15 Best Easy Hair Tutorials (With Videos)

Life is so busy and so is your schedule. Getting ready every day for different events is a part of your hustle and bustle. You very well decide your outfit, your accessories but just what lags is your hair. We end up tying it in a ponytail, letting them run loose or just a clutch to hold them together. 

When everything is set so right, why not our hair? We are here to help you complete your everyday look with some amazing easy hairstyles. These hairstyles will be done in a few minutes with a few accessories. So, just keep scrolling down to make your hair look phenomenal with minimum effort.

Latest Easy Hair Tutorials

The Internet is full of tutorials to help you make an extravagant hairstyle. But, but, but how many of them can you actually follow? Those Instagram and Pinterest images which looked like a breeze, we know, 🙁 had actually made your hair a product left after a storm. Don’t worry, we feel you! *virtual hug*. Today we will make your life easy and boost your confidence for that zoom meeting, those date nights, or any family event. Below are the 15 easy hair tutorials that will help you look queen without spending hours and with minimum accessories.

1. Easy Peasy Awesome Updo 

Not many are blessed with those long tresses hence let’s begin with this short to medium hair updo. We always believe that updos are for long hair as it requires a lot of turns, twists, and folds. Well, long gone are those days as now we have updos for short hair too. With just a couple of rubber bands and U pins, you will be able to create this masterpiece which will make you feel great about your skills. *Pat your back* This elegant hairstyle will go absolutely hand in hand with your office formal skirt and suit as well as with your traditional saree and lehenga. 

2. Waterfall Headband 

If you are here, I’m sure you already know what a waterfall hairstyle is (thanks to how common it is on the internet). It is the easiest and the most beautiful-looking hairstyle which we know (maybe don’t know the name yet!). This tutorial will help you to create a headband using a waterfall braid more easily. Just have a look and see for yourself how you can make a few heads turn towards this headband. So grab a single rubber band, a pin, and tada!!! you are ready for a hairstyle that will keep your hair in place for an entire day!

3. The Ponytail 2.0


We know you have grown up wearing a ponytail but hold your breath as this ponytail is a step ahead. So we rightly call it 2.0. A ponytail that will give even your parlor wali didi the complex. This hairstyle will require a little patience and it will turn out as amazing as you see. You can make this for your corporate events and with the matching flowers and accessories, you can wear this to any wedding or traditional function too.

4. Easy Peasy Ponytail

If you enjoyed the previous ponytail but still miss your old school one then this tutorial is for you. This is the easiest hairstyle that will give your hair lots of volumes and a fuller look. Wear a nice outfit with this hairstyle and it will give you a stylish chic look. This neat hairstyle will surely complement the no-makeup-makeup look.

5. 60-sec french twist updo


This French twist hairstyle is the easiest version of your dreamy glamorous messy hairstyles. This will take you exactly 60 sec or more if you are a perfectionist. Just grab some pins to create this hairstyle that will complement your fashionista look. With minimum accessories and a no-care-neat attitude, you can make this updo without a worry about how perfect it’s looking. How badly you make it, it’s still gonna be a hit!! 

6. Crisscross layovers 

If you are a little extra like poo and don’t mind a bunch of pins in your hair then this one’s for you. This cross-layering hairstyle is perfect for your date night when you are ready to give extra time to each and everything around you. Although the curls, in the end, are optional we would suggest going for it if you are making this for a wedding event. Don’t forget the accessories.

7. Side Puff 

Puff puff puff!! Side, please!!! A puff will never go out of fashion. High or low, side or center puff is the safest choice especially if you want to let your hair loose. This side Puff is easy to make. This tutorial helps you to learn how to maintain a puff for a longer period. Take this as a tip and please use a hair spray if your hair is silky smooth as you don’t want your puff to fall apart in the middle of your event. 

8. Bridal Bun 

 Wait, have you seen the thumbnail and decided to go back? Well then, don’t! When we found this tutorial we were about to step back thinking naaah this is impossible! but don’t worry! Just how beautiful it looks, it’s so simple too. Don’t you believe it? Check out the tutorial yourself, don’t you think we have curated the best ones for you? So have a look and save it for your next wedding event, thank us later 😉

9. Messy bun trick

Do you know what’s the best part of this list? It’s not just the talk but also the show. This messy bun trick is unimaginable. Don’t worry if your volume is less, the trick is to make your hair look voluminous with just the right way of pinching. Get ready to be the star stopper of the day by adorning this hairstyle. Accessories this one with the matching shade of flower petals or just some beads and you will be the highlight for the day. 

10. Magic Ponytail 

What? Another Ponytail? Yes, coz there’s never too much of a ponytail. We have worn ponytails for almost two-thirds of our life but never have we thought to elevate that poor one. This tutorial will help you to give your ponytail an upgraded extravagant look. It will change your ponytail game to 360 degrees and make your hair look full of volume. 

11. Two-Minutes Bun

Did you love Deepika’s messy buns in gehraiyaan? How effortless they were and yet so sassy. Well, here’s a tutorial to create another voluminous bun using short hair. This messy look is perfect for your date night last-minute look if you enjoy tying your hair up. Take our tip and adjust the fluff based on your events. If it’s a date keep it less and if it’s a traditional affair fluff it up and add some accessories.

12. Lace Braid Ponytail

Trust me it’s not just a ponytail but a braid here. This side braided hairstyle with the right amount of pinching will give you the Disney princess look. A ponytail trick is a bonus here. For any day event, you can effortlessly carry this hairstyle and it will keep your locks in place for a longer time. 

13. Topsy Tail Braid

We know the fishtail is quite old-fashioned for you but you still need a braid. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This topsy braid is much easier than the fishtail and so quick to make. If you have long hair, take help, I repeat, please take help, we don’t want you to get entangled in your tresses. lol 

14. No Tool Volumous Hair

If you are the one who wants to ditch everything and just wants to keep your hair loose, don’t worry we have something for you too. We know how hard it is to get bouncy hair without using any heat tool but this tutorial is a game-changer. This hack is tried and tested and trust me it works. Do it overnight after washing and air drying your hair. The next day you will be surprised to see your bouncy tresses. You don’t want to ruin these magic curls by combing too much, just run your fingers and you are good to go.

15. Sock Curls

Yes, you read it correctly. There are sock curls and it works! Just a pair of socks and you get some awesome curls without damaging your lovely locks. If you want the curls to be smaller then add more socks and you will get small curls. Prevent your curls from opening by using a hair spray. So next time don’t be lazy and prep a night before if you want great results. 

Bonus: No hair Head Scarf Tutorial

If you have come this far and you are missing your hair loss to cancer or by choice, we love you too. Carry your head high with power and strength coz you are the queen or king as you like. This tutorial will teach you some chic and sassy headcovers with a scarf that will elevate your look for your events. Check them out and grab those cotton scarves to stay natural and self-loved. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as we loved curating it for you. These simple and easy-to-do hairstyles are dug deep from YouTube for your busy schedule. We hope you will find a majority of the hairstyles as your go-to ones from here. Everyone loves their hair but don’t forget IT’S YOU WHO MAKE YOUR OWN PERSONALITY. So hair or no hair, don’t forget to embrace your body and love yourself first before adding that extra bling to it.

Some tips for the love of your hair

  1. Always choose the right shampoo and conditioner. 
  2. Always choose the right comb for you too.
  3. If you have an itchy scalp, flaky scalp, dull hair, hair thinning, and breakage, remember it’s time to change your shampoo.
  4. Oiling doesn’t need to be overnight if you don’t have time just do it a couple of hours before washing.
  5. Let your hair breathe, don’t overdo the use of styling tools, spray, and scarves. 
  6. Regular trimming is magic.
  7. If you are confused between the type of oils and infusions don’t worry go basic and use what your mom did. 
  8. After every styling and hair treatment use the right hair care products and nurture your hair.

By Namra Shaikh

Namra is a teacher by profession and has a personal connection with neurodiverse children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. She loves the seashore. Currently, in Mumbai tending to her two-year-old, she works with brands and creators. She is exploring freelance opportunities, as according to her, motherhood in itself is a full-time job.

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