20 Best & Most Popular Korean Dramas To Binge Watch in 2021

With minimum outings and entertainment centers, we are trapped in our homes. Now, we only have our TV and a couple of web apps that help slaying through the free time. We are sure, till now you must have finished all the popular Indian and American web dramas. Now, what to do? All the interesting stuff is gone? Well, there are still some interesting and exciting Korean Web Series to entertain you. 

Yes! Korean series comes with a refreshing punch. It is filled with young love, drama, and action. So, what are you waiting for? We have picked the best Korean Dramas that you can start watching right now!

Best Korean Drama You Can Watch Right Now

If you are all filled up with British, American, and Indian content, now is the time to shift your mood to a different culture/genre. The K-dramas are set up in the modern era, bringing up new perceptions and storylines from altogether a different place. The web series is exciting, romantic, thrilling, and sexy. These K-dramas have everything you are looking for. 

Don’t wait up, here are 20 K-dramas you can binge-watch during weekends or after-work hours. 

1. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This series is a gift for all romantics. Released in 2020, it created an international buzz. The New York Times has rated this one as “The Best International Shows of 2020.” The series is based on soft love. It is a story about a sensitive health care worker, who had been through a tragic past. The health worker comes across a young children’s book author, who is facing a personality disorder. Slowly, they get to know each other and fall in love. As they spend time together, they understand and heal each other. Being strong to each other and their love helps them to move forward in their life. 

It has been after quite a long time since a hardcore love series is being appreciated worldwide. This series is available on Netflix. 

2. Romance Is A Bonus Book

This is another rom-com based on the popular U.S. TV series Younger. Following the footsteps, it is a little different. It is an exciting story about a young and gifted editor-in-chief in a publishing company. He is enjoying his job until he crosses paths with a former copywriter who is in desperate need of a job. As the story progresses, both develop feelings for each other. It is a cute story of how they help each other and roll on. 

The series is available on Netflix. Grab some popcorn and you are good to go with this light-hearted series. 

3. Summer Guys

‘Summer Guys’ will surely attract viewers, who are looking for light shows. This is a light-hearted story about a young entrepreneur who is struggling with her beachside bar in Jeju Island. In the summertime, she is making efforts to boost the place. With the help of bartenders, she is trying to attract more tourists. On the whole, the situation gets complicated a bit. 

All in all, it is a witty watch, with fun and party mode flowing through. You can surely opt for it if you are planning a lousy weekend.

4. Crash Landing On You

It is a purely social dramatic series. A family drama based on South Korean Elite society, it is a story about two main leads, billionaire CEO, Yoon Se-Ri, and North Korean Special Forces Unit Captain, Ri Jeong-Hyeok. Belonging to different backgrounds they both might have never come across each other. But, with an exciting twist, Yoon Se-Ri crashlands in the North Korean Demilitarized Zone. She faced an accident while paragliding and met the captain.  

The story further describes how the two cultures meet and finally fall in love. Available on Netflix, this series is surely worth the binge-watch. 

5. Romance Talking 

It is a typical teen romantic drama. It revolves around young college students. The story is set with a girl who is very emotional and sensitive about love. She loves to follow a guy who specializes in relationship advice. Out of nowhere, the same guy begins attending the same college with her. He is also interested in her. The story is about how she feels in and out of love. 

So, for those who love a light-hearted romantic series. It is a perfect weekend watch. Binge on!!

6. The King: Eternal Monarch

For those who are eager to watch complex romance dramas. Released in 2020, it has captured the audience worldwide. The King: Eternal Monarch is the answer to your quest. It is a fantasy-based web series moving through two parallel worlds. It revolves around a king who juggles between two types of world. It shares the thrilling experience of the king.  

Available on Netflix, it is a total binge-watch. You will not stop till you get to the end. 

7. L.U.C.A: The Beginning 

Recently, there has been a big spike in Sci-Fi series and topics L.U.C.A: The Beginning is new in the league. Drawn out of Charles Darwin’s theory that states, “last universal common ancestor”. It shares that all species belong to common ancestors. Here the lead is a philosophical character who possesses supernatural powers. He gets acquainted with a detective, whose parents disappeared while she was just a kid. 

When this young girl meets the lead and their life begins to change. They both try to unravel the mysteries of the universe. It is an exciting watch. 

8. Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil is a mystery thriller that grips you tightly till the end. You cannot stop at one episode, you have to watch the whole series. It is a suspense sequence about two brave young guys who are looking for the return of a serial killer. 

It is exciting to watch how they dig out a 20-year-old story and relate to each other’s secrets. The twist and plots are surprising and how they reveal the real freak behind the murder.

If you are looking for a thrilling mysterious watch, we recommend it. You will not be disappointed. 

9. Times 

Times as the name suggests are about different times. It is Sci-fi political drama related to time traveling. Sounds interesting? The story revolves around two people, one who is living in the present and another who lives in the past 5 years. They get connected by a call and discover a political conspiracy. 

As the story turns around, they untie all the knots and discover the relation behind this surprising connection in their lives.

We recommend this thrilling watch. 

10. Mouse

The Mouse is again a pretty gift for suspense fans. It is a story about a rookie police officer who unravels the mystery of a ruthless psychopathic serial killer. He and his partner face thrilling situations and then decides to find the real truth about the killer.

It seems like a simple story, but the series is gripping. This is a perfect crime thriller watch.

11. Monthly House 

Monthly House is a fun rom-com about two individuals. It is a typical love story where two completely different people cross their paths and with various events, they fall in love with each other. The story starts with a rich man who is a CEO of a real estate investment company meets a magazine editor company. The editor herself is looking for a house and later they connect. Though we already know, the series is quite refreshing. 

If you are looking for a complete romantic heartwarming happy to go series. Just play it on your Netflix. 

12. Dark Hole

Are you bored of dramas and relationships? Dark Hole is a complete makeover for you. Is a sci-fi-thriller narrating a story about a monster who hides in a sinkhole in Muji City, and consumes people’s souls? With this happening the lead detective gets a call from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, relating to some other case where a woman in Muji City had murdered her husband. As she arrives in the city, she notices mysterious smoke and the disappearance of the people. She is joined by another city detective and they discover the reality of cruel monsters. 

This series is a perfect thriller. It is a not-to-miss series for sure. 

13. Undercover

As the name suggests it is a national security drama. It tells the story of an agent at the Agency for National Security Planning, and a lawyer who fights for justice and human rights. Both of them fall in love during a top-secret mission and even marry without revealing their true identities. Later on, the secrets are shared with interesting plots. 

You will enjoy the twists and plots among the relationships. So, this one recommended a dramatic show. 

14. Law School

This series shares a unique subject. It revolves around the struggles of law students and their professors. It is the first drama that brings up life in a law school. The story is about two freshmen and their professors. It is about how they get entangled in unusual cases and their fight for justice. It is a refreshing and informative watch. 

We recommend it if you are ready for a serious series. 

15. Youth of May

Most K-dramas are set up in contemporary times, but Youth of May is different. It is a simple love story based in the 1980s. The series pictures the olden times. It portrays how people used to meet and also love in those times. 

The heartwarming story is about a cold nurse and a troublemaker medical practitioner. The events show how they meet, how they respond, and how they connect. 

It will take you on a nostalgic trip in the ’80s. This show is worth giving a chance.

16. The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a new-age Sci-fi thriller. It is about a group of elite scientists who are on a super exciting mission. This interesting series is set in the future, where a planet is endangered with a lack of food, water, and necessities. These scientists take up the responsibility to save the Earth. They are looking for mysterious samples that were left by the research station. The series is a remake of the short film The Sea of Tranquility in 2014. 

This will keep you glued to your TV sets until you have finished it till the end. 

17. Youth

This series was created by the very popular Big Hit Entertainment (BTS). It is a blend of reality and fiction. The series looks through the lives of the 7 BTS members. It starts from their schooling days and how they made their debut. The characters carry the same names as the real BTS members but there are little fictional add-ons with each character.

Those of you who follow BTS will find it very interesting. 

18. Fly High Butterfly

This particular series is again light-hearted social drama. The series is about a hair salon named “Fly High, Butterfly”. The story revolves around the workers of this salon. From young vibrant stylist to matured Salon’s director. It shares their routine life, their problems, and how they grow and as well as the personal growth that they go through. 

If you are surfing for a social drama, this might be a great pick. 

19. Bossam-Stealing Fate

This is one of the series set in historical times, during the reign of King Gwanghae in the Joseon dynasty. It is about a matchmaker who in the olden times helped the widows find new husbands. As this was not socially accepted and the matchmaker had to hide and save his life. As time progresses he mistakenly kidnaps the princess and the story continues. Further, how they become fond of each other. 

So, if you are looking for a queer series then this is the one you need to pick up. 

20. Red Sky

Red Sky is based on the novel Jung Eun-gwol. It is a fantasy-romantic drama. It is a love story revolving around a very talented painter and an astrologer. The interesting series of events make this series very warm. 

The on-screen chemistry, the heartwarming instances makes it one of our favorites. So, watch out for cute dramatic love stories. 


If you are bored with Indian and U.S.-based series then K-dramas offers you a full platter. There is a variety of social, romantic, and thrillers. So, don’t get bored, try out something new and amazing. 

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