14 Best Lip Balms For Women In Every Budget

Do you remember, what was the first-ever cosmetic product you used? Because we do! In schools, girls used to call lip balms their makeup products. And till now, we haven’t stopped using it. You added lipsticks, lip scrubs, and whatnot, and yet lip balms are your day-to-day go-to product. You cannot live without lip balms in winters. Dryness on your lip cracks up the skin and makes them look cracked. But a good lip balm can solve your problem and make them soft and moisturized. A coat of lip balm before applying a lip shade is the best way to diminish the ill effects of any other products you use on your lips. If you need a lip balm that can solve most of your problems, then don’t leave it here but read and scroll the whole article.

Why do we love Lip Balms?

Our lips don’t have oil glands, so there is a need for a layer of a moisturizer that can protect them from external exposure like low Temperature, dry air, pollution, and even the ill effects of using lipsticks. It also plumps up the lips and makes them soft like baby lips. It improves the texture of our lips, and they are ready to smile.

Best Lip Balm for Women

Lip balm is an essential part of your daily skincare routine, and you should never skip this particular step. Earlier our grannies used to apply honey or coconut oil to make their lips soft in the winters. Then came the lip balms with all such healthy ingredients in them. Currently, the market is filled with so many lip balms brands and even different kinds of them. Don’t get lost while choosing what’s best for you because so many brands are just making money out of chemicals. You don’t want to compromise with the quality. So here is little help from outside. In this article, we will tell you some of the best brands of lip balms with their reviews and prices. 

1. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip balm

Once you start using this lip balm, you will never get back to your old lip balms. It comprises 100% natural ingredients as the boutique is known to make naturally derived ayurvedic beauty products. This lip balm has a picture red color and comes with a subtle fragrance. It has essential vitamins and nutrients with skin brighteners. It is undoubtedly going to retain the pink color of your lips naturally. 

This 12 grams of small packaged lip balm will work for you for months. The other best part of this boutique lip balm is it’s the price. Now, you are left with no other excuse, so go and buy this product from Nyka or Amazon at a reasonable price.

Price: Rs 111/-

2. Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Maybelline is one of the most popular lip balm brands, which comes in many varieties, from color-changing balms to transparent tint. So the choice is yours. If you need a lip balm that makes your lips soft plus leaves little fresh color, then you should try this baby lip balm. If you often complain about your chapped lips, then baby lips will make your lips ready to pout and smile. Advertisements say that it stays for 8 hours on, but it is not exactly right. You need to reapply for this after two hours. But it works well according to the price. Another good news is that it comes with the SPF 20 to protect you from harmful ultraviolet.

Price: Rs 139/-

3. Nivea Lip Balm, Soft Rose

If your lips feel extra dry and cracked, you need to apply a balm, providing extra care.

An innovative formula with Hydra IQ gives long-lasting moisturization, this balm by Nivea is a perfect pampering gift to your lips. It provides your lips with a velvety soft lip feeling and leaves a subtle rose shine on your lips. 

Price: Rs 145/-

4. The Body Shop spf15 Vitamin E Lip Care

With SPF 15, this lip balm hydrates and protects your lips, which are loaded with Vitamin E and Vanilla. It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel like you are wearing something on your lips. It is recommended for women with oily skin. Unlike other lip balms, It is non-sticky and transparent. So yes, it is worth buying.

Price: Rs 326/-

5. SoulTree Ayurvedic Lotus and Kokum Butter

Infused with lotus, kokum butter, and coconut, this lip balm is a little bit expensive than others. Because it contains organic ghee for healing and moisturizing the lips, it is a 100% natural product with no synthetic colors or preservatives or fragrances. It doesn’t contain paraben, silicone, mineral oil, or lead, which is quite impressive. It is the best product if you want to remove tan from your lips. You are going to love its packaging as it comes in a cardboard applicator. Though the price is high yet it delivers what it promises.

Price: Rs 495/-

6. Lakme Lip Love Chapstick

For vibrant soft lips, lip love chapsticks offer you a wide variety of flavors. At this price, Spf 15 protects from harmful sun rays and 22 hours of intense moisturizer. What else do you need?

You can choose from 5 vibrant colors like cherry, strawberry, or caramel, and also have a transparent one. So twist and swipe to get softer lips than ever.

Price: Rs 99/-

7. Maybelline Alia Loves New York Baby Lips

It is a kind of a limited edition deal curated by Alia Bhatt. It protects and heals your lips and adds some glamorous drama too. It comes in 4 attractive yet subtle colors – Manhatten Mauve, Broadway Red, Brooklyn Bronze, and High line Wine. So your lips are going to stay hydrated for 16 hours and also comes with SPF 15.

Price: Rs 150/-

8. Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron Lip Balm

Enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, this lip balm is getting all the love and attention which comes in cute packaging. They have seven exciting flavors in this particular lip balm.

Price: Rs 212/-

9. Forest Essentials Lip Balm

This extra creamy and soft lip balm is quite expensive as it has natural beeswax and sugared rose petals. You will feel extra happy after applying it, promise! You may call it an extravagant product also. Another important thing here to mention is its small quantity. 

Price: Rs 695/-

10. Blue Heaven Lip Bomb

It comes in 3 fruity flavors – fruity bubblegum, sweet strawberry, and Rich cocoa. We love it’s easy to use applicator. It is made with shea butter extracts and almond oil. It’s so cheap, yet this transparent lip balm will be an excellent product to keep in your pouch.

Price: Rs 150/-

11. Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange and Rosehip Organic Lip Balm

We all love organic products. That happiness of using beauty products without feeling guilty is priceless. This lip balm is crafted with love and antioxidant-rich rich Rosehip and oils of Apricot and Jojoba. It is a complete nourishment kit for your lips. The lip butter gently penetrates deep into the skin for soft velvety skin. Rosehip stimulates collagen production and helps reduce lip wrinkles and lines, making it look plump.

There are no preservatives, and it is 100% vegan.

Price: Rs 350/-

12. Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm

It is made with strawberry extracts, which contain effective soothing agents like alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps remove dead cells of your lips. With the yummy taste of strawberry, you will find that after it’s regular use, your lip tan has gone away. Honey, with its healing properties, will make your lips super happy these winters. Not only this, but it also has almond oil is an effective cure for sun and dryness. Protect your lips from external factors by using this lip balm. It comes in a pack of 4.

Price: Rs 150/-

13. Innisfree Green Tea Lip Balm

This lip balm formulated with green tea powder and green tea oil will make your lips super glossy. It has six magical ingredients – beeswax, sunflower, castor, meadowfoam, seed wax. 

It is also free from baddies like mineral oil, silicone oil, tar color, synthetic fragrance, polyacrylamide. In short, the things which aren’t right for your pink lips aren’t in this lip balm. It is slightly overpriced but tries once if you love natural ingredients in your beauty products.

Price: Rs 600/-

14. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer for Dry Lips

We love this product as it has all the requirements needed for a lip balm. Yes, it has an SPF 15 to protect your lips. It has glycerine, which keeps your lips hydrated and smooth. Glycerin, with a combination of emollients, helps hold moisture to relieve even the driest skin. The lip balm is transparent, so you can apply it below your favorite lip color and slay. Try wearing it 15 minutes before going out in the sun. It doesn’t have any color, fragrance, or additive preservatives. It is also PABA free. It comes in a 4g pack and can be used by men or women.

Price: Rs 175/-

Things to Consider Before Buying Lip Balm

It is the most consistent product we pick for healthy soft lips. The most important thing that you should keep in mind before buying a lip balm is to check the ingredients because, unlike other beauty products, you are directly ingesting the lip balm. So harmful chemicals are a big No-No in your lip balm.

Avoid phenol, menthol: The ingredients like menthols, phenol, and salicylic acid make your lips drier and urging to apply more lip balm; thus, it turns into a vicious cycle. If you can’t figure out whether these harmful ingredients are in your lip balm or not, then according to a dermatologist, you will feel irritation while applying such lip balms. So avoid wearing such toxic things on your lips.

Lip balm with at least SPF 15: We apply sunscreen on our face but have you ever thought, what about your lips? Lips also get tanned. So next time, before buying a lip balm for you. Try finding a lip balm with SPF at least 15 or more than that. Your lips also need to be covered with a layer for protection from the harmful sun rays.

Simple, Petroleum-based balms: Such lip balms are super healthy for your lips. These prevent future chapping of lips and checks on the reasons causing it.

Avoid excessively scented or flavored balms: The lip balms with intense flavors and scents can worsen your skin by drying your lips. Also, these contain strong chemicals that can make you allergic.


Lips are an eminent part of your face and body.

We have come a long way from using natural products to chemical-based products but now again trying to go back to some chemical-free beauty products which do not harm our bodies. The same goes with the lip balms too. Try using the products having natural ingredients rather than just looking at a well-established brand.

And no matter how many products you add to your makeup kit, never forget to have a lip balm in your ever teeny-tiny purse. So Blanket your lips with the sheer tint and whisper sweet nothings. Smile more because now your lips aren’t cracked.

By Saakshi Pathak

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