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15 Best Hair Oils for Every Women To Get Thick & Shiny Hair

What are your best childhood memories? Do you also miss those Sunday mornings when your grandmother used to apply hot oil to your hair? Massaging, talking, and discussing how important it is to apply hair oil twice a week and arguing about its functions.

But now, you must have realized the importance of hair oils. So never underestimate the power of hair oil. Not only it strengthens your hair, but it also prevents the greying of hair as well as prevents hair fall. This article is all about hair oil!

A long time ago, there were only limited oil choices that were available and undoubtedly were not adulterated. But let’s come back to this era when so many hair oils flood the market. But don’t get lost in this web of different oils. Here, we have compiled a list of the best hair oil brands in India. Some of them are from your granny’s generation, and some have emerged recently and have shown promising results.

Best Hair Oils for Women

As everyone wants super bouncy, well managed, and shiny hair, but it becomes challenging to take care of your hair these days when you don’t have the time to stand and stare. The busy schedules don’t let you pamper your hair, and excess stress and tensions cause hair problems. Nowadays, hair fall and damaged hair have become a significant problem in women. Simultaneously, some women face these issues due to hormonal imbalance and others due to pregnancy. But regular oiling can improve your hair’s texture, make them look shiny, and help in fast growth. Oiling is a solution for all the ladies, and choosing a good hair oil is as crucial as choosing your life partner is. So why to take risk while selecting the hair oil for yourself?

Let’s take a glance at the list we have prepared for you, which will help you choose your oil.

1. Parachute Hair Oil

Sabse Purana, aur Behatreen

Parachute is the most popular brand of hair oil in India. There are regular users of this brand who are happy with the quality of coconut hair oil they provide. Though Parachute offers a large variety of hair oil, coconut hair oil is the people’s favorite.

Price Range: Rs 39 to Rs 749/-

Parachute offers a variety of hair oils, some of them are: 

It contains the goodness of 100% sun-dried coconuts sourced from the finest farms of the country. It has no added chemicals, sent, or preservatives. It goes through 5 stage purification tests so that each bottle reaches you is pure.

It is enriched with the 25 ayurvedic ingredients. It solves your seven problems – hairfall, dandruff, breakage, split ends, slow growth, rough hair, thinning.

2. Dabur Hair Oil

Suraksha aur Khoobsurati

The affordable hair oil brand ‘Dabur’ offers various oils like Amla hair oil, coconut hair oil, and almond hair oil.

It promises to protect your hair from harmful environmental radicals that trigger drying, premature greying of hair, etc. Its almond hair oil is enriched with Vitamin E, which prevents split ends.

If you want a healthy scalp, then don’t wait for anything because this brand is cheap and good for your hair and pocket.

Price Range: Rs 42 to Rs 243/-

Amla is the richest source of Vitamin C. This hair oil contains amla, Omega 3, and antioxidants.

This hair oil can make your hair look beautiful inside out. It is suitable for all types of hair.

Enriched with almond’s goodness, Vitamin E, this hair oil contains twice the amount of almond protein than the other available in the market.

This hair oil is for Damage-Free hair.

It provides an abundance of nourishment to your hair as it contains pure coconut, which makes it edible.

Do you look at your old photographs and wish secretly that you get your damage-free hair back?

Then this hair oil helps you to get the real bounce of your hair back.

3. Kesh King Hair Oil

‘Say hello to Baalon ke Ache Din.’

It is a sulfate-free hair oil brand infused with ayurvedic herbs’ wellness, which imparts deep nourishment to your hair. It does not show any side effects on your scalp. It can be an ideal choice for you if your hair strands are damaged due to exposure to the sun and other pollutants.

Price Range: Rs 80 to Rs 520/-

It contains the goodness of 21 natural herbs like methi, Godhra, Brahmi, and Bhringraj, etc.

It comes with the deep root comb, which aids the application so easy.

This hair oil helps in the deep conditioning of your hair. If you want our hair oil to be unadulterated, then this one is for you.

4. Indulekha Hair Oil

Say No to Hairfall

This hair oil brand’s primary purpose is to help the ladies tackle the rising issues of hair fall. Stress, anxiety, and hormonal disorders are the primary reasons for hair fall, which you can tackle with a healthy lifestyle. Still, this hair oil can be bliss for you if you are going through a significant hair fall. If you want those long hair that turns all the spotlights on you on every occasion, then go for this brand – Indulekha

Price Range: Rs 198 to Rs 1296/-

  • Indulekha Bhringa Oil

The power of the sun and the potency of ayurvedic ingredients go into making every bottle of Indulekha.


  • Prevents hair fall
  • Regrows Hair

5. Mamaearth Hair Oil

Mama earth hair oil brand established in 2016 and is the fastest-growing brand run by a husband and wife duo. They embarked on the journey of making products that are toxin-free and contain no chemicals or preservatives. This brand offers not only natural hair products but also chemical-free skincare and baby products. If you want to try some vegan hair oils that help your hair move freely in the air ( just like in movies), then buy the hair oils by mama earth.

Price Range: Rs 300 to  Rs 1200

Naturally formulated oil with no sulfates, parabens, dyes, neral oils, or synthetic fragrance. It is of kind hair oil which will surely help you combating Hairfall issues. It is loaded with effective bioactive. It is hypoallergenic, so you shouldn’t be worried about any allergies while using it. It also balances your scalp as it contains Bhringraj.

This hair oil is a blend of 14 medicinal herbs, including Bhringraj and Amla. Often called a miraculous elixir for the hair, this oil will reduce your Hairfall, dandruff, and premature greying of hair. So the secret to voluminous hair is bottled in this Mamaearth Hair oil.

6. Trichup Hair Oil

All Natural

This ayurvedic hair oil brand can stimulate your hair’s natural shine by fighting all the hair issues.

If you are having issues like premature greying, then this hair oil brand can help regain the natural bounce, the color of your hair. These hair oils are enriched with natural herbs, which provide essential nutrients to your hair.

Price Range: Rs 125 to Rs 750/-

Here are some bestselling Trichup Hair oils

It is infused with natural ingredients like bhringraj, neem, kamal, and Yastimadhu. This hair oil helps you to prevent your hair fall. It is free from toxins and repairs damaged hair.

A unique blend of essential oils and ayurvedic herbal extracts will nourish your hair and make them look healthy and shiny.

It has your favorite ingredients like amla, neem, and aloe vera.

7. Morpheme Hair Oil

Say bye to frizzy hair

This brand features the power of nature and science. This hair oil brand guarantees nothing but what is best for your crowning glory.

Price Range: Rs 152 to Rs 920/-

Here are some effective Morpheme Hair oils

It is the best seller of this brand as it contains all kinds of hair oils – amla, almond, castor, rosemary, jojoba, coconut, olive, and walnut oils.

This hair oil is instantly absorbed by your scalp and make your hair strands beautiful, gorgeous, and super healthy. Don’t worry about choosing which oil to apply as this hair oil has all the essential oils in it.

It doesn’t contain any silicone or mineral oils, which aren’t right for your hair and scalp. It includes the most effective hair growth boosters. Bhringraj in it prevents hair fall and gives a soothing effect on the scalp, further relaxing your mind. Black seed oil helps hair growth and regrowth as it contains thymoquinone, a powerful antihistamine that nourishes the hair and provides all the nutrients.

8. Hair and Care 

No ‘Chip-Chip’

This hair brand is affordable, and after it’s the first usage, you will feel light and nourished. It offers none greasy look. The delectable fragrance of Hair & Care oils lingers on for long to invigorate your senses as you take on the day.

Price Range: Rs 30 to Rs 480/-

Best Hair and Care Oils

It has a unique combination of Olive and Vitamin E that reduces hair fall. It is none sticky and aids shiny and free-flowing hair. You are going to love it’s a fragrance for sure. Experience beautiful hair and leave your hair open as you won’t need to get worried about hair fall after it’s consistent usage.

This hair oil combines the goodness of almond and walnut oil into one bottle. Smile, because it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids. Before washing your hair, deep massage and leave it overnight. You can also use this product after washing your hair.

How to choose the best hair oil for your hair

While choosing the hair oil for you, you must be aware of your scalp, active allergy, infection, hair texture, and whether or climatic conditions.

Based on your scalp, hair texture you can choose from a variety of oils available

  • Coconut oil- Magical cure-all oil
  • Castor oil – Make hair thicker
  • Argan oil – For colored hair
  • Olive oil – Makes hair Soft
  • Jojoba oil – Conditions your hair
  • Tea tree oil – Antifungal benefits
  • Avocado oil – Deep Moisturing treatment
  • Rosemary oil – Hair growth booster
  • Almond oil – Prevents breakage

Essential things to be keep in mind

  • Apply hair oil twice a week.
  • Best time – Apply hair oil overnight or 20-30 minutes before head bath.
  • Warm the oil and then apply as it seeps into your scalp easily.
  • Always use wide teeth comb for detangling your hair.
  • For effective results, you can give steam or wrap your hair in a warm wet towel.


So, ladies, we don’t need to tell you the importance of applying hair oil. Instead, we focussed on the popular hair oil brands available in India and reviewed them simultaneously. While many new brands promise things like regrowth of hair or say they prevent balding, don’t blindly trust them. Choose what is right for your hair, and don’t forget to take a good diet. 

We know that most of you are dealing with hair issues. So after reading the whole article, you must have chosen the best hair oil brand for you. One brand offers a variety of hair oils, so also don’t get confused.

Happy oiling, ladies!

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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