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil. The fragrant oils are made of synthetic materials and don’t possess any health benefits.

The essential oils are concentrated, thus, they have a strong smell, which makes the customer feel relaxed immediately. Many organic and pure ingredients go into the making of essential oil. So, a genuine essential oil will burn a hole into the pockets of the customer.

How do you know which essential oil brands are pure?

 The label must indicate whether the essential oil is 100% pure. Moreover, a drop of essential oil should be tested on paper. If the essential oil leaves an oily ring as residue, it will not be pure. The reason is that a pure essential oil is too pure to leave behind any residue.

Also, a bottle of genuine essential oil has to be sealed with an “orifice reducer.” It resembles a plug that measures the number of drops coming out each time the oil is poured. It s is essential to lengthen the shelf life of the essential oil. It is too expensive to be bought regularly. The orifice reducer determines whether the essential oil is genuine or not. Orifice reducers made of plastic or rubber mean the impure quality of essential oil.

A drop of any essential oil should be placed on a finger, and any other synthetic oil should be dropped on another finger. It should be rubbed to see how similar or how different it feels. If there is no similarity in their tactile sense, the essential oil should be the same.


Essential oils are famous for their medicinal properties. They relieve anxiety, stress, lethargy, pains, and aches. So, a lot of people in this stressed out world swear upon essential oils for benefits. We can’t imagine a world without essential oils. So, many companies producing essential oils are available in the market.

Most of them claim to be organic. However, doctors say it is better not to consume these essential oils orally. It is more effective to inhale them or massage them. They come in a variety of smells like bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and lavender. A few essential oils are known to reduce inflammation or hair loss.


Which brands of essential oils are the purest?

 Customers of the 21st century are knowledgeable. Hence, they are conscious about the authenticity of the products in which they invest. Some of the genuine brands are Plant Therapy, Rocky Mountains Oils, Saje Natural Wellness, Fantastic Frannie, DoTERRA, Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia Young Living, and Eden Gardens.

What essential oils should you avoid?

Essential oils that contain synthetic products are less effective than genuine essential oils. Some brands like Radha essential oils, Happy Citrus Oils, Rest and Relax, Four Thieves, and Zellous essential oils are best avoided. The essential oils manufactured by these brands have too strong a smell of chemicals. 

Apart from them, Barefoot essential oils don’t have a transparent policy. KIS essential oils belong to low quality at a moderate price. Nature’s truth essential oils don’t have superior quality. Miracle Essential Oils doesn’t have an impressive range of essential oils. This brand offers a wide range of essential oils at a considerable cost.

Are essential oils harmful to the lungs?

Essential oils are not meant to be consumed. Yes, they may leave some lasting damage to the lungs and other body parts.

Do essential oils work?

Pure essential oils like LSL are useful. It provides value for money. Many customers raise their eyebrows at a hefty price. However, this massive sum is a watermark of its originality.