15 Best Organic Lipsticks In India That You Should Try!

A makeup look can never be complete without the perfect lipstick. The lipstick is one makeup product that can change our whole look as well as our mood. A woman can never have enough lipsticks, and we seriously cannot do without it. But, the thing is that we don’t even realize that most of the lipsticks that are available in the market are full of chemicals. These chemicals can be very harmful to soft and sensitive lips and skin in the long term.

Many lipsticks contain lead, which is very detrimental to our health. These chemicals present in the lipstick can cause allergies, irritation, and chapping on the lips and the surrounding skin. Certain harmful chemicals and heavy metals that are present in the lipstick can also cause cancer.

If you do not wish to use such chemical-based lipsticks in their day-to-day life, you should check out the vegan and organic lipsticks available in the market. If you wonder what organic lipsticks are and where to buy organic lipsticks, look no further and check out our list of organic lipsticks that are available in India. These lipsticks are a blessing and will help you take care of your lips and prevent harmful chemicals from making their way to you.

What is an Organic Lipstick?

Organic lipsticks are chemical-free and sometimes vegan. Vegan lipsticks do not contain animal by-products such as wax, animal fat, etc. which are usually found in most lipsticks. Organic lipsticks are infused with the goodness of entirely natural ingredients, skin-perfecting minerals, vitamins, and nourishing oils.

They not only make you look good but are also fantastic for your lips and skin. If you want to buy pure organic lipstick, the ones mentioned below are the best ones to choose. 

Best Organic Lipsticks in India

Mentioned below are the best organic lipsticks that are available to the Indian woman. They are entirely chemical-free and will leave you looking stunning without letting the harmful toxins get to you. Almost all these organic lipsticks are available online and have quite a few benefits for the lips and the skin.

1. SoulTree Organic Lipsticks

SoulTree has a lipstick range made with pure natural pigments that enhance the beauty of the lips. These lipsticks are free from carmine, lead, and paraben. SoulTree lipsticks are creamy and enriched with organic sweet almond oil, organic ghee, and wild honey, making it rich in moisture.

These lipsticks come in 24 shades that are good for any skin tone. You can choose the ones that suit you the best according to your skin tone and preferences. 

2. Ruby’s Organics Lipstick

Ruby’s Organics is India’s first Organic Makeup Brand created by a woman for all the other Indian women. Ruby’s lipsticks carry all the benefits of a lip balm but wear and stay like a lipstick. They have a moisturizing base of Mango and Shea butter and cocoa butter and jojoba oil that are a blessing for the lips.

These organic lipsticks are available in 8 different shapes to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

3. Biotique Natural Makeup Magicolor Lipstick

Biotique lipsticks are infused with organic ingredients and all-natural color pigments. These lipsticks nourish your lips with every application. Biotique’s lipsticks are available in various bold and vibrant shades. These lipsticks will stay on your lips for at least 8 hours and won’t smudge at all.

This organic lipstick is available on Amazon and Nykaa.

4. Disguise Cosmetics 100% Vegan Matte Lipsticks

This brand of organic lipsticks is becoming one of the favorites among many Indian women, thanks to their pigmented, vegan formulations. If you want a chemical – and paraben-free lipstick in a range of the hottest and brightest colors, then Disguise lipsticks are the best for you. They come in vibrant colors like hot pinks, mauvy browns, and beautiful corals.

5. Lotus Make-Up Pure Colors Matte Lip Color

Lotus’s lipstick does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. These lipsticks are full of Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil, and essential oils, which moisturize, plump, and condition your lips. These lipsticks are packed with antioxidants that help keep your lips youthful and supple. Lotus Herbals lipsticks last all day long and are available in 10 unique shades.

6. Organistick Organic Lipstick

Organistick lipsticks are one of a kind. They comprise of all-natural and organic components that make it long-lasting. These lipsticks are quite popular in India and are made with Eco-Cert certified ingredients with the goodness of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil. The Organistick lipsticks are available in 36 different shades. This organic lipstick is priced at 299 for 4gms.

7. The Body Shop Matte Lipstick

Though not all Body Shop lipsticks are organic, they have come up with a range that is. The lipsticks in this range are formulated with high purity pigments, Beeswax, and Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil. These matte lipsticks give a nourishing, long-lasting finish without any dryness. You can choose your favorite from seven brilliant shades.

8. Paul Penders Vegan Natural Cream Lipsticks

If you want a vegan and botanical lipstick, Paul Penders should be your first choice. These lipsticks are handmade and contain no chemical base ingredients. Paul Penders’s lipsticks are made from 22 organic plants and herbs, thus, giving you the ultimate natural lipstick that anyone could ask for.

9. Just Herbs Enriched Ayurvedic Lipstick

Just Herbs Ayurvedic lipsticks are infused with Vata pacifying herbs like Indian Kudzu, Bhrami, Shatavari, Bala, Guduchi, Manjishtha, Yashtimadhu. These lipsticks have a base of sesame oil and ghee, making them ayurvedic but not vegan. These lipsticks are available in 16 different shades.

10. Iba Halal Care Pure Lips Long Stay Matte Lipstick

Iba Halal lipsticks are not only vegan but are also ‘halal’ certified. It means that these lipsticks are 100% free of pig fat, carmine, lanolin, other animal-based ingredients, and harmful preservatives. Lip friendly ingredients like Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E are found in these lipsticks. All these ingredients make these lipsticks moisturizing. You can choose from their range of 15+ shades.

11. Enn’s Closet Lipsticks

Enn’s lipsticks are handcrafted to moisturize your lips. You will not have to worry about dry lips ever again after you start using these lipsticks. They are the perfect creamy texture with rich color pigments that give you luscious lips. These lipsticks are made with a blend of jojoba and shea butter, argan, and castor oils that will condition your lips. This brand has 22 unique shades that will always keep you looking crisp and vibrant.

12. Inika Lipsticks

Inika lipsticks Contain organic argan, avocado, and jojoba seed oils. These lipsticks provide the lips with smooth nutrition and hydration without compromising on color or performance. Their lipstick range offers a creamy and flawless finish to your lips without exposing them to the harmful ingredients usually present in any other lipstick tube.

13. Zuii Organic Flora Lipsticks

Show your lips some love and care with this certified organic lipstick. These lipsticks contain Jojoba, Sunflower extracts, and packed with Calcium and Vitamin A, E & B. 

All these ingredients come together to make for a soothing and nourishing experience for the applier. Zuii organic flora lipsticks come in various shades and hues.

14. Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Based out of Los Angeles, this international brand has made quite a name for itself in India. These lipsticks are smooth and long-lasting. They have a weightless texture and will give you a very comfortable feel all day long. It almost feels like a second skin. The highly pigmented matte finish dries in a minute, giving you the perfect look all through the day.

15. EMCEE Beauty Lipsticks

EMCEE Beauty provides unique custom formulated lipstick bases that are handmade in India. Carefully selected natural oils like Castor Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E Oil are used to hydrate and condition your lips. 

All-natural waxes like Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, and Carnauba Wax Enriched with Vitamin E Oil are used as a natural preservative for these lipsticks. The best part about this brand is that you can choose from their signature range or get your shade customized according to your preferences.

How to DIY your Organic Lipstick at Home?

This list contains the most well known and sought after organic lipsticks available in India as of now. But, if you are still not satisfied with these products, you can learn how to make organic lipstick independently. There are a few ingredients that you will need for that. These include some organic beeswax pellets, shea butter, or cocoa butter. You can use both if you wish, and some coconut oil.

The amount of things you need is directly proportional to how many lipsticks you want to make. You have to heat all these products together to help you achieve the results you want. If you want something with no color or fragrance, these ingredients will help you achieve a very smooth and moisturizing lip balm. But, if you are looking for something more, you can add various other components to attain the desired color.

To achieve the color red for your lipstick, you can use beetroot powder or natural red food coloring. Both of these ingredients are natural and will help you achieve the desired result. If you are more into brown and tan shades, you can go for organic cocoa powder with some cinnamon and turmeric to get the shade you want. If you want a more matte texture for your look, add some bentonite clay to the mixture. It will make the lipstick less glossy.

To complete the whole experience and give it a pleasant touch, you can add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice to give your homemade organic lipstick a lovely fragrance and mix it well. You can then pour the liquid into a clean container or an old lipstick tube for your everyday use. Ensure that you pour it while it is still in a liquid form as the lipstick you have now made will expand once it cools down. Be sure to store it in a cool place; otherwise, it will soften.


If you are looking to transition from the lipsticks you generally use, organic is the best way to go. Organic lipsticks have a lot of benefits in the long term. They stop the chapping of lips, and the natural ingredients used in these lipsticks prevents your lips from getting pigmentation and discoloration.

Your mouth and skin’s chemicals come in direct contact with and are absorbed by your body are significantly reduced. It is especially important to be conscious of lipsticks, which we apply since we tend to ingest some of it in our day-to-day activities, especially while eating and drinking.

These are some of the reasons why consumers are now slowly shifting to organic makeup products since they stay on our skin and are ingested or absorbed for long periods. These organic lipsticks do not have any side effects in the long run, unlike the lipsticks full of chemicals and lead. It makes your skin beautiful and healthy from both inside and outside. Which of these brands and lipsticks are you most excited to try out?