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31 Crop Top Lehenga Designs For The Next Wedding You Attend

Crop top lehengas have become an immense rage in the world of fashion. All new-aged women love the indo-western combination of a hot and stylish crop top along with a lehenga as it lets them play around with style, cuts, designs, patterns, etc. 

A unique crop top lehenga would make you shine at any event or even among your girlfriends. While some find it extremely easy to pair crop top lehengas of their taste, others find it equally difficult. You could be one of those who know exactly what they want or maybe are someone of the latter side. Don’t worry, as we are here to take care of that with tons of designs for you to choose from. 

Whether you are someone with a millennial, indo-western or inclined towards traditional designs, you will find an outfit that perfectly matches the taste and personal sense of style. At WomenXo are here to spark some inspiration for you to decide on what you heart the most. Keep scrolling to find a specially curated list of the 31 most latest and trending crop top lehenga designs.

Trending Crop Top Lehenga Designs

Designer: Anushree Reddy

Are you all ready and pumped up to stand out from the crowd and make head turns with some elegant and latest crop top lehenga designs? Here is a listicle of 31 remarkable and eye-pleasing crop top lehenga designs that are an ideal pick for any occasion you may have to attend. Keep reading to find a plan that would make you fall in love. While doing so, do not forget to bookmark the ones you loved.

1. Love For Florals and Ruffles

Designer: Anushree Reddy

Who doesn’t love how elegant florals and ruffles look when paired together? A ruffled crop top design with a floral lehenga can be your go-to outfit for any functions or even your big day. This specific one is cute, simple, and yet very gorgeous. A ruffled crop top like this would also require minimal accessorizing, and you could again go subtle on hair and makeup. What do you think?

2. Bold And Dramatic Cape Sleeve Crop Top

Designer: Manish Malhotra

Cape sleeves have been in vogue for a while now. Depending on your body type, cape sleeves help accentuate the shoulders by adding or reducing the volume. We love it as they are drama-free and something that you can carry with ease. If you are looking to make a statement, this bold and black cape sleeve crop top is your pick. You can pair it with a heavy sequin lehenga or opt for a subtle single-colored skirt. 

3. Chic Work Of Art – A Tulle Crop Top

Designer: Anushree Reddy

Looking for something unusual and stunning? It may be something that may excite you. An off-shoulder crop top in powder pink color along with gorgeous tulle sleeves would make you look dreamier than ever at any function. 

4. A Little OTT!

Designer: Manish Malhotra

A crop top with a flower popping in the center is unique and maybe never seen before. It is eye-catching and a little over the top for people who prefer to keep their crop top lehenga design a little subtle. If you don’t mind experimenting, you could give this one a shot and pair it with a lehenga that is chic and free-flowing.

5. Crossed Neck Crop Top

Image: The Lightsmiths

Have a beach wedding to attend or throw a beach wedding party? A bohemian crop top with a cross neck is chic and stunning. A vibrant and colorful crop top design like this one to go with your lehenga is pleasing to the eye and fascinating.  

6. Wings That Would Set You Free

Designer: Manish Malhotra

A statement crop top lehenga like this one is a masterpiece created by Manish Malhotra. At the same time, some prefer to keep their crop top indo-western, while some prefer to add an Indian hint to it with a modern twist as done in this design. This crop top has drapes attached to it, which makes it look like wings. 

7. Something Peachy

Designer: Manish Malhotra

Pastel and light colors are a must-have for any occasion. They are not just summertime colors but can also be very refreshing to the eye when worn otherwise. A style like this bode so well when worn at any function. A round deep neck crop top lehenga like this one is all things trendy and modern. Pair this style of a crop top lehenga with a choker.

8. Printed Summer Bliss Yellow Crop Top

Designer: Anita Dongre

Floral prints have always been attractive and eye-pleasing, especially when it’s a floral printed crop top, and yes, who can miss out on the bright summertime yellow. You can glam up your yellow crop top by adding some embroidery or embellishments. It is something that suits your vibe?

9. Mirrored Bralette Crop Top

Image: Dipak Studios

Doesn’t this design and color give you major mermaid vibes? Well, to us, it does, and we love it! Don’t be afraid to experiment as they do turn out beautiful such as this one. A bralette design can accentuate your chest area and make it look more enhanced and steady, which is why many women prefer to opt for the bralette.

10. We Think You Should Mauve-it!

Designer: Falguni Shane Peacock

A monochromatic crop top lehenga like this one from Falguni Shane Peacock is elegance at its best. There are so many aspects of this crop top that look like a million bucks, and begin with; it is the deep v-neck design. How appealing. What also makes this stand out so much is the same colored and same design skirt that it has been paired with.

11. Keep It Classic

Image: Pinterest

Classic and straightforward was always the definition of elegance and poise. A crop top like this, which has the neck highlighted with an embroidered gold border, keeps it classic and classy. You could pair a crop top lehenga like this kind with a heavy embroidered or embellished dupatta.

12. Get Lacy

Designer: Falguni Shane Peacock

You can never go wrong with a rose gold colored high neck lace crop top lehenga. We love the detailing here as slight ruffles are added to the crop top’s edge, making it look very feminine and edgy.

13. Puffed Sleeve Embellished Bralette Crop Top

Designer: Falguni Shane Peacock

This puffed sleeve embellished nude pink bralette crop top looks gorgeous, and there is no denying that. It is not one of the ordinary designs and can be a big hit at any event or function. Try a crop top design like this with your lehenga and add a glamorous touch to it.

14. Pop Of Colours

Designer: Payal Singhal

A crop top lehenga with a burst of colors is simply gorgeous. We adore how the multiple layer knots work well with each other, along with the tassels hanging at the end of every string.

15. Pastel Hues

Designer: Falguni Shane Peacock

A pastel powder pink bralette crop top with frilled sleeves is stunning. The exquisite grey embroidery on the crop top lehenga is what is complimenting this whole look, along with the net frilled sleeves. 

16. Bohemian Embellished Feels

Designer: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

Pair your minimal lehenga with an embellished and bright colored bohemian bralette crop top design. You can make it stand out from the other methods for a little detailing like this design done on the shoulders or at the strap area.

17. Elbow Sleeve Deep V-Neck Crop Top

Designer: Sabyasachi

A traditional design with a modern twist to it. Take a bold step and make your crop top neck a style statement with giving it a deep neck look. If you are petite, then this type of design would accentuate and enhance your upper body.

18. Collared Neck Crop Top

Designer: Monika Nidhii

The collared neck crop top design keeps coming back in fashion and is always on every fashionista’s list to wear this at least once. A collared crop top like this one, when paired with a lehenga skirt, is too beautiful to resist. Don’t you think?

19. Square Neck Crop Top

Designer: Anushree Reddy

A square neck crop top lehenga is a very traditional design with a hint of modesty in it. It strikes a perfect balance between chic and sexy, and it would make some heads turn while worn on any occasion.

20. Sensuous Ruffles

Designer: Anushree Reddy

If you have a propensity towards a chic yet straightforward crop top design, this is your best bet to pair with your traditional or modern lehenga. This green ruffled crop top lehenga design by Anushree Reddy is love and how!

21. The Beauty Of A White & Bronze Crop Top Lehenga

Designer: Shantanu & Nikhil

Exude gobs of sheer grace and poise with this modern white and bronze crop top lehenga. The bronze thread work and embroidery at the bottom of this fish-tail design skirt is astonishing. An outfit like this is ideal for a cocktail party or even a reception. 

22. Zip It Up!

Image: Pinterest

Up for a classy and sassy high neck front zip crop top lehenga? Here’s an inspiration you cannot miss trying. A jacket inspired high embroidered crop top would complement your straight and straightforward lehenga skirt.

23. Enchanting Fringe Crop Top Lehenga

Image: Dipak Studios

We are entirely swooning away with this double-layered fringe crop top lehenga design. An asymmetrical crop top like this one is giving it a whole new contemporary twist. 

24. Sweetheart Neck Crop Top Lehenga

Image: Pinterest

A sweetheart neckline bustier crop top lehenga design like this one is made to perfection in every aspect. From heritage motifs to hand embroidery, this crop top design is a timeless piece of design.

25. Exotic Feels

Designer: Arpita Mehta

One of the trendiest and hottest crop top lehenga designs so far. Shells at the hemline of this crop top are giving us some exciting exotic vibes. 

26. Embroidered Beauty

Designer: Falguni Shane Peacock

This foliage embroidered crop top lehenga is all hearts. This sheer grey and pink crop top are designed to perfection by Falguni Shane Peacock. An unconventional design like this is irresistible. What are your thoughts?

27. Boat Neck Crop Top Lehenga Designs For The Win

Designer: Payal Keyal

Crop top lehengas with a boat neckline are here to stay. They never go out of vogue; instead, it keeps getting better with time. We love the combination of a traditional and ethereal boat neckline crop top lehenga.

28. One Shoulder Crop Top Lehenga

Image: Pinterest

Single shoulder crop top lehenga is eternal love. It is a dilemma between wanting a sleeve and not wanting one. Ah! We understand! 

29. U Plunging Velvet Gorgeousness

Designer: Shyamal and Bhumika

A ‘U’ plunging neckline crop top in velvet is something you cannot let go of. This crop top lehenga combination is a bold and lovely one. The boldness of the fabric and the color is the highlight of this ensemble.

30. Criss-Cross

Image: Pinterest

It is not your usual crop top lehenga design. This intricate sequin criss-cross crop top lehenga is all things classy and glamorous. You can slay in this for a cocktail or a reception party.

31. Fearless And Bold

Designer: Payal Singhal

Fearless and Diva Alert!! Your crop top lehenga needs no other upgrade than this new crop top lehenga design. Give this a shot, and we are sure you will love it!

Tips To Keep In Mind While You Style Your Crop Top Lehenga To Perfection 

  • Planning on some heavy accessory styling to go with your crop top lehenga? Remember to keep your neckline then simple, or else it may end up looking OTT.
  • Consult with your designer and ensure that the length of your crop top lehenga ends at the middle of your rib cage, which happens to be the thinnest part of your waist. It will give your body a sleek and chic appearance.
  • Don’t hesitate to play around your sleeves as they look stunning and can take your final look to a whole new level. You could opt for cap sleeves; tulle flared sleeves, bell sleeves, etc. Trying out something unusual is always in vogue.
  • We think that keeping the color of your crop top and lehenga from the same color family palette always looks better and elegant than when kept contrasting.
  • If your crop top lehenga is styled correctly, no matter what body shape or body type you have, you would ace it 100%. Go out there and give it a shot, girls!


Designer: Jayanti Reddy

Something that can define your sense of style and personality is from the details you pick in your outfit and the utmost importance. While these were some of our top favorite compilations of crop top lehenga designs, you can take inspirations and choose from what suits you best, from ruffled sleeves to puffed sleeves or even bralette crop tops. With whatever you pick, do not forget comfort always comes first. Something comfortable would always look chic and beautiful.

Loved these crop top lehenga designs? Do let us know in the comments which one was your favorite one!

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