15 Best Dress Colors That Will Appreciate Your Dusky Skin Tone

Gone are the days when girls wanted to look fair, and hide their skin with layers of makeup if they are dusky or dark. Time has brought our love back for our very own Indian color i.e dusky or darker skin tone. Several ads and campaigns have ushered in the value of our color. And, now it’s The.Most.Wanted.One.

When talking about dusky color, we have ample of beauties like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nandita Das, Konkona Sen, Lisa Haydon, Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora, and the list is endless. Like we have immense shades of color, festivals in our culture, in the same way, we have diversified skin tones in our surroundings. Now, we proudly hold this darkish tone like the crown, whereas in foreign, individuals go for skin tan or just dream to have it.

­­­­­My mind is humming this popular Punjabi song, sung by Diljit Dosanjh on the wheatish beauty of Hollywood, Rihanna.

“Oh barbados di ae sohniye kudiye

Rang jo kanka di jaayi ae’’

[oh beautiful one of Barbados, your skin tone golden as though born of wheat]

Though there are many songs on the color brown, not to talk about but to appreciate the dark skin.

We have often found ourselves in a state of confusion about what colors would suit dusky skin the most. After researching, we have compiled a list of colors that suits the dusky skin tone.

Amazing colors that look good on dusky skin 

1. Black

Black is the color for all. It does not discriminate and looks flawless on any skin tone. Matte black or shiny black, both brings the charm equally out. Black is the most-liked and worn color and seen on all award events and carpets. Many designers use this color on show stoppers. Blacks make you look bolder and glamourous.

2. White

White is not only known for peace and harmony or only for white skin, but looks great for dusky tone too. Celebs flaunt this color in style, working on many shades of white like smoky white, snow white, eggshell white, etc. You can choose according to your taste and likes. 

3. Blue

Blue is Mr. cool among all colors, widely used and liked by all. There are a hundred shades of blue that work for your dusky tone. Denim blue, sky blue, navy blue, or royal blue, you can pick any, and wear it like chic!

4. Ivory

Outfit: Abhinav Mishra

It’s an off-white color with a tint of yellow. It goes well with the dark color as it reflects a summerish look. Many celebrities wear this color like a pro. Nandita Das and Konkona sen wore this color often in many events and looked gorgeous. 

5. Maroon

Photo: Pooja Hegde

It’s inevitable to select this color, as it adds more love, confidence, ambition to the look. Widely chosen for carpet looks or mega-events. You can wear any kind of dress of this color, I bet nobody can overlook you.

6. Hot Pink

Photo: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

It’s the most gaga color for your skin, and a must-have in your wardrobe. This color is extremely awesome, only, if you carry it with swag. Priyanka Chopra carries it like a fascinating diva who never restrains to give electric looks with this color.

7. Mustard Yellow

Lukewarm color for both summers and winters. Magnify the looks if worn with a pair of hangings or a choker neck set. This color shows diversity, so for dusky skin tone, it’s a big YES. 

8. Lavender

If you love purple, but don’t feel enough confidence to carry it, go with a lighter shade of purple i.e lavender. It’s known for beauty and femininity, which’s definitely going to give a sharp look to your beauty.

9. Grey

Grey looks very much neutral and balanced on dark skin. Though the color is neutral, you can choose a variety of stylish attire as per your choice.

10. Brown

Brown is the proud color of, ‘us’. We can intensify our looks with this color, even as all shades of brown go approachable on brown girls. This soil color amplifies the looks with a high bun. Gunmetal is the darker shade that also suits the dusky skin the most.

11. Red Wine

It represents passion and energy, and always rock your look with its intensity. It creates magic for dusky skin tone and chosen mostly for glittering events.

12. Orange

Orange color screams for joy, enthusiasm, and brightness. This color makes the look fresh and happier and can be worn with any kind of jewelry or hairstyle.

13. Gold

Depicts extravagance from its layers of shine. Brightens the glance on skin. You can try any shade on any occasion and it’s definitely going to work. Dusky skin can experiment with this color boldly.

14. Light Pink

Pink is always every girls’ favorite. Light pink symbolizes blush and softness. This color is meant for your skin and looks classy with your dusky look. Try it out!

15. Fuchsia Rose

It depicts gratitude and appreciation and brings more charm to dusky skin. Wear this color anywhere, anytime, and get the diva look easily. This color also makes you look sharper.

Benefits of wearing the right colors as per your skin tone

Every color has its worth and its influence on your skin color. Colors flourish the skin tone and add to the charm. Dark skin tone does need extra focus before choosing any color to wear. So, here we have some benefits of wearing the right colors which will resemble your skin color in a better way.

1. It sharpens your looks.

2. Enlarge and appreciates the beauty.

3. Brings variety to your mundane everyday look. 

4. Helps us to carry your skin tone more confidently

5. Makes the wardrobe full of variation.

6. Complete the color contrast.

7. Add value in skin tone

8. Makes the brown girl SMILES!

9. Saves our time to choose.

10. Gives faith that, yes, we are GLAMOROUS and BOLD too!


In the nutshell, I believe that you all are going to gain something or the other from these colors’ choices. You would look more furious and blunt in these colors.

Every color is beautiful in its representation, and every skin tone is perfect in its shell. So, let’s keep these color shades in mind before we go shopping and enhance our beauty!

By Radhika Sharma

Professor by profession. Blogger, painter, and spiritual by choice!
Loves nature, colors, and instrumental music.
A passionate learner and a bit stubborn by birth!

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