12 Best Engagement Makeup Ideas For Your Special Day

From pretty, glam, bold, and OTT makeup, we have pinned all the makeup looks that would make you look no less than a princess on your engagement day. Your makeup on your engagement day is one factor that would make you stand out. Ever wondered why it is given so much importance? Well, that’s because it is the first pre-wedding official ceremony before you tie the knot with your better half.

Makeup is known to make or break your entire look. With it being your engagement, you cannot take the slightest chance of not looking your best. From the year 2020 to now 2021, we have seen some hit trends that are just emerging and gaining popularity among to-be brides and brides. Many brides and to-be brides have been seen moving back and forth from heavier contouring makeup to natural-looking makeup. It depends on your preferences and what you are planning to wear as both these things go hand in hand. Do not forget, whatever you decide on in terms of clothes or makeup, remember you are cent percent comfortable as comfort always comes first for any bride and bride-to-be.

Makeup: Namrata Soni

With your engagement day coming up soon, we are pretty sure you must be confused about the makeup look that would look the best and is also in trend. Fret not, here’s some help by us! We have put together 12 of the prettiest engagement makeup looks that you can take inspiration from and flaunt on your special day. Ugh, they all are so so utterly gorgeous! Keep scrolling to find out more!

12 Best Engagement Makeup Ideas

Your engagement photos are equally as important as your wedding photos. Your makeup plays a vital role in this; just your manicured hands and well extension done nails would do for your engagement day. We have curated a list of the 12 best engagement makeup ideas that you could try for your engagement to look no less than a princess that day. Keep scrolling to see all the gorgeous engagement makeup looks we have shortlisted just for you. We loved them and are sure you would too!

1. Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Photo: Dipak Studios

Bold eyes never disappoint. Suppose you are opting for an indo-western attire or even an utterly western outfit, and you want to highlight your eyes while keeping the other makeup a little subtle. In that case, it’s almost like a full proof plan to focus and accentuate your eyes. Highlighting your eyes would automatically grab everyone’s attention to you. Why not? It’s your special day, and you’re the bride-to-be. Opt for bold eye makeup or a smokey eye makeup look and compliment that a subtle tone of blush and some nude lipstick. Do not forget to conceal under eyes well. You can also add some more drama to this look by opting to wear colored lenses. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

2. Your Eyeshadow Color & Lashes Should Reflect Your Personality

Matching your makeup to your outfit is a fantastic idea, just like this bride to be has done. If you are wearing a bright or dark-colored outfit, you can opt to match your eyeshadow’s color to your outfit itself and finish it with minimal eyeliner. Something that could take this look to the next level is adding artificial lashes, and trust us, they look gorgeous.

The WomenXo Team’s pro tip: Girls with smaller eyes should opt to wear long artificial lashes as they make the eyes look bigger than they are and make it look appealing.

3. Be The Highlight!

Bride: Mani Jassal

Planning to wear something that is all things glitters and bling? Well, then a makeup idea like this one would be perfect to the T! What makes this to-be-bride look this gorgeous? It has to be those grey smokey eyeshadow along with the highlighted cheekbones and forehead. From the makeup to the outfit and the jewelry, everything is complimenting each other so well. You can also choose to wear fake eyelashes with this engagement makeup look. A highlighter would never disappoint. Give it a shot!

4. All Things Glittery & Gorgeous

Makeup: Simmy Makwana

Looking to make a statement on your first official pre-wedding function? We’ve got a fantastic engagement makeup idea – Glittery eye makeup. Speak to your makeup artist and get glitter inspired eye makeup in bright colors. However, this works well with only light-colored outfits. Balance out your heavy eye makeup with a subtle bronzer and blush color, and opt for a pretty nude lipstick.

5. Contour Your Way Away

Contouring is one of the most loved makeup techniques these days and is also very much in trend. It has given the art of makeup a whole new definition. Contouring helps to highlight the features of your face. If you are looking to get heavy contouring done, you must keep your look dewy and subtle to avoid looking a little OTT. To complement the contour done, you can also add a little highlighter on the corner of your eyes and your cheekbones.

The WomenXo Team’s pro tip: it is essential to blend the contour lines properly for the contour lines not to be visible. If not blended well, it could look a little odd.

6. The No Makeup Look

Photo: Coolbluez Photography

Subtle and nude makeup is a hot trend and is also one of those most chosen and loved by to-be brides and brides these days. People have outgrown the in your face makeup that is loud and bold and instead opts for natural-looking makeup. The key to achieving the ‘no makeup look’ first to choose the products’ shade based on your skin tone is crucial. Natural and subtle looking makeup will steal the show for your engagement day.

7. Soft Pink Makeup

Makeup: Tamanna Rooz

A soft pink makeup look on your engagement day can also be a real standout. One of our most loved looks as well as this one – I love it! It all about not trying too hard and yet looking so chic and stunning. You could let your accessories and outfit do all the talking. Oh yes, your hairstyle also plays an essential role in your entire final look.

8. Fifty Shades Of Brown

Photo: Cupcake Productions

These brides look no less than a dream. Brown lipstick has almost become a color that generally suits everyone and all skin tones. It seems not only subtle but also very dreamy and natural. With a brown nude lip shade, you could opt for either a slight or heavy eye makeup as both go well. Remember to fill your eyebrows well with a look like this, as it will accentuate your entire look on your engagement day.

9. How Much Is Pink Too Much Pink?

This bride-to-be has truly stolen the show with her ethereal looks and makeup. Well, the perfect mix of different shades of pink used as eyeshadow, blush, and even lipstick is something we are crushing on. With a makeup idea like this for your engagement day, you wouldn’t be able to stop heads from turning. Too much pink is never too much if you carry it out with grace and poise.

10. Get Old School With Glossy Lips

Makeup: Simmy Makwana

If you are looking to keep your engagement makeup subtle and do not want to go OTT on any specific element, then give glossy lips a try. It may sound old school but also looks appealing on many as it highlights your face. Depending on your outfit’s color, generally, red and maroon shades look nice when done with the glossy effect.

11. Go Bold & Fearless With Red Lips

Makeup: Namrata Soni

Bold and fearless red lips are not for the faint-hearted to-be brides. You’ve got to carry it with more than usual confidence as well as grace. Red lips with correctly done eye makeup and brows look perfect as engagement makeup for those wearing lighter shades or pastel-colored outfits. It balances your entire look well. Go for it only if your cent percent sure of carrying it well and looking glam. If you are not so sure, do not experiment on such an important day of your life.

12. Statement Creating Eyes With Nude Lips

Makeup: Namrata Soni

Another engagement makeup idea that would look gorgeous on light-colored outfits and help you achieve the perfect engagement photos you’ve ever wanted. It is essential to keep in mind what kind of makeup would stand out in pictures and what would not look so appealing as that serves as a life long memory for you and your better half. A little glitter as the eyeshadow, along with smokey kohl eyes and fake lashes, will seal the deal. Pair this up with a beautiful brown, peach, or pink nude lipstick.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Begin With Your Engagement Makeup

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind and discuss with your makeup artist before you begin with your engagement makeup look.

  • Remember to moisturize your face well before you apply any product on.
  • Ensure that the right foundation shade matching your skin tone is being used for you.
  • Refrain from cakey looking makeup. Speak to your makeup artist well in advance about this.
  • Please don’t leave your eyebrows unattended as they do so much to your face more than you can realize. Remember to fill them well.
  • Use a lipliner for your lips as it will help accentuate your lips’ shape, which would make it look more attractive.
  • Lastly, do not over highlight or overdo your makeup.


We hope you could pick inspirations from these 12 engagement makeup ideas carefully selected by us just for you to look your glam self on your special day. We also hope that you also get the perfect pictures on that day with these makeup ideas as they would serve as a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Also, do not forget to choose an appropriate hairstyle and your makeup as both of these elements would go hand in hand and complement each other and help you achieve your perfect desired look for the day.

Which engagement makeup idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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