20 Easy & DIY Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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Having curly hair is a dream for many and we feel inspired when we adore celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, Sanya Malhotra, Sana Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and many others who make statements in public with their curly hairstyles and confidently flaunt them in pictures. But, we are also aware that they have a hairstylist behind every look who perfectly styled their hair like an ace. To add that same glam and ace to your look, we have some DIY hairstyles for all you girls struggling to handle your curly hair. 

Dear peeps, we understand how much you love curly hair and wait to have them on any outing or party to set the looks on fire. They do give us sexy looks but also take a lot of our time in making. And it’s a fact that they are not smooth and not even as sleek to carry as they look. Carrying them and caring for them is a daunting task, especially for those who are short of time because of work or any other reason or are least interested/ efficient in managing. So, to help and make your look more stunning we want to be your hairstylist and would love to share some amazing and easy-to-do hairstyles that can help you to set benchmarks. These hairstyles will manage your hair in all conditions: hot, cold, rainy, or autumn, and guides you through the trick of handling them effortlessly.

But before anything else, we want you to start appreciating the kind of hair you are blessed with that everyone gets tired of admiring. 

Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For every party, event, and travel we have different hair-do that is pretty much easy and less time taking. They could highlight your looks. Depending on your hair texture and hair length you will need hair accessories to tuck them up. Before trying all these styles we urge you to get the basic accessories as per your choice and need like bobby pins, elastic bands, tictac pins, detangling brush, and wide-toothed brush etcetera. These are a must-have for curly hair all the way.

1. Inside-out Ponytail

This hairstyle is a great way to save you from the hustle of making complex hair-do for any outing, travel, or party. You can make this easy hairdo in 5 mins without needing extra hair accessories. Just a comb, a few bobby pins, and a rubber band will help any length of hair to make this hairstyle possible. The below-given link to the hairstyle will guide you step by step.

2. Bow-bun

The bow-bun is a chic hairstyle and goes well with curly hair. The outlook of the hairstyle may not be as sleek as it’s visible on straight hair but successful in giving the classy look. The link below will help you to get your hands perfect for a bow bun.

3. Folded Voluminous Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for any length of hair and particularly this hairdo can add volume to the whole look. The folded updo is a great way to try for a change and be in the best looks by doing its different styles like ponytails, buns, messy knots, etc. We have seen many celebrities doing this while traveling or particularly for the airport looks. Let’s take a quick recap of this hairstyle. 

4. Tied with Ribbons

The simplest one for curly hair is tied with ribbons in whichever way you are comfortable in either a ponytail, bun, half updo, etc. There are many benefits of this style like, it saves time, looks sassy, and matches any outfit. So, what to wait for?

5. Braided Bands

You can get this hairstyle just in 5 minutes and with the help of a few bobby pins. For this to make it happen you don’t even need a comb, just a few multi-folds, and it’s done! 

6. Braided Headband

This hairstyle looks similar to the braided band but not the same. The below-given video link can guide you on how to make a headband and make a difference. 

7. Half-up Twisted Pompadour Updo

To change the day-to-day looks, you can try a half-twisted pompadour. It Is comparatively the simplest and not so time taking. So, let’s check the below-given link to learn. 

8. Faux Bob

If you are not the one who is easy with all the process of making hairstyles and putting bobby pins and managing bangs, we have for you the faux bob. Just assemble all your hair neatly and create the faux bob and get the classic look in a few seconds. 

9. Oversized Pigtails

The oversized pigtails are quite quirky and help in giving a chic vibe. We can pair it up with any western wear and make the hairstyle stand out. 

10. Wrapped with a Scarf

What best can we get to make our hair look gorgeous. The scarf. Of course, a scarf can give you very trendy yet stylish looks in a variety of ways. Try these fancy wrapping tricks and just behold the vision with a fashionable outlook. 

11. Fancy Faux-hawk

The fancy-faux is a different and very wearable version of easy hairdos. What we love the most about this hairdo is, that only three elastic bands and a comb can complete it and could make you classy. Check yourself to experiment with this for your next outing.

12. Relaxed Ponytail

As we can’t dress up all the time, so our hair. They too want to be relaxed and comfy. Wherever we are heading up, it is okay to tie them naturally in a cushy manner. The mentioned link can help you in learning a few ways to make a relaxed ponytail.

13. Keep it Natural

Sometimes, it’s good to keep the hair open and let them be in its real looks and texture. This will not only give you gorgeous looks but also fun-loving pictures as well. 

14. The Doughnut Bun

The buns are trending for a long ago because of very crucial factors, First is that they give the neat look, no stress of managing and assembling them, and the last one gives a strong look. 

15. Twisting

The idea of managing hair is really simple. You can keep them simple or twist them. The twisting of hair is super easy and can be done even without the help of a comb. Just hold your upper and front section of hair and start twisting them in a circular motion and pin it up that section with Bobby pins or tic tac pins. And get yourself ready in less than 5 mins.

16. Messy Topknot

With the natural mess-up look, you can play with the curly hair in a more happening way by making a natural messy top knot. There are many ways of doing this, but we have the simplest one for you. let’s check that together. 

17. Corset French Braid

The look of this hairstyle is gorgeous but it needs a lot of effort and patience to get into the final look. If you are the one who wants something new for their outlook can check this link to get the fresh getup.

18. The Long Side Braid

We rarely see long curly hair, but still, if you have, you can try this hairdo as well. The long side braid of any style will look good and ethnic. You can try this hairstyle only with ethnic wear and add more comfort to your making.

19. The Double Boho Braid

Boho lovers would love this boho braid to get the boho look. Without asking for help you can DIY this hairdo after two or three practices.

20. Half-up Crown Braid

Never forget to make your crown when you owe it. This hairstyle can be further enhanced with hair accessories like baby breath pins, or faux flowers, and the best part about a half-up crown braid is it could compliment any style of outfit.


We expect our sorted and not-so-difficult hairstyles can assist many girls with the diva look for their upcoming party, travel, or a day out. Also, we are super excited to know how much you love them and could easily incorporate them with your outfits. Let us know in the comment which one gets you the most appreciation.

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