10 Best Conditioners For Dry Hair

They say beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes, but we say the beauty of a woman lies in her smooth, silky, and healthy hair. 

With the persistent hair related issues – frizziness, dry scalp, and split ends are prevalent problems, especially in the humid season, and this is where a good conditioner comes into play. Stepping out of your house, you can subject your hair to a lot of such damage, starting from pollution to the harmful UV rays. Besides that, the constant styling, coloring and chemical build-up can leave your hair dry and brittle and this is where a good conditioner comes into play, as much we emphasize on the nature and type of our hair before buying a shampoo, we must note that a conditioner holds paramount importance in defining the texture of our hair. 

A conditioner helps balance the pH level of our hair by smoothing down the cuticle and locking in the moisture, which is not only an invitation to a bunch of compliments but also healthy-looking hair. 

Now that you are caught up on the fact that conditioner is important when it comes to the optimal health of hair, let’s get back to talking about the conditioners that can do the job for you

Top Conditioner for Dry hair Price and Reviews

1. Herbal Essence Bio Renew (Argon Oil of Morocco)

The foremost reason to try this product is pretty much self-explanatory from the name of the variant itself. With the product entailing argan oil as its main ingredient, which is a mixture of vitamin E and fatty acids, it increases the elasticity of the hair. It balances the pH level of the hair by providing optimum nourishment and restoring shine. This product is also inexpensive and suitable for all hair types.

Price: INR 553

2. WOW, Hair Conditioner

This formula is specifically preferred for its sulphate and Paraben free properties. Ranging from certified organic wheat protein, virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil, it has all the best ingredients for the optimum health of your hair! Besides being a unique amalgamation of such attributes, it has a pleasant smell and will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Price: INR 399

3. Khadi Natural Herbal Conditioner 

Infused with the extracts of aloe vera and green tea, this herbal product is all things natural and, therefore, refrains from the addition of any harmful chemicals, which makes it unique and special! Besides being rich in antioxidants, it also protects the hair from the harmful UV rays, thereby eradicating further chances of damage from heat as well as color protection. The product is also extremely budget-friendly.

Price: INR 235

4. L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner 

As the product variant says it all, infuse with 6 oils – almond, coconut, olive, argan, camelia, and jojoba. It nourishes your hair and leaves it soft, smooth, shiny, thick, and manageable. But the USP of this product would have to be the fact that it can be applied on the scalp to provide nourishment to your roots.

Price: INR 185

5. Organix’s Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Besides being sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, this product has argan oil as its main ingredient, which ensures to nourish your cuticles, making the hair soft and smooth. Apart from giving a silky, seductive perfection to the hair, it also keeps the damage from styling at bay by providing a shield that hydrates the hair from within by eradicating any chances of dry and damaged hair.

Price: INR 725 

6. Matrix Opti.Care Smooth Straight Conditioner

This conditioner is especially meant for people with chemically treated hair. From providing color protection to nourishing the locks, this product does it all. It t inculcates shea butter that is sure to leave your hair conditioned and moisturized thereby, preventing from frizziness, dry hair, and split ends, one-stop solution for protecting your hair from damage.

Price: INR 260

7. Loreal Professional Series Conditioner

Specially tailored to repair dry and damaged hair, this product contains lipids which ensure to provide essential nutrients to your hair by nourishing it without weighing down.

From making the hair frizz-free to giving it an extra bounce, this product will make your hair smooth, silky, manageable, and restore the damaged and dull hair with an everlasting shine. 

Price: INR 768 

8. Schwarzkopf Conditioner

A mirror-like shine, frizz protection, and nourishment without weighing it down, Schwarzkopf is a mild formula which repairs your weak and damaged hair by restoring our hair texture. It is meant for all hair types and leaves a pleasant smell after the wash.

Price: INR 849

9. Kerastase Hair Strengthening Anti Breakage Conditioner

Infused with pro-keratin and ceramides, this product is specially curated to eradicate breakage and damage by forming a strong hair fiber. It revitalizes your hair and strengthens your roots by providing deep-rooted conditioning, thereby bringing your damaged hair back to life.

Profoundly decreasing the hair fall and overall increase in hair strength is the main USP of this product. Even though this product is more on the expensive side, it’s worth it. Even a small portion works long run.

Price: INR 2218

10. Wella Enrich Moisturizing Conditioner

One of the best hair conditioners for thin and fine hair. Adding volume from root to tip by giving an everlasting shine, providing hydration thereby, rebuilding and revitalizing your hair back to life. The lightweight is also hypoallergenic and works with all hair types. Apart from working like magic for your hair, it also ensures to leave a pleasant 

The smell stays for quite some time. Guess the conditioner is not only for hair care but rather a treat 

Price: INR 425

5 tips for choosing the best conditioner for dry hair

Now when we are done discussing top conditioners in the market, consider these factors before buying the conditioner that works best for your hair.

1. Hair Type

It is a pre-eminent factor to consider before you buy the product for your hair. While a potent formula would work wonders for wavy hair type, it might weigh down the already straightened hair type similarly, using an oil-infused method can not be the best bet for curly hair but would be okay with other hair types. Reading the specification can give a better understanding of whether it resonates with your hair type.

2. Need 

Your hair need can vary from that of your friend. At the same time, you would be more concerned about bald patches or hair thinning; your friend would be looking for chemically treated hair or anti-frizz solution, All the products are specially curated for a specific need. It would help if you considered this factor before choosing your conditioner. 

3. Ingredients

A formula infused with extracts of aloe vera or coconut oil can work wonder if you have dry hair but might not fall in place for someone who has an oily scalp. Consider reading what goes into your conditioner before buying it. 

4. Review and Goodwill

Almost every website has a designated column that showcases customer reviews. You might consider giving it read before investing your money in an all-new product, not only will it provide authenticity but also clear out the blurred details associated with it. 

5. Cost 

After considering the above factors, you should see if all your preferences fit in your affordability budget. With a variety of choices, you might find a product that provides a high end and a moderate budget as well, however, don’t compromise the quality by solely deciding based on price  


With an array of options to choose from, you will be spoilt for options when you check out the market, but considering the above-mentioned factors will help you make a promising choice.