15 Best Push-Up Bras That Are So Chic – With Price, Review & Info

The Internet today has brought fashion to every doorstep in India. Whether it is a stylish dress, fancy footwear, or the right kind of lingerie’s underneath. A range of products that were earlier limited to only a few in India have now become accessible to all. Lingerie’s that were earlier considered to be a part of need has now become style statements.

Bras, these days have got a bigger purpose to serve. They aren’t just an undergarment. Women explain how the right kind or a right fitted bra greatly enhances their personality, instilling a sense of confidence in them. Also, as every bra doesn’t go with every other outfit, there has to be a different kind of bra for different outfits. Just, for example, a full-coverage T-shirt bra with a deep neck cut dress wouldn’t do justice to the overall look of the dress.

Today, as people are getting more and more conscious of how they look, dressing up perfectly has become a top priority for many. However, a perfect outfit isn’t just the dress outside. Women often neglect the fact that a perfect outfit without the right bra isn’t perfect.

There are different kinds of Bras all serving their purpose giving us a variety to choose from. Some like to wear T-shirt bras for comfort while others look for some style in them. Some like to go for bralettes that also work as a crop top. One such product that is now becoming popular day by day is the Push-up bra. The push-Up bra has now become a choice of many.

If you are not aware of what a push-up bra is or absolutely clueless about where to get it from? Then you have landed at the right place!

Push Up bra, or Wonderbra ( as some call it ) is the one that gently lifts your boobs upwards and towards the center. Thus, enhancing your cleavage and making your breasts look fuller. That isn’t all, they provide a more rounded and better shape as an added benefit.

All push-up bras are not the same. There are padded as well as non-padded push-up bras. Even the padding has different levels. Generally, there are 3 levels of padding. The one with the least padding just lifts your breasts without adding any extra cup size. While the Level 3 padding adds up to nearly 2 cups of size to make your breasts look fuller.

Though they are getting popular, there are still some myths that revolve around Push Up bras.

Top Myths Regarding Push-Up Bra:

1. They are uncomfortable

There is often this myth that though women feel sexy wearing them, however, they are not much comfortable to wear. Well, that might be the case earlier when the options were limited, and we had no idea which one would be the best for us. Today there is a whole range of push-up bras available from different brands. There are different levels of padding, wired as well as unwired, full, and demi coverage. You can buy the one you are most comfortable in.

2. Only small-chested women should go for it.

Yes, it is a great choice for women with smaller breasts but that shouldn’t stop big-busted women from buying them. There are push-up bras that have little or no padding. They aren’t just to make your breasts fuller, but also to provide them with a good shape.

Even the big busted women would like to have that perfect shape. Isn’t it?

Best Push-Up Bras

Here we bring to you 15 pushup bras that you can easily find on your favorite e-commerce websites. You can try them on to find what best fits you and makes you feel good.

1. Front Open Regular Push Up Bra

A basic push-up bra that is front open. As with the majority of push-up bras, it is wired and has convertible straps. Available in a variety of colors, the bra is seamless and provides you with both style and comfort. The bonus point goes for the extremely reasonable price at which it is available on Amazon with a rating of 4 stars.

2. Underwired Push Up Bra

If you are a fan of lace bras, then this is for you. A heavily padded, mid-coverage underwired push-up bra for all the pink colors. A product of one of the biggest lingerie startups in India – Clovia, it is available on both amazon and clovia websites.

3. Silicon Gel Reusable Stick-on Push Up Bra

Looking for a perfect bra for your off-shoulder or tube dress. Well, this bra gives you the best of both worlds. It is a strapless as well as a push-up bra. Don’t forget to wear it beneath your off-shoulder dresses or floor-length gowns to get yourself a red carpet look.

4. Push Up Adhesive Nipple Covers

Have you heard of the adhesive invisible nipple covers? If not, you need to check this out. These nipple covers will help you get rid of the traditional bras. They are free size, use silicon biological gel, but unlike the regular stick-on’s, they have an extra foam to work as push-up bras. Suitable for backless and deep neck dresses, they are available in black and beige. However, it is mostly suited for small-busted women.

5. Everyday Use T-shirt Push Up Bra

A demi cup, push-up t-shirt bra for everyday use. It has medium coverage and a floral print. The combination of grey & pink makes it stand out. It provides Level 1 padding. Available on Nykaa, from the brand Clovia, it is one of the most comfortable of all.

Price: Rs 750/- (approx)

6. Dry Max Cup Bra

Another gift for the lace-lovers, a full cup wired style bra. It has dry max cup foam that is tailor-made for the summer. It has a wider strap towards the shoulder bones and a U-shaped back. If you are amongst the ones who like to pair your panties with your bra, then there is a piece of good news. Nykaa also provides underwear that matches the bra in case you need an entire set.

7. Cross Back Push-Up Bra

Are you fond of criss-cross backs? If yes, then this Amante bestseller push-up bra is for you. With a lovely floral print and medium coverage, this bra provides your breasts with a gentle lift and cleavage.

Price: Rs 897/-

8. Airy Lace Back Zivame Push-Up Bra

Looking for a bra that can add an extra cup to your busts. Here is a Level 2 push-up bra made of Nylon and Spandex. It is front open and has an airy lace back. Available in sizes from 30 A up till 38 on Nykaa.

Price: Rs 850/- ( approx)

9. Van Heusen Flexi-wire Pushup Bra

Van Heusen isn’t just taking care of your office formal attire, it has a whole range of intimates – from lingerie to loungewear. If you are someone who is brand conscious, then this might impress you. Available in a royal blue color, it is made of ultra-soft microfibre. It is a tagless bra that has been made with flexi-wires that adjust with your body.

Price: Rs 900/-

10. Quttos Heavily Padded Plunge Bra

Do you want to buy a plunge bra? Here, we have got you covered with this heavily padded plunge bra that also serves as a push-up bra. This bra is going to stand out in your wardrobe. It is sexy yet classy. We are sure this is going to bring some diverseness to your bra collection.

Price: Rs 400/-

11. Wire-free Pushup Bra

Don’t want wires down there? While a majority of push-up bras in the market today are wired. However, many women don’t find wired bras comfortable for everyday use. So we have some options for wireless pushup bras that you might like.

Amante Padded Wirefree Push-Up T-Shirt Bra 

NYPD by Nykaa Breathe Cotton Triangle T-Shirt Bra – Padded, Wireless, 3/4th Coverage – NYB003 

Price: Rs 750/-

12. Push up Padded Bralette Spaghetti Straps 

Worried about what to wear for an erotic night? Try considering these options. They are push-up bralettes with a bit of lace around. Their backs are stylish and different from the regular boring bras. It has removable cup pads. Thus making it perfect for women who don’t want padded bras. Since it is a bralette, you can also pair them up with open shirts, shrugs, leather, or denim jackets as you get ready to hit the club.

Price: Rs 550/-

13. Black Lace Level 3 Push-up Bra

If your sole purpose behind buying a pushup bra is to look more and more fuller, then you must go for a Level 3 pushup bra. Level 3 is possibly the maximum padding that you will get. The bra is underwired, has medium coverage, and is a popular choice amongst small-busted women who have always desired fuller breasts. It is amongst the bestsellers of Nykaa and Clovia.

Price: Rs 650/- (approx)

14. Clovia Level 3 T-Shirt Plain Black Push-Up Bra

Another Level 3 pushup bra that looks just like a regular black bra. It also serves you with the need for an essential plain black bra in your wardrobe. Available at a reasonable price of about Rs 500-600, this bra isn’t going to burn a hole in your pockets.

Price: Rs 650/- (approx)

15. La Senza Beyond Sexy Pushup Bra

Well, the last on the list, La senza beyond sexy pushup bra brings to you enhanced cleavage and maximum versatility. It surely might not be affordable for many, but for women who can spend more on lingerie, this might be just right for you. It has gel push-up cups for a sexy lift, underwire support, and adjustable bra straps.

Price: Rs 5000/- (approx)

Buying Guide for Push-Up Bras

While shopping for a push-up bra, there are some key points that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, you need to decide your exact purpose. By exact purpose we mean, are you looking to lift saggy breasts or do you want to increase your cup size appearance?

1. If you just want to lift your breasts and provide the shape, you must go for a lightly padded pushup bra. Generally, women with a D cup prefer this kind of bra (even a C cup).

2. If you want to make your breasts look fuller, you need to decide how many extra cups you wish to add.

Level 1 pushup Bras don’t add much to your bust size. They are more to lift your boobs to make them look perkier.

Level 2 pushup bras add up to 1 cup. They greatly enhance your cleavage as they add extra foam and push your natural breasts upwards towards the center.

Level 3 adds up to 2 cups. Heavy busted women usually avoid this. It is most suitable for women with Cup size A or at most B.

Secondly, you must know that all the different types that are present in Non-Padded or Push-Up bras exist here too. There are T-shirt bras, Plunge bras suitable for deep neck dresses, Strapless bras for tube dresses, Wireless bras for comfort, and Wired Bras for extra support. You need to choose your kind of bra based on your outfit and your requirement.

Thirdly, there are all sorts of designs – plain, solid colors, floral, animal prints, lace, net fabric, etc, you can choose them as per your choice.


There is a wide variety to choose from. Various brands, different styles, multiple size charts. However, you need to find out what fits you best. You need to be careful about choosing the right bra that gives you comfort, looks good to you, and above all is of the correct size. We hope the above list helps you to find your perfect fit Push-Up Bra.

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