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36 Latest & Trending Hairstyles Perfect for Your Bridesmaids

Loose curls to classic updos, bridesmaids keep no stone unturned these days. Why should they? It is their BFFs big day, and they have been proposed to be the bridesmaid or the maid of honor. As kids, we all dream of beautiful hairstyles with flowers, accessories, etc. And now, when your sister or BFF has decided to get married, it is time to flaunt your locks.

A girl’s hairstyle speaks a lot about her personality, so if you have long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair, it will define you as an individual. Also, being a bridesmaid isn’t a relaxing task. You would have a long checklist of things and decide on your outfit, matching jewellery, other accessories, makeup and unique, and classy hairstyles for different functions. With so much to do, all of this can get taxing and stressful.

BUT, relax as you have, us- The WomenXo Team!!  We have curated a list of hairstyles that would suit different hair lengths to help all you bridesmaid-to-be to decide and take inspirations from whichever you like the best. So let’s get started!!

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

Latest And Trending Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Cannot decide on your hairstyle for your BFFs wedding festivities? Don’t stress, all the inspiration you will need for your bridesmaid hairstyle for the wedding functions are all listed here in this post. So, without further ado, keep scrolling through these latest and trending bridesmaid hairstyles, which are distinctive and effortlessly beautiful for you to swoon over.

1. Cascading Curls With Flowers

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

This hairstyle is one of the most trending ones among bridesmaids, mostly medium to long hair. Don’t worry; you can still use extensions. Uniformity among the curls, along with a thin braid in the middle, would give your hair an added volume. Top it up with some flowers for a dreamy look.

2. Vintage Waves

Hairstyle: Jasmine Beauty Care

Are you looking to try something on the retro end? It is a perfect one! It works well for mid-long length hair. Begin with creating waves with your fingers and trying to achieve a multi-layered bun look along with covering the front of your forehead. To set your locks in place, remember to use a hair gel.

3. Gorgeous Little Roses

Hairstyle: Jasmine Beauty Care

A hairstyle like this is a perfect balance between modern and traditional. This one will surely make some heads turn! 

4. Twisted Pony

Hairstyle: Natasha Salon Makeup

This hairstyle is inspired by Princess Belle from ‘Beauty And The Beast.’ This hairstyle is popular among brides and bridesmaids. You can top this twisted pony look with some fresh flowers or other accessories.

5. The Dreadlock Look With Flowers

Hairstyle: Orange The Salon

Bridesmaids have always adored braids in India. You can add a trendy twist to it by trying out something like this. If you’ve already got dreadlocks, then it’s your time to flaunt them.

6. Wider Braids With Ribbons

Hairstyle: Orange The Salon

These wider braids or pulled braids have got oodles of vogue in them. For some added drama, use a ribbon or a Gota Patti. 

7. Beach Waves With A Crown Of Flowers 

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

Flaunt your locks with some dreamy beach waves. This bridesmaid hairstyle is a simple pick, yet very trendy and would look stunning for any wedding function. Be sure to try this out as it’s always a hit!

8. Whimsical Bows And Butterflies

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

It is the perfect combination of classy and minimal. A bow in the midsection of your hair along with cute little pins looks perfect. You can opt to switch the pins with small buds of flowers.

9. Heart-Shaped Braids

Hairstyle: Jasmine Beauty Care

Don’t these braids remind you of Jasmine from Aladdin? It may look a little difficult, but it is effortless to achieve. If you have colored or highlighted hair, it will make this braid look even more prominent. Finish it off by pining small bouquets in between each section of the braid.

10. Old-School Side Swept Hair

Hairstyle: Natasha Moor

You can achieve this look of a retro side-swept hairstyle using a hair comb. This hairstyle has its chic look to it. All those bridesmaids who do not want to opt for anything OTT should try this out!

11. Side Fishtail Braid

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

The fishtail braid never goes out of vogue. There is so much that you can do with a fishtail braid to make it look more elegant. Such as make it look wider, add accessories in each section, or even add some flowers.

12. Top Cornrow Braid

Hairstyle: Makeup Artistry Kavitha Sekar

Create some cornrow braids over the top portion of your hair. It works perfectly well for bridesmaids with short hair. A hairstyle like this would help frame your face well as they are small defined braids. 

13. Rose Bun

Hairstyle: Simmy Makeup Studio

If you have decided to flaunt your back and opt for a bun hairstyle, this is a must-try. You would surely need an expert to create a big rose bun like this. You can also accessorize it a little and then leave the rose bun to do the rest of the talking.

14. Bun With Layered Curls

Hairstyle: Jasmine Beauty Care

This bun is a great hairstyle pick for bridesmaids with short hair. Although this may look elaborate, it is the layered curls that give it this voluminous look. You can accessorize your bun with a floral Gajra to add a traditional touch to it.

15. Multi-Layered Braids

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

Here is another hairstyle for all your bridesmaids, which is pure work of art. Take a moment to notice these intricate braids. These multi-layered braids crisscrossing all over your hair would surely be a show-stealer.

16. Bubble Braids

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

A bubble braid is a quintessential look that a bridesmaid can flaunt at any wedding. You can add dainty flowers for a subtle look or even go for heavy accessories for a fierce look. 

17. Fuss-Free Half Updo

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

There is a wide variety of variations that you can do regarding half-updo hairstyles for Indian bridesmaids. You can try some classy ones with half-updo hairstyles such as a bow-shaped knot, top knot bun, and rose-shaped buns. Do not forget to accessorize your updo well with surreal hairpins or flowers.

18. Classic Pony Tails

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

As a bridesmaid, if you are looking to keep your hairstyle hassle-free, then be sure to opt for a classic ponytail. You can tease or backcomb your hair to make it look fuller and voluminous. These days ponytails look highly fashionable for wedding events.

19. Open Hair Waves

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

 Let your locks down and let it work its magic. Bridesmaids often flaunt their loose hair waves with tiaras or cutesy side clips. Which one would you prefer to add to your hairstyle?

20. Embellished Beauty

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

This hairstyle is a mix of twists and romance. We love how the embellished hairpiece is placed perfectly to avoid it from looking tacky or too much.

21. Messy Hair With Flowers

Look ultra-elegant on your BFFs or sisters’ wedding by flaunting messy hair and topping it up with foliage of little buds of flowers.

22. Ponytail Braid

Hairstyle: Aarushi Oswal Makeup

We adore the ponytail braid. You can opt for multiple variations in a ponytail braid to give it a finished chic look.

23. Intricate Braids With A Hint Of Small Hair Pins

Hairstyle: Hot Hair Balloon

Are you mesmerized with delicate braided buns, flowers, and hairpins? This bridesmaid hairstyle has all of it to take your final look to the next level.

24. Low Knot Bun

Photo: Pinterest

Low knot buns are absolute stunners. They look neat and well-groomed; if you are someone who isn’t a fan of messy hair, then you should try this one out.

25. Braided Rosette Bun

Planning to go the extra mile with your hair? A braided rosette bun this neat would look extraordinary! 

26. Side-Swept Soft Curls

Another all-time favorite hairstyle for curly hair is the alluring side-swept hair with soft curls. You can give it an added charm by adding beautiful pearls to your hairstyle.

27. Surreal Lotus Braided Hairstyle

Photo: Pinterest

Looking to try out something elegant and different? Give this gorgeous lotus effect hairstyle a shot, and you would look effortlessly beautiful. 

28. How About A Chic Headband?

Photo: Pinterest

Sleek straight hair with a jewel-encrusted headband is more like the icing on the cake and also a treat to the eye!

29. Keep It Bold

Photo: Pinterest

Make a bold statement by adding a statement accessory to your hairstyle. Remember to choose something classy and striking.

30. Braided Crown With Loose Curls

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

It is another hairstyle that is hassle-free as well as chic. With not too much happening with your hair, it will let you dance your heart out during the functions without worrying about taking care of your locks. What do you think about this one? We think it’s fabulous for bridesmaids, considering the running around they have got to do.

31. Puff With A High Ponytail

Photo: Pinterest

Ponytails never go out of vogue. They are the most relaxed looking hairstyle trend for women. We adore the way ponytails look paired with beautiful gowns or lehengas.

32. Dainty Baby’s Breath Flower Hairstyle Ideas For Bridesmaids That Are Trendy And Chic

Hairstyle: Sejal Savaliya

Keep it super minimal by incorporating baby’s breath flowers in your hairstyle. These tiny cutesy buds from the family of carnations are cute and fuss-free to work with for hairstyles. They have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian wedding hairstyles over the past few years. 

If you are looking for something minimal but yet a game-changer for your bridesmaid hairstyle, you will drool over the ones below.

33. Buns Out

Hairstyle: Amrit Kaur Artistry

Buns have always been in vogue, and if you’ve got baby’s breath flower incorporated in your bridesmaid hairstyle, then it’s like an icing on the cake. Be ready for people to go like OMG!

34. Get It Crowned!!

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

One can never go wrong with the crown braids, especially if you are topping it up with dainty baby’s breath flowers. These hairstyles look classic, and also your hair does all the talking. You opt for a gorgeous rose bun and add some buds of baby’s breath around it. Or you could even go for a full or clustered crown braid with baby’s breath tucked in. 

35. Made For Each Other – Braids & Baby’s Breath

Photo: Roma Ganesh Photography

Adorn your simple braid with some buds of the baby’s breath, and it will make your bridesmaid hairstyle look super effortless. You can accentuate a simple, classic, and flat braid by just tucking a few of these buds in it. You could tuck them in your bubble braid or even paid them up with other blooms in your braid.

36. Let Them Loose!

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

Are you planning to let your hair down during the wedding festivities? You can also add a little drama to it by adding these baby’s breath on your open locks. These pearl-like beauties will look so dreamy when your hair is left open or styles with knots and soft curls.

Baby’s breath has almost become like one of the most loved hair accessory among brides and bridesmaids as they do not make your hair look bulky nor weighs it down. They are airy and light and add a sense of aesthetics to any gorgeous hairstyle. So, all you bridesmaid-to-be out there, skip on bulky and heavy hair accessories, and opt for these cute little beauties.


You can do all of these hairstyles on any hair type with any hair texture. They are perfect for bridesmaids as they do not have the OTT factor in them. Not just bridesmaids, but even the other family members can try these hairstyles out, and they would be absolute head turners at any function. 

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

You can quickly achieve these hairstyles if you use the right products and have an experienced hair stylist by your side. While styling your hair always ensures using the best products and trying to use a low amount of heat, it can damage your tresses. Also, consider hydrating your scalp or massaging it a little before you expose it to heat. Products such as a hair serum, setting spray, and hair mousse will come handy while styling your hair.

We hope we have put all your bridesmaid hairstyle apprehension to rest. Please do let us know which bridesmaid hairstyle was your favorite pick. We are super excited for you to flaunt these beauties, and when you do, don’t forget to tag us!