16 Best Loose Powders Available in India For Every Skin Type

Hey beautiful ladies!

Have you ever worried that your makeup won’t last long enough? Did you ever wish that it stay longer? Because it is annoying when you have spent hours on your look and your makeup starts fading away after some time. 

Loose powder is such an underrated product that some women ignore using this because it is not visible on your face.

But guess what? These powders extend the life of your makeup and help to contour the favorite part of your face. Some dabs and it will stay on your makeup for longer hours. It is so helpful in summers when your sweat wipes out all the shimmers of your face. 

Colored loose powders work to minimize redness by color-correcting. If you love slaying and stay outdoors with makeup on for long hours, then we advise you to never skip applying loose powders.

Best Loose Powders in India

Don’t ever get confused between compacts and loose powders. Loose powders don’t come in cakes, while compacts do. Both of these products have different functions, and here we have assembled some of the best loose powders available in India.

All these powders have their implications. Some come with a brush, and others in a spray containing vitamin C to offer an HD makeup look. Let’s take a look at each one and then decide which one you are buying today.

1. All Set To Go Translucent Powder – Sugar Cosmetics

If you love being clicked a lot, then this translucent powder by Sugar is all you need. It is a lightweight matte powder that settles onto the skin effortlessly and blurs out your imperfections. It will cover all your pores and fine lines. It will help you to look fresh and stunning for 8 hours.

Sugar offers a wide variety of powders, each having it’s finishing. However, this one got the best reviews from the customers also, so pat it, dust it off and slay.

Price: Rs 599/-

2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Lose Finishing Powder

You will love this powder by Maybelline as it’s a mineral-based that comes in 4 shades. So don’t worry if your complexion is very light or dark.

You will get a perfectly toned powder for you. Just like a filter smoothens your photograph, this powder will do wonders on your face – perfect product for perfect finishing.

Price: Rs 695/-

3. Kay Beauty HD Loose Setting Powder

Enriched with avocado and mango butter, this powder will illuminate your face and give a high definition look. It comes in 8 shades and blends like a dream when you pat it on your face. It soaks all the shine and oil, giving you a matte look.

While no one wants to look greasy, this powder sets on your makeup, soaking the oil and giving you a subtle tint.

Price: Rs 799/-

4. Coloressense High Definition Powder

This sturdy glass bottle is best for newbies who wish to try their hands on makeup and loose powder. It is affordable and makes the makeup stay for long hours. The soft brush makes it easy to apply.

It comes in dusky, ivory beige, snow-white, and soft beige shades. It will also help you enhance your photos.

Price: Rs 404/-

5. Lenphor Shimmery Dust Loose Powder

Just get ready to win an all-day radiant, youthful look by grabbing this product from Lenore. It is a white tone face powder that feels satin-soft against your skin. To get a plush radiance, dab this powder, which effectively blurs skin imperfections.

The best part? it is a vegan product!

Price: Rs 480/-

6. Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder

The light and silky texture blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving it matte with a touch of sheen, for a luminous finish that controls shine throughout the day. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll brighten and revitalize your attention while enhancing the contours of your face.

Eight shades, full of ultra-refined pigments to make sure it’s best for all skin tones. The powder work to subtly colour correct and highlight different contours of the face, leaving a translucent veil of colour on your skin – so you’ll bake, without the cake!

You will get various shades like a blondie, banana bread, sugar cookie, coffee cake, etc.

Price: Rs 2955/-

7. MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This one is silky finishing powder, yet it helps to reduce the shiny makeup. It is available in one universal colour which suits each one of you. Foremost, it is fragrant free and specially made for women with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

A small packing with 9 gm’s weight is waiting for you! Go, grab it now.

Price: Rs 2350/-

8. Faces Canada Mineral Loose Powder

It is our personal favorite as it does not clog pores and also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. We recommend the spill-proof formula if you want a flawless natural glimmer, which is also easy to apply. You may have seen professionals using this powder as the texture is not at all chalky and comprises of fine particles.

Price: Rs 799/-

9. Swiss Beauty Ultra Fine Matte Loose Finish Powder

You ladies hate patchy makeup. This powder is perfect for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil from your skin and leaves a matte look. It comes in different shades with a complete puff applicator.

Don’t waste time and get this product to slay in your nude makeup look.

Price: Rs 449/-

10. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder

Infused with aloe vera and green tea extracts, this loose powder is a delight for your skin. It just melts into your skin and highlights your contours. It not only upholds your makeup, but you can also use this on bare skin for a natural look. The soft puff applicator is so smooth that you will enjoy its gentle touch on your face.

Price: Rs 550/-

11. Pac HD Powder

It is a loose banana powder with a grainy texture. This transparent powder removes all the dirt and excess makeup. It is suitable for all skin types and comes in two shades.

Price: Rs 745/-

12. Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder

If you need a natural breathable shield on your makeup, then try this product by Dior. It gives you an ultimate finishing touch and maintains the illusion of fresh and radiant skin throughout the day. Without altering your skin tone, this powder will create a velvety finish.

Grab this powder which can form a pollution-fighting defense. You can look as fresh as you were in the morning. 

Price: Rs 11000/-

13. Nyx Professional Makeup Powder

Can’t stop, won’t stop Setting powder!

This total beauty boss imparts a matte veil of comfortable colour. Just slay and apply it under the cheekbones, eyes, and the area of the T zone. The feather-light powder is ideal for dry skin. The good news is that it is free from sulfates and parabens and is ultimately a vegan product.

Price: Rs 1000/-

14. Colorbar Flawless Air Brush Finish Loose Powder

It is designed to be virtually invisible on your face. It is insanely silky and made with light-reflecting Topaz Powder formula. It is free from parabens, alcohol, oil, and fragrance.

Price: Rs 874/-

15. Lotus Makeup Natural Blend Translucent Loose Powder

It contains powder of rose petals Nagkesar which has antibacterial properties.

It has SPF 15, which is a plus point of this loose powder. You can choose from 3 exciting shades Lotus is offering. The applicator is a unique sponge which is very easy to use.

Price: Rs 445/-

16. Miss Claire Luxury Loose Powder

This powder is finely milled and lightweight, which glides on your skin like butter. One touch up, and it will ensure that your makeup stays put for hours without smudging and transferring. This water-resistant formulated loose powder comes in three colours white, light banana, and banana.

We are pretty sure that it won’t make your face look yellow.

Price: Rs 550/-

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Loose Powder

While everybody wishes to look glamorous all the time, makeup sometimes tends to fade away without your permission. So understanding your skin type, skin tone, and the purpose of buying this beauty product is noteworthy.

1. Skin Type

It is essential to understand your skin type before buying loose powder, but it is vital to learn all kinds of beauty products your skin requires. If your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of both, then there is a different powder available for each skin type. Before buying it, look for ingredients you need in your product.

2. Skin Tone

While there are translucent and transparent powders available in the market, there are many loose powders in various shades. Choosing the right one for you is a crucial step. 

3. Know the Difference

Understand the difference between compact, loose powder, and HD powder. There are so many varieties of powders with each having their purpose. So decide what you want and choose accordingly.

4. Oil Control

This kind of loose powder not only absorbs excess oil but also helps in setting of makeup into your skin.

5. Matte Effect

Most people like the matte finishing effect of your makeup. While choosing the perfect loose powder for you, check if it offers you a beautiful, flawless matte look.

6. Applicator

The loose powders come with different applicators like soft fluffy puffs, brush, or without any of it. 

7. Translucent/Coloured

Don’t worry about your skin tone but think about what effect you want in your makeup. You may prefer translucent if you don’t want to add another layer of the product as it is suitable for touch up. Choose a coloured one if you’re going to slay and add another layer to look extra gorgeous.

The most important fact is don’t think if you have applied a compact, you are done! If you invest so much in your makeup, don’t let it ruin quickly and buy a loose powder now.


After reading the whole article, you can now decide which one will be in your purse soon. Please don’t ignore the applicator; invest in high-quality application tools that you can afford because they make a huge difference.

Also, there are essential things to be kept in mind. Try using this before going out, and don’t carry it with you everywhere. They are messy and not very easy to apply. These loose powders will surely enhance your photographs by naturally softening your skin. 

Tadaa! You don’t need filters anymore!

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