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Top 30 Bridal Blouse Designs – Latest and Trendy

Are you scrolling the internet to find the perfect inspiration bridal blouse designs for your traditional wear? Scroll no more! Social media platforms are abuzz with new and trendy bridal blouse designs from celebrity designers to small homegrown clothing label designers. Statement bridal blouses with fancy designs can make or break the look of your whole ensemble, and finding the right blouse design for your lehenga or saree can be a bit tedious for all the brides. 

To avoid any confusion, we have curated the list of 30 bridal blouse designs from traditional to regional, from edgy to modern trendy blouse designs, from neckline to back to the sleeves. We have covered it all for lehengas or sarees. A saree fusion if you want for all the brides-to-be and select the design perfectly complements your choice and ace every look for your wedding events. 

Latest and Trending bridal blouse design

So bookmark, screenshot, or save your favourites for all your blouse insights!

Before you start scrolling down to find your perfect style, keep one thing in mind- You should always style yourself according to your body type. Wear the right style to flaunt those curves on your body. 

1. Choli Cut Blouse Design

Image: Morvi Images

An ethnic choli cut blouse design has been a fashion staple for decades and it absolutely gives your saree that ultimate classic modern vibe. It is paired with lehenga or a skirt and a dupatta to add a pop of colour! If you want to look top-notch on your D-day, you should definitely try a choli cut design with heavily studded or embroidered blouses, and we think it looks perfect!

2. Sleeves With Jewelled Tassels Blouse Design

If you are someone who loves detailed sleeves we have got you the most attractive option to opt for. Heavy jeweled tassels are something which is liked by a number of people, but if you are okay stepping on for some extra glamour, then this jeweled tassel sleeves blouse is a definite YES! 

Image: Reels & Frames

3. Plunging Neckline Blouse Design

With ever-changing fashion trends, a plunging neck blouse is literally all the hype right now. For all the pretty brides with an affinity towards deep neck blouse designs, this one is for you! This design looks quite alluring and we cannot take our eyes off. You can simply design this blouse with some sequin work to add that shine to your attire. 

Image: Zohaib Ali

4. Cold Shoulder Sleeves Blouse Design

How many of us love wearing cold shoulder western outfits? Want to try something Indo western on your sangeet, mehendi, or any other occasion or even if a bridesmaid? Or just want to show off those sculpted arms? Yes, you can so opt for these cold shoulder blouses for your Indian concept too. They not only look great but the added advantage of some fresh breeze for a summer wedding. Cold shoulders and high ponytails are the best styling tips to look forward to.

Outfit: MISHRU

5. Contemporary Strapless Blouse Design

For the gorgeous bride who likes to carry a bit of extra ‘oomph factor’ with themselves, this design will perfectly complement the pretty you! This chic blouse design embellished with fancy embroidery or 3D floral thread work will truly make you look like a Disney Princess. Flaunt the best of you in this elegant blouse design and ace your beach wedding. 

Outfit: Papa Don’t Preach

6. Draped Fall Sleeves Blouse Design

Drapes when done precisely give a completely sophisticated look. If you are someone who loves falling sleeves and loves flaunting sculpted long hands then fallen draped sleeves are the classic option to go for. Make sure the sleeves are of lighter fabrics for a loose flow of drapes.

Image: Pinterest

7. Deep V-Neck Blouse Design With Off-Shoulder Sleeves

Hey pretty brides, do you want to make ’em heads turn? Look no further and get this trendy blouse with a plunging neck design along with off-shoulder 3/4 sleeves that will make you look different from the crowd. If you want to hit refresh on the usual trends, slay in this deep v-neck blouse design. Blouse designs inspired by off-shoulder tops have been a trendsetter and is the new favourite that every bride has been trying on. 

Image: Aniket Mazumdar Photography

8. Flared Sleeves Blouse Design

Hello pretty ladies, why just rock just bell bottoms when you can absolutely flaunt bell sleeves? Flared sleeves with cropped blouses, you have a long way to go ladies! There are varieties of fabric options to choose from naming a few organzas, mesh, royal velvets, and a lot more. Bell sleeves could work either way be long or short or through elbows to over the wrist. Keep playing! Keep sassing! We are in for all.

9. Mermaid Neck Blouse Design With Off-Shoulder

Off-shoulder blouse designs are gaining a lot of popularity these days, and it is a good option for brides who want to make a bold statement on their wedding day. You have to break all the barriers and put on this unique off-shoulder thick strap blouse with a curvy-cut neck. Look no more and pin this unique blouse design right away. 

Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik

10. Contrast Shades Blouse Design

We generally love colours, well, who doesn’t like colours? What I mean is, why not play with colours by picking different sleeve shades? You can opt for pinks with contrasting shades of blues, neon, or work in with plenty of fashionable colours of your choice. For your occasion or your friends, set the rules for all to wear all colour shades. Let’s make it one of a colourful event to remember for all. 

11. Back Blouse Design With Tassels

A fresh and dramatic design on your radar? Add some drama with this blouse design adorned with metal or plastic tassels and a bit of zardosi handwork. It is giving us significant #blousegoals. If you are not someone experimenting with fancy designs, then this one has to be on your list while designing your bridal outfit because of its minimalist approach to designing. We need to say; these tassels are doubtlessly the highlight of this design to compliment your lovely outfit. 

Image: Mahari Collection
Image: Pinterest

12. Boat-Neck Blouse Design

You simply can’t go wrong with a boat-neck blouse design, if you are choosing the wise and bright one. There is nothing that can ever beat the elegance and charm of a simple yet so stylish boat-neck blouse design. If your inner-self screams for comfy, poise, and glamour, then boat-neck design should be your pick. Be it a lehenga skirt or a saree boat-neck blouse design can never disappoint you when paired with any of these. 

13. Classic Full Sleeves Blouse Design

This one’s for all the shy ladies (just kidding we aren’t shy!) in the house or simply if you love long-fledged full sleeves, this one is just for you. Keep it simple with plain fabrics or embellish them with lots of jewels or motifs. Play it all around. It’s your day, pretty lady! Do what you want.

Outfit: Mani Jassal

14. One Shoulder Blouse Design

The charm of one shoulder blouse is unbeatable! Sequins can never go out of style. A one-shoulder blouse paired with sequin works looks sparkly. This blouse design is becoming a rage amongst women living in India and other parts of the world. One-shoulder blouse pattern is suitable for every function, be it mehendi, haldi, or sangeet, and it will make you the star of the event.  

Outfit: Natasha Dalal Label

15. Bell Sleeves With Twists Blouse Design

Yes! Yes! We know the drill of regular bell sleeves; if in case you bored of the same old style, what we can do is create pleats or drapes to add that extra drama to the sleeves. You could start the pleating, drapes, or ruffles through the elbow or if opting for full-sleeved blouses, then work it over the wrists. Keep the fabrics as light as you can for the drapes or pleats to fall effortlessly.

Outfit: Falguni Shane Peacock India

16. Heavily Studded Designer Blouse With Full Sleeves

This one remains a go-to option for every bride who wants to go for a look that is stylish yet elegant. Doll yourself up with this partly sheer and partly sequined blouse to add a dash of sparkle to your minimalistic look. You could simply wear this designer blouse with a lehenga skirt, and also, if you add a bit of glamour to your look, it can be paired with a saree. 

Outfit: Sadaf Fawad Khan

17. Puff Sleeves Blouse Design

You could opt for layers on sleeves, especially for your sangeet or mehendi ceremonies. One general rule, while opting for layers, makes sure to choose light, breezy fabrics to make the fall or the flow look prettier and loose. Add more glamour, style your hands with a lot of colorful or contrasted bangles, or flaunt those rings on those pretty long fingers.

18. V-Neck Hem Blouse Design 

This inverted V-neck on the hem of the blouse is perfect for contemporary brides. It is super chic and perfect for your sangeet look. V-neck blouse pattern has to be your first choice if you plan to wear a saree leaving the pallu without making any plates. And if you are planning to design a lehenga don’t forget to add some blaze to your sleeves to make it look gorgeous. Wear a sparkling necklace to complete the look.

19. Mirror Work Blouse Design

This one’s a hundred times for the win and our personal favourite too. Anything and everything mirror automatically lift the mood. Why just go for mirrored sleeves? When can you create a perfect mirrored blouse also? Mirrors are cute little or big crafts, which could be repeated end number of times in any outfit. One piece of advice: always opt for small mirrors for a much fresher style.

20. Traditional Doli Blouse Design

A doli embroidered on the back of the blouse should be added to the #WeddingOutfitGoals list right away! This grand blouse design features cutwork of the whole bridal entry in doli is just something that we can’t get over it lately. It is true to the essence of traditional Indian weddings. We love how jhumkis and beauteous pearl detailing look captivating and are perfect for flaunting this wedding season.  

Image: Shades Photography

21. Deep V-Cut Back Blouse Design

We adore lower backs. They look much prettier when styled with long skirts or just simple Anarkalis. There are so many different ways to style the lower back. You could work in this style for any of your outfits and intensify the oomph level. This particular style is the celebrities’ favorites too, and this design is here to stay forever.

22. Bride And Groom Back Blouse Design 

Here’s another exquisite design that features the cutwork of the bride and a groom prettifying the back of a bride’s design and how effortlessly! Everything about this design is heart-hugging from the mesh patterns, delicate embroidery to sheer details. This embroidery would give an edge to a simple blouse design. You can keep this back pattern to add gorgeousness and recent fashion trends.

Outfit: Needle Eye

23. Criss-Cross Back Blouse Design

What’s better than a dazzling criss-cross patterned on the back of your blouse for your mehendi ceremony? Go bright and low-key in a criss-cross backless tie-up. It is stunning and oodles of charm to your overall look. Pairing it up with a saree or lehenga with a piece of neutral tone jewellery makes the sophistication pop. You should wear your hair in a bun with a bit of floral touch for a full traditional Indian experience.

Image: Karishma Hingorani

24. Backless With Multiple threads Blouse Design

Multiple threads usually remind us of 90s movies or garba dresses. This back style has worked on for every age. If not criss-cross, you could just work in with multiple side strings or threads one after another for a much cleaner look. That works great too. You could simply style them up with skirts or team up the blouse with sarees. Perfect for day themes.

25. Sunset Blouse Back Design

For all those pretty south Indian brides, yes, this one is for you! The detailing, the design, and the hue on this sunset back blouse design with Kanjivaram sarees look so beautiful. This bridal blouse design with fine golden handwork on the border and the cut design adds a delicate touch and looks splendid. This intricate blouse design is a complete winner, and it is screenshot-worthy!

Image: Roma Ganesh Photography

26. Tie Back Bows Blouse Design

Tiebacks usually remind us of all the Disney princesses’ dresses being so royal so elegant and so much prettier. Simply create blouses with bow tie backs of fabrics like mesh, organza, nets, or satins and be the magical princess on your special day—team up with sarees, skirts, and shararas to make everyone eye pop on the beautiful you. 

27. Simple Back Hooked Blouse Design

Millennial bride seldom shies away from a very simple yet elegant buttoned-up till-top back blouse design. It has always been a constant favorite of almost every this-generation designer. This stunning blouse covering your entire back with intricate embroidery is super comfy to carry. A regal and poised look comes effortlessly in this pattern, and you should indeed opt for this design to break the stereotypes. 

Outfit: Mayyur Girotra

28. Backless Blouse Design with Jewelled Tassels

If you wish to wear backless but not sure or pretty shy to flaunt open backs, this one is the perfect style to dress. You can create small loops with multiple threads accessorized with jewel tassels for extra glamour or DIY fabric tassels for a more straightforward yet classic look. This versatile style can be added on with Anarkalis, cholis, or crops as well.

29. High Neck Blouse Design

High necks are our personal favourites. There’s no royal feel likes the ones in high necks. Keep it short with round necks or flaunt it with collars, or you can keep playing with them with different styles. Accessorizing long-chain pieces of jewellery or just customized earrings can make one look so much elegant. This design works best with long skirts. 

30. Back Buttoned Blouse Design

Why just flaunt buttons in front when you can style them back as well? We came across many exclusive styles, but this one is a perfect choice for all those who love experimenting with designs. To accessorize, you can create a lovely hair bun with flowers embossed over it. Back button blouses look the best when paired with silk sarees.


We are supremely aware of the love we Indians have towards Indian traditions or occasions. Dazzling up and looking perfect and beautiful is the foremost important thing for all of us. Above mentioned styles or blouse designs are exclusively for anyone and everyone who loves experimenting with new styles every new day. If you are someone who loves glamour, then jewels tassel designs are so much in store for you, or if you are someone who loves simpler designs, then classic high necks are here. 

Above mentioned designs are prettier and elegant to ignore. Suppose you have already got the curiosity to design them for you or friends or relatives. There are various budget ranges to choose from or may have it tailor stitched according to your custom preferences.