15+ Best Classic Makeup Looks You Need To Try

In the era of fast food and express deliveries, some things have surpassed the span of ages. Those timeless, classic stuff have an era of their own. Be it a dressing style, culinary delight, or make-up, classic beauty is never out of fashion. Old is Gold and old is better when it’s renovated and updated. It turns into more precious metal. The classic stuff is better than the older one, it’s refreshing with a hint of the best traditions, making it better than before. 

Best Classic Makeup Look Ideas

Classic makeup is the one that is always in fashion. It’s made for everyone and every occasion. A classic makeup is a perfect blend of timeless makeup look for yesteryear with a fresh hint of updated glamour. It will make you stand out in the crowd of burgers and pizza as junk, however tempting it is, will not last long, one day everyone will come home to the Desi feels.

Here, we have collected a list of 20 classic makeup looks that will always make you feel whether it’s a wedding, an office day look, or meeting your partner’s family. So, it’s time to ditch those funky looks for a time being and get ready with your makeup to try these timeless classic looks. 

1. The Reverse Cat-eye Makeup

The reverse cat eyes look is a fierce upgrade to the winged eyeliner. This look focuses on the lower eye line instead of the eyelid. The result gives you a smoky, sexy well-defined eye line. 

2. The Cut Crease Makeup

A cut crease is a well-defined eye makeup that creates an optical illusion to make your eye look bigger. It’s an art of makeup where you sculpt your eyes beautifully and use light and dark shades with a crease in between them. Depending upon the occasion you can use the color from popping dramatic color to subtle nude shades cut crease goes well with all. Isn’t make up not less than magic?? What is your favorite makeup magic? 

3. The Red Lips

A red lip is a classic beauty makeup look. It’s an epitome of elegance and glamour. A red lip with a subtle nude makeup look goes hand in hand. Red lips are also every bride’s favorite as they compliment heavy glittery bridal makeup too. The little black dress TBD along with red lipstick is one of the sexy looks for an intimate date or an event. Every woman must have red lipstick on their vanity, do you own one too?? 

4. Rose Gold Makeup Look 

One of the looks that you must keep on your go-to list is this Rose Gold look. This looks amazing due to its awesome combination of rose and gold. Rose and gold look fabulously amazing together. This combination of colors gives a warm radiance to your face and some amazing glittery touch to the eyes. Rose Gold is a top choice for pretty pink lehengas as well as a pinky top and jeans. It suits the western as well as the traditional look. So next time try a hand on this look and see the magic…

5. Smokey Eyes

A few years ago when Smokey eye came back in trend it changed the eye game. The dark shade of black, and brown fused with your eyeliner creates a Smokey look. This is one of the most sought-after looks for red lips too. Smokey eye makeup complements all skin tones equally. Pair them with a nude lipstick or red and you can have a subtle or glamourous look ready for any occasion. There are many tutorials for easy smokey eyes with just using your basic Kohl and a black eye shadow. It’s super easy too. Are your team Black Kohl or Team Blue liner?

6. No Makeup Look

No makeup look or natural makeup look is one of the most universal makeup looks. This makeup changed the overall makeup fashion industry. It paved the way for all the household girls, working women, and students to try on makeup without feeling “too much about it”. This makeup is just right as you want it to be. It doesn’t make you look like you have makeup but it also makes you look fresh and glowy. It’s a perfect day’s makeup. This has made make up a part of your beach/mountain trip, travels, flights, meetings, colleges, etc there’s no place where this makeup can look too much coz it’s just so perfect. 

7. The Flush Lips

The flush lip makeup look is a new trending makeup that is based on gradients of colors. Ideally, red, pink, or mauve colors are used and applied on the outer lip line. With the help of your finger, you romantically blend the lip color inwards. This gives a flush of color that looks very natural. A flush lip is a great substitute for a natural blood rush on your lips. This makes you kiss-ready anytime or a superb pout for your selfies. 

8. Sparkling Dust Look

Are you the one who just loves the glowwwww?? Then for you, sparkling dust is a must!! This dust is a real game-changer for those who love the light and show. Sparkling dust can be used on eyelids, cheekbones, or any part to accentuate the look and add that extra shine to it. The dust adds vibrancy to the makeup and takes your basic makeup skills uphill. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and blow some dust (of course the glitter on your face)!!! 

9. The Winged Eyeliner

 The winged eyeliner gives nostalgia about the teen days when eyeliner was a must and applying it was an ultimate skill. Every group would have an eyeliner expert with an extra steady hand. Well, those ladies moved further to the winged ones now. Winged eyeliners have upgraded themselves to double-winged, cat eye, etc. There are many ways to apply a winged eyeliner now. So next time you plan to try a winged eyeliner do check its latest style and variant and try that too. You never know if one of them will become your best friend too and go with all of your looks. 

10. The Dewy Makeup Look

Dewy look or shiny looking skin is never out of fashion coz who doesn’t want a healthy glowing inside out skin? Dewy makeup is the one where you use a highlighter to highlight your face. A few drops of the illuminator are added to the foundation and applied as the base. This gives a glowing look to your face. A dewy look is best for night makeup for daytime you can directly dab a few drops of highlighter on your high areas of the face like cheekbones, nose bridge, etc. So stop worrying about dullness, makeup is your best buddy, chill! 

11. The Bronzy Beauty

The bronze makeup look is perfect for Summers. Adding bronzer gives warmth to your face. Using the right contours enhances the features and makes them sharp. It starts right from the hairline where the maximum bronzer is used and tapers till the chin giving you the perfect jawline. This is the right amount of glam you require for any fashion party. Are you a contour fan or highlight fan?? 

12. The Wet Look

The wet makeup look is a fresh from the shower kinda look. It’s like the dewy look that we’ve seen earlier but less shiny. To achieve this look, one needs to use liquid cosmetics like moisturizers, serums, and liquid foundations. This look gives you a supple damp look. It’s perfect for any beach party, sundowns, pool party, etc. So get ready for your sexy self not just with the wet hair but also with your newfound love, the wet makeup look. 

13. White Tight Line 

The white tight line came into effect a few years ago. It involves shading your eye waterline with a white color pencil. This instantly makes your eyes look bigger and more awake as it covers the reds and makes your white visible more. This is a real game-changer for people who want to make their eyes look bigger. So are you ready for this magic??

14. The Perfect Peachy Look

Peach makeup is a classic makeup look for spring. It involves everything peach in color from eye shadows to blush to lip color. Peach makeup looks good in the sun. It gives warmth to your face and makes it look glowy. If you ever had a tiring night and want an instant glow on your face the next day, try peach makeup. So have fun all night coz peach is to the rescue for the morning girl! 

15. The Blue Eyeliner 

Something that people preferred highly in their eyes after black Kohl is the blue eyeliner. Blue is used both as the eyeliner and also on the tight line. It gives a dramatic effect to your overall look. You don’t need dark lipstick or flushed cheeks to complete your look, blue eyeliner goes on its own too. So, next time be prepared to steal the hearts with blue hues.

16. The Soft Glam Makeup Look

Last but not least is the soft glam look. A soft look is most sought for subtle events and parties. Soft glam involves the use of sophisticated colors like nude, mauve, peach, or pink. There can be minimum to no eye makeup. You can also minus the Kohl and eyeliner and just add some mascara to your look. So have a look at your vanity and if you think you have no makeup, then don’t worry! A soft glam look is the one for you!!! 


Makeup is for all and everyone does makeup, whether you use a product or just emotions, we always show a better version of ourselves to present ourselves. So never feel guilty about it. Keep a few things in mind when you use makeup for better results.

  1. Always hydrate and moisturize your skin well before applying makeup 
  2. Use serums for glowy look
  3. Contour and highlight can become your best friend if you use them right.
  4. A good makeup remover is a must or you can use virgin coconut oil too.
  5. Regularly use toner, scrub, and moisturizer to keep your skin fresh. 
  6. Check the expiry of your products as much as you check the latest sale.

By Namra Shaikh

Namra is a teacher by profession and has a personal connection with neurodiverse children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. She loves the seashore. Currently, in Mumbai tending to her two-year-old, she works with brands and creators. She is exploring freelance opportunities, as according to her, motherhood in itself is a full-time job.

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