Top 50 Bridal Lehenga Designs For Your Wedding

We all encounter a range of perplexities especially in the field of fashion and styling as the trends are changing every day. We become confused about what color would look best on us, which pattern would suit our body type or lightweight lehenga is our go-to attire or a heavily embroidered one. We need answers at least to some of these questions to decide the right attire for ourselves. We, at WomenXO, bring for you a list of the top 50 bridal lehenga designs to solve the problems of confusion and choice with the best possible options. 

How to choose the right lehenga for your wedding?

WomenXO believes in providing the best possible ideas for providing the right bridal lehenga options. The bridal lehenga you choose depends upon a series of factors ranging from the color schemes to the flare and the cuts. It is very important to have a clear picture or a certain sense of visualization in mind concerning the lehenga that we would want to wear on our wedding day. To clear the confusion, we bring for you a catalog of bridal lehenga ideas that will aid you in choosing the right bridal lehenga for yourselves and save you from the hassle of what to choose and what not to choose. Your wedding looks not just depends on your lehenga but also on the way you carry it, the jewelry that you wear, and the smiles that you spread. So, here is a whole package of ideas that will amplify your complete wedding look in innumerable ways. 

Bridal Lehenga Designs  

1. The Glamorous Pink 

Photo: Avnish Dhoundiyal

The pink attire is every girl’s favorite apparel for one of the many occasions of her wedding day. That twirl with the intricate golden work on the pink lehenga is a gorgeous attire to work with. This pink apparel would look different, unique, and splendid for a day wedding look. 

2. The Mesmerising Beige 

Outfit: Laam Official

The golden-beige color is the new trend for the wedding bridal lehengas. The new brides-to-be love to choose different colors for their bridal lehenga. You can combine it with green jewellery to make it look mesmerizing. 

This color lehenga is a super trending lehenga to choose from for your special day. 

3. The Vibrant Affair 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

Multi-colored floral designs on white-colored lehenga are a charming wonder. If it is a morning wedding, you can always opt for pastel colors like the one with multi-colored flowers or a white base. Try to go all out with your choice of bridal lehengas and you will experience utter happiness in the renewed energy. 

4. The Velvety Red 

Velvets are another choice for bridal lehengas. And, red velvet bridal lehenga is even more tempting than the traditional red lehengas. You will be the center of attraction during the whole wedding ceremony. The bridal lehenga will shine through all the glitz and glamour of the decor and you will appear to be the most appealing sight to the entire audience. 

5. The Golden Blaze

Photo: Sam & Ekta

This is another gorgeous and stunning variant of the golden-beige range of bridal lehengas. The intricacy of golden embroidery is what holds our hearts to its beautiful view. This bridal lehenga is heavy, full of vigor and zest, and the red chooda compliments the overall look. 

6. The Dreamy Look  

Photo: Vvani By Vani Vats

The wine-colored bridal lehenga looks enchanting with the golden embroidery work done at the bottom. The space provided at the first half of the lehenga appears to be like a breather amidst the heavy embroidery provided all over. The whole look appears super gorgeous along with the lavish bridal jewelry. 

7. The Purple Hue

Photo: WeddingNama Photography

This is a beautiful jacket bridal lehenga design that has such an intricate golden embroidery all over the apparel. The color is different in all aspects and would look unique on the wedding day and especially during a night wedding. Pair it with light bridal jewelry, it will look eye-catching to another level. 

8. The Babelicious Pink

Photo: Issrani Photography

The baby pink attires are a lot ‘in the trend nowadays, especially for bridal lehengas. The flowers and leaves look immensely subtle and decent. The day weddings would honor baby pink lehengas with a touch of beauty and splendor. If you are looking for a light-colored lehenga, this one is a great choice. 

9. The Crimson Effect 

Outfit: Falguni Shane Peacock India Photo: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Neha Kakkar is giving us major wedding goals with her extravagant red-colored lehenga. The color red never goes out of trend and when worn with the right jewelry, the efficacy of the red grows manifold. The thin intricacy of golden work on the lehenga looks enticingly gorgeous. 

10. The Extravagant Greens 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

If you are planning to go for designs that are uncommon, new, and unique, this one is a phenomenal pick. The cut of the blouse along with the different color range of green looks amazing and beautiful, charming and gorgeous. The sleek cut and falling of the lehenga is also traditional yet has an unconventional touch attached to it. 

11. The Sunshiny Lehenga 

This mango yellow lehenga has its own charm. It is ideal for both, day and night weddings. You can go for an all-yellow lehenga or compliment it with a different shade of dupatta.

12. The Breath of Love 

Outfit: Nomi Ansari

The gorgeous Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz Hussain appears to be super chic and beautiful in her red monochromatic bridal lehenga. The golden jewelry along with the bridal lehenga has leveled up the entire game for her. You too can choose monochromatic looks for your wedding day as they are unique and different. 

13. The Twirling Hearts 

Photo: Beginnings For You

The pink lehenga with the red-colored chooda looks elegant and classy. Day weddings usually require lighter and pastel vibes and the bride has carried the style tremendously well. The whole look appears to be delicate and refreshing especially because of the color. This one is a great choice for the brides who are going for a daytime wedding affair. 

14. The Lavish Charm 

Photo: The Wedding Story Outfit: Manish Malhotra

The stunning Gauhar Khan got married to Zaid Darbar in a lavish ceremony recently. Gauhar Khan wore Manish Malhotra’s design for her wedding day. She looks phenomenal in the golden and maroon combination and as a result, the #GAZA affair won millions of hearts. 

15. The Feathery Effect 

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik Outfit: Sabyasachi

The color baby pink for bridal lehengas came into the trend with the marriage of the popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli. The look has unified decency that looks subtle, raw, and associates. This lehenga looks mesmerizing on her wedding day and had set many trends for bridal lehengas. 

16. The Metallic Feels 

Outfit: Manish Malhotra
Outfit: Pankaj & Nidhi

Another great choice for your wedding day would be a metallic feel-inspired bridal lehenga. The color and the overall effect look classy and elegant. The look is different, new, and appealing to the eyes. This one is a rare trending option and would suit both day and night wedding functions. 

17. The Floral Effect 

Photo: Milighosh Weddings Outfit: Sabyasachi

Flowers always look and feel beautiful and when they become a part of your bridal lehenga, they are like the cherry on the top. The red, pink, and pastel green colored flowers on the lehenga look stunning on the bride. The complete apparel is voguish and expensive and has a certain mod feel attached to it. 

18. The Studded Red 

Outfit: Sabyasachi Photo: Reels & Frames

We all are a little dicey when it comes to choosing the right lehenga shade for us, especially in reds. We believe that heavy red lehengas would not match the trend but if carried the right way, they will look super gorgeous. Like, this temple-inspired lehenga design is a big hit from our side; heavy and embellished yet decent and simple. 

19. The Peaceful White 

Photo: Ashwin Kireet
Outfit: Payal Keyal

We do not see many whites during the wedding season as it is not considered to be auspicious, but the modern brides are going unconventional with their choices and opting for colors other than traditional, like white, off-beat, etc. Wearing white on your wedding day is going to be a game-changer and a head-turner for you as it is a real rare-show. 

20. The Gleaming Gold 

The very charming and gorgeous, Soha Ali Khan looks ravishing in a golden-colored lehenga with an orange dupatta. The looks seem to be different and eye-catching. It is very important to look different from mainstream fashion and this awesome blend of gold and orange is a win-win situation. 

21. The Princess Adornment 

It is every girl’s dream to readorn their mother’s bridal lehenga to create another bridal one for themselves. This tradition of pulling recreated bridal lehenga off so elegantly has been brought into the trend by the most ravishing, Kareena Kapoor Khan. She appears different, princely, and above all, super mesmerizing. 

22. The Richly Feels 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

Another great option for brides looking for a lehenga from the crimson family is this animal-inspired bridal lehenga design. The design and cut of the blouse, the pattern of the lehenga, and the gorgeous embroidery and work done on the base of the lehenga are what attract us the most and are a suitable choice for a royal wedding affair. 

23. The Blooming Glory 

Outfit: Anita Dongre

We bring you another great option from the family of reds. The leaf motif and the embroidery on the lehenga are much talked about in the pattern. The design of the blouse complements the overall lehenga design and looks super chic with the red chooda and the kaleere. This one is a beautiful choice for those looking for a red-colored lehenga with heavy embroidery and embellishments. 

24. The Mother of Reds 

Outfit: Raw Mango

This color is, we believe, every girl’s personal favorite. The color is so vibrant, rich, and unique that it lights up the whole room with its spark. The bride looks super beautiful in the red-colored lehenga and if you are willing to go for reds for your wedding occasion, what better choice than this one. 

25. The Effervescent Smiles 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

We all drool seeing Sabyasachi bridal lehenga designs and this one is an ultimate charmer. There must be many girls looking for pastel-colored lehengas with pinks and whites in them; this one is just for you. The cut of the blouse is super trendy and the flare of the lehenga with its gleaming radiance and pacifying demeanor looks ultra ravishing in its truest form. 

26. The Intricacy of Designs 

Outfit: Abhinav Mishra

This mirror-inspired lehenga is a trendy outfit for modern brides. The cut of the blouse as well as the lehenga again is mod and unconventional. The color of the lehenga has more pastel vibes and can be worn during the daytime wedding affair. 

27. The Bouquet of Love 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

We bring for you another great design in the family of white wherein the floral pattern on the lehenga and the cut flare looks super delicate and catchy. The whole bridal lehenga look is enormously fragile and would suit all brides-to-be regardless of the wedding season. This one is a must-have! 

28. The Pastel Attire 

Photo: Dipak Studios

The pastel green color is also a lot in trend these days. The monochromatic look appears to be soothing to the eyes. This lehenga is not like in your face and is very calm-inducing which is a plus factor. If you are looking for a pastel-colored bridal lehenga, this one can be a great pick. 

29. The Fiery Green 

Photo: Issrani Photography

Many of you might be looking for a lehenga in the family of greens with a shade darker than the pastel one; if that is the case then, this one’s for you. The dark green lehenga is exceptionally well embroidered with lines perfectly crafted and the blouse presented with the right cuts. This one gets a big thumbs-up from our side. 

30. The Maroon Love 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

Many brides-to-be want to have a heavy bridal lehenga with the treasured forms of red; this one would suit all of your tastes. The color is maroon with beautiful and intricate embroidery which looks super appealing and detailed with the perfect blend of distinct colors. 

31. The Magic of Magenta

This magenta-colored lehenga looks magical. You can also carry a red-colored dupatta with a magenta lehenga to give a different vibe to your lehenga.

If you can carry it all with the right poise and smiles, there is no point that you would not make heads turn. 

32. The Vibrant Grey 

Outfit: Rimple and Harpreet

Another great addition to the catalog of bridal lehengas can be this grey-colored attire that has a splendor of its own. We are totally obsessed with how this bride carried her second dupatta in the bright red shade, add more beauty to her overall look. 

The whole look appears to be so put together and the gold and silver jewelry complements the grey color so beautifully. The jewelry and the attire have intermingled to form one unified whole look for the bride which is a super hit show. 

33. The Jacketed Lehenga 

Outfit: Ohaila Khan

We can look for lehengas that are unique and different not just in the colors but also, in their very patterns. This golden and beige-colored lehenga with peach-colored dupatta is a dreamy affair. The bride looks super gorgeous in such a lightweight bridal lehenga with such eye-appealing colors. 

34. The Falling in Leaves (love)

Another great alternative to the white bridal lehenga is this jacket-inspired white floral lehenga design. The pattern is new and modern as it does not just have a jacket pattern but it also has added floral design which looks trendy and stylish. 

35. The Peachy Glow 

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

The color peach is always in trend and has a nice aura and peace surrounding it. The spectacular Aisha Khan looks immensely charming in this peach-colored bridal lehenga and if yours is a daytime wedding, you can opt for this one. The sparkling embroidery on this peach-colored bridal lehenga is to die for. 

36. The Multicoloured Look 

When we think of bridal lehengas, we generally go for a monochromatic look or traditional colors but if we pay more attention to the uniqueness and distinctiveness factor of the apparel then, multi-colored lehengas look exceedingly ravishing when worn the right way. They have an added charm to them that looks spectacular and unmatched in all its forms. 

37. The Divine Adornment 

Outfit: WeddingNama Photography

This bridal lehenga is much similar to Deepika Padukone’s wedding attire wherein she got verses written all over the red dupatta. Herein, the bride got the images of RadhaKrishna crafted all over the base of the lehenga. The color combination looks deadly and is a must-have for every bride-to-be. 

38. The Colourful Space 

Outfit: Sabyasachi

This is another gleaming bridal lehenga with a perfect touch of multi-colored effect all over. The embroidery done is so delicate and intricate that it feels like a treasure worth cherishing for an eon to come. This would look super trendy for a daytime wedding look. 

39. The Blush Feels 

Woah! Baby pinks are always in fashion. One can never get tired of baby pink bridal lehengas. And, pink like the one captured in the photograph is so soothing to the eyes. We love to see brides wearing such pretty colors as they are evergreen and super-duper elegant. 

40. The Peace Giving Love 

Outfit: Manish Malhotra

We have another beautiful pastel green bridal lehenga worn by the amazing Jahnvi Kapoor. The cut of the blouse is new, stylish, and trendy and the intricate embroidery looks so unique, delicate, and neat that one cannot stop gushing over its beauty. 

41. The Loving Blue 

Outfit: Anita Dongre

Pastels are not just baby pinks and greens, pastel or greenish-blue color too looks surreal when worn the right way. Morning wedding bride would look queen-like with this pastel blue Anita Dongre bridal collection. We are swooning over the lush color of this exquisite masterpiece. 

42. The Lightweight Lehenga Effect 

Outfit: Anita Dongre

There is another great blue-colored wedding lehenga that would suit morning weddings. The white blouse and its cut compliment the blue lehenga so beautifully. This will suit each bride and its beauty remains unmatched. Dive in its beauty and explore divinity at its best. 

43. The Game of Contrasts 

Photo: Artfoto Studios

Contrasts are always in-trend and would never disappoint you. This wedding lehenga with the contrast of blue and pinks with green looks resplendent and is suiting the bride immensely. You too can opt for this bridal lehenga without a second thought. 

44. The Royal Bride Look 

This is an absolute royal look wherein the bride looks super gorgeous with a monochromatic look with everything related to the dark hues of pink. The blouse and the cut of the lehenga all look so put together that it appears to be a lovely sight to behold. 

45. The Vibes of White 

Photo: Artfoto Studios

Another great variation for a monochromatic white look wherein the full look is super peaceful and calming. You can choose monochromatic looks in white if you are bored with the traditional bright colors. 

46. The Floral Contrasts 

Photo: Delhi Velvet

The floral contrasts on the white lehenga with the green dupatta have an evergreen beauty attached to it. This comes as another variation to the everyday whites and would only add to the many designs available in the same color. 

47. The Beige and Pinks 

The color contrast of beige, pink, and green has a relaxing effect. It comes as an easy sight and would suit all the brides-to-be, especially those having a day wedding affair. 

48. The Gem-like Affair 

If you are looking for a heavy bridal lehenga that is multi-colored with bling all over them, this one’s for you. The distinct flowers with the silver spark are a go-getter for all the new brides-to-be. 

49. The Charming Green 

Outfit: Asiana Couture

We have another variation to the green family wherein dark green comes as the most demanded of colors. The color looks elegant, rich, and lush with the efficacy of capturing all the attention towards it. If you are looking for a different colored lehenga then, this one is a good option. 

50. The Lush Red

Photo: The Royal Affair

Another great option from the red family is the one worn by the pretty bride. The embroidery work on the base of the lehenga looks lavish and the cut of the blouse is super stylish and modern. 


We hope that our list of top 50+ bridal lehenga designs brought a ray of hope for you amidst the clouding confusions. We wish that this read was a worthy one. If you liked it, comment and pour in your love. Till then, happy reading!

By Sumanya Sehgal

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