10+ Best Bridal Makeup Packages in India

Weddings are the essence of Indian culture. Indians are known for grand weddings. The decoration, the location, clothes, food, every detail spells out festivity. For us, it is a festival where families come together and rejoice in the union of two souls. 

Brides are special. It is a big day in a bride’s life. Everything has to be perfect – from her attire to her jewelry to makeup, nothing can be compromised to make her look the best. The makeup is an important ingredient in this blend. The perfect and well-kept skin forms the base for glowing makeup. A bride-to-be has many things to do – from shopping to packing, to planning her bridal look, decor, etc.

Best Bridal Makeup Packages in India

Bridal makeup packages are the best answer to every bride’s query and worry. With so much to do before the D-day, a whole Bridal Makeup Package makes it so easy for a bride to slide in a perfect skin routine. For all the bride-to-be out there, no need to search and waste your time. We have shortlisted exclusive bridal makeup packages for you. Read on and pick up a package that will transform you into a beauty queen. 

1. Lakme Bridal Packages

Every bride wants to dazzle through her wedding and Lakme is known for the same. It has been years since Lakme has flourished and is famous for flawless, beautiful, and vibrant brides. 

You can easily spot a Lakme Bride. The makeup artists are highly professional plus they add a unique emotion to every bride. They make sure to use modern techniques with a traditional blend.

Lakme very well knows how to pamper their bride. Currently, they are offering online makeup consultation from National Creative Director Makeup. A bride-to-be can simply share queries with the expert. Amazing isn’t it? How would you feel if a national-level expert is answering you personally? We recommend this initiative. 

Currently, Lakme is offering prepping-up packages along with a bridal makeup service. These add-on packages help the bride to set up a skin routine. Without the prep up the special makeup will not be fruitful. Brides go through the list and check out the best one.

2. Wedding Makeup Packages 

For Lakme GenNext brides they offer a range of options to form. There is a basic makeup package for highly advanced ones. 

3. Classic Creme

There are the basic classic makeup services offered. It includes Upstyle glitz and Glam, saree draping, and nail enamel. The bride is decked up with creme base and modern makeup techniques. 

Price: Rs 8,000/-

4. Liquid Lustre

This set of wedding makeup looks creates a liquid and glowing base. The package certainly includes glam and glitz, with attire setting and nail enamel. 

Price: Rs 10,000 to 16,000/-  (Depending on the makeup expert you choose)

5. Ultimate Airbrush

Here the Lakme bride is created with the Airbrush technique known for its long and glowing stay. The bride is dolled up with glowing makeup. This package also includes dress settings and nail services. 

Price: Rs 15,000 to 18,000/- (Depending on the makeup expert you choose)

6. High Definition AirBrush

This is the best package Lakme is offering to their prospective brides. It is crafted by high definition airbrush technique that lends a radiant look to the bride. Only experts with the experience doll up the brides. It is the best package of all.

Price: Rs 21,000/- 

For great results, the bride-to-be can also add pre-bridal packages to nourish and relax. Lakme also offers highly professional packages. We have a few to recommend.

7. 45 Beauty Dates Package

These super special packages start pampering the bride-to-be 45 days before the big day. It kicks off with personal deep skin consultation and step-by-step nourishment. During the first seven days, basic rituals including waxing are taken care of. From next week they start with relaxing massages. For another 15 days, they offer health and skin boost. Skin polishing along with pedicure and manicures. During the last few days, there are a series of facials including D-tan and glow-up facials. Then the bride is said to be ready for naturally healthy and dazzling makeup by the Lakme experts.

Price: Starts from Rs 24,500/-

8. Fab in 15 Package

If the bride-to-be is holding up with a time crunch, then this is the best option to prepare well for the D-day. In these 15 days everything is covered-up from waxing, D-tan, boost health top-up, glowing facials. 

For a perfect look add the best bridal makeup package.

Price: Starting from 16,500 + Makeup Charges

9. Pre-Bridal Express 1

This is best suitable for runaway brides with only seven days of pre-bridal services along with the make-up. They offer basic services including facial and d-tan to get her set for the wedding day. 

Price: Starting from Rs 7,300 + make-up package

10. VLCC Bridal Packages

VLCC is one of the most trusted and appreciated skincare and makeup brands in India. They believe each bride is special in her sweet way. VLCC has a range of exotic, premium, and deluxe packages to choose from. The bride-to-be can easily pick the best one suitable for her. 

Appreciating ‘Unity in Diversity in India’, VLCC offers twelve customized packages. The bride can choose from being a Punjabi Bride or Tamil Bride, Muslim Bride, Gujrati Bride, and many more to choose from. 

Keeping up the spirit of our real culture, VLCC has highly professional, economical, and exclusive packages. Here are a few to choose from. 

Price: Rs 10,000 to 20,000/-

11. VLCC Royal Extravagant Bride 

This is a super exclusive package for all the royal brides. Once you have opted for the package VLCC will take care of everything from your skin routine to hair to makeup. The Royal Package is a well-blended range of all the exclusive services along with hair streaking or hair color. It surely includes basic services with a mix of premium full body wax and polishing. Apart from a high-end Manicure and Pedicure, the package also offers hair care with a hair spa and hair coloring. 

To-be-Bride may consider this package for head-to-toe change.

Price: Starting from Rs 21,000 + Makeup Package

12. VLCC Exotic Diamond Bride

If you have a heavy office routine and do not have time to book and look for everything, then opt for ‘VLCC Exotic Diamond Bride’. This particular package takes care of every possible service. From basic to advanced, this package is one of the most exotic one available. It is blended well and the seats are divided as per convenience. This package will take care of your skin nourishment. 

The package includes the basic skincare and also Premium Waxing Full Body, Bleach Full Body – Oxygen, Full Body Polish, White-Neurogist, Crystal Hand Spa Therapy, Crystal Foot Spa Therapy, Chrome/Metallic Gel Polish, Style Change with Shampoo, Hair SPA(Medium Insta-Dazzle Skin Re-Surfacing Therapy (Face & Neck). 

Price: Starting from Rs 16,000 + Makeup Package 

13. VLCC Dazzling Gold Bride

This is another addition to the range of pre-bridal and bridal packages. With all basic routines, the package offers detailed skin consultation. The bride-to-be is given Envia Gold Dazzle Facial. Along with this, it offers Paraffin Manicure and Pedicure with chrome/ metallic gel polish for nails. This package adds Insta-Glow Re-surfacing therapy for the face and neck. This helps the bride to relax and lends the skin a rejuvenating effect. 

Price: Starting from Rs 14,000/-

Moreover, with this exclusive range, you can opt for these packages along with the makeup or even without the makeup services. 

14. Kaya Bridal packages

Kaya is another big name in the beauty industry. The brand is known for authentic products. Kaya has always provided quality herbal products. It is most recommended for those with sensitive skin. Now, Kaya is also offering bridal packages for brides-to-be.

Kaya is known for clearing pigmentation, hair thinning and reducing hair loss. The Bridal and Facial with and removal. This helps the young brides to improve their skin issues.

Here are some amazing packages that you, brides-to-be can try!

  • 60 Day Wedding Rituals Bridal Package By Kaya

Kaya understands a bride, they are offering a 60-day package of wedding rituals. It is an exhaustive bridal makeup price package with complete skin transformation before your D day. There is a visible difference from dull to vibrant fair and acne-free. With this package, you need to worry. They take care of everything.

So, brides just need to schedule visits and she is all set for the day. 

Price: Starting from Rs 30,000 to 40,000/-

  • Bridal Glow Bridal Package By Kaya

Kaya has this exclusive bridal package that is best to treat dull skin. It is a 15-day care treatment that offers the richness of Meso Glow and Aqua radiance. It helps to transform lifeless skin to brighten. This is especially recommended for tan or dehydrated skin. 

Price: Rs 9,000 to 12,000/-

5 things to consider before buying the best bridal makeup packages

  • Browsing: Before finalizing your bridal package, it is very important to browse all the options. Look for the options available. Ask yourself which brand you prefer. You can even opt for a makeup artist. So, first of all, be clear about where you want to get your makeup d; done. 
  • Check out Social Media You can easily scroll through Instagram and Facebook and check out the brides by the beauty brand or makeup artist you are aiming at. This will give you a fair idea about their work. Read the reviews.
  • Discuss with the expert: Once you have made up your mind. Take an appointment with the artist and discuss. You can share your wedding dress and check out the makeup options.
  • Disclose your allergies: If you have any kind of skin allergies it is important to disclose them to your makeup artist. They may arrange products as per your preference, and it is safe for your skin.
  • Look out for special discounts: It is always good to save money, you can ask for a discount or a few special services along with the makeup.

5 must-ask questions before buying bridal makeup packages

  • Check the parlor: The important thing is to check the space where you will get ready. Are you comfortable with the facilities and environment? Do check the hygiene situations.  
  • Skin Consultation: The first and foremost important thing is to get your skin checked by an expert. Watch out for the problems and discuss how to improve them. Here, the makeup will guide the facials, masks, and boost. 
  • Listen to what your artist suggests: Before sharing your opinion, it is important to hear out the expert advice shared by the professional. After you have a word then you can share your thoughts and suggestions. It is important to listen first and then you may refer to your friend’s make.
  • Customizing your package: There may be some services that are not required or you may like to change them. Then it is better to sit and discuss the change in services. You opt for an upgrade in services. It can be a better brand or maybe a hair spa.
  • Get a trial: The last step is to opt for a trial. Most of the brands offer a trial run at some extra cost. A trial may cost you a little expensive but it will surely give you a fair idea about how the makeup is done and how you will present yourself.


All the beautiful to-be brides we have got you an exhaustive list of the popular bridal packages. Now, it is your turn to evaluate and pick up a final one. It is your big day, so be very clear, how you want to dress, and how you want to look? Take as many references, scroll magazines, blogs and make your dreams come out. Get excited your life is about to change in a big way. Embrace it and enjoy your precious time. 

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