15 Best Facial Kits for Bridal Glow (With Price & Review)

Every bride dreams of looking radiant and flawless on her big day. Without a doubt, all eyes are on the bride, and there is no room for missing out on anything. With all eyes and cameras being focused on you, you must take all the necessary steps to help you achieve gorgeously glowing skin for your wedding.  

With that being said, invest in products and beauty regimes suitable for your skin type and products that would give you desired results. We also understand that the whole running around for your wedding preps could leave your skin looking tired and exhausted, and it would also leave you with very little time to juggle between the preps and an excellent facial. 

Hence, we have curated a list of the 12 best facial kits for brides that are a must-try. To keep you informed in every aspect we have also specified the prices for each of them. Keep scrolling to check out the facial kit that would suit your preferences and skin type the best. 

Best Facial Kits For Bridal

A facial kit is a package of many products put together that is high on skin nourishment and works the same way of how a facial would work. All of this in less time and a budget that is lighter on your pocket. When it comes to facial kits, you will find ton loads in India, and to make this task an easier one to pick the right facial kit for yourself, we have come up with a list of the top 12 best facial kits for bridal use along with its prices.

1. Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit

The Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit is a 7 step kit for glowing and luscious looking skin. This kit consists of the following products:

  • Face Cleanser
  • Protein Bleach
  • Aha Gel
  • Gold Radiance Gel
  • Skin Serum
  • Nourishing Cream
  • Face Pack

This kit promises to tone, firm, and give your face a naturally healthy gold-like glow. It works well for all skin types from sensitive to combination and even oily skin – this facial kit with a product enough for up to 5 uses.

The Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit is priced at Rs 1,082 approx.

2. Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit

Fruit-based facials work best on sensitive skin and for people who do not like to use heavy chemical-based products on their face. Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit is best known to work wonders on the skin by taking care of wrinkles and aging-related problems faced by women. Fruit facials are also very soothing to the face and also doesn’t initiate irritation or discomfort.

 Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit is priced at Rs 400 approx.

3. Gold Radiance Facial Kit by VLCC

We can vouch for this one to be one of the best facial kits out there in the market. It’s widely used in salons all over the country as well. It is widely loved because it is a professional grade product and is crafted with high-quality ingredients. The gold extract in this facial kit would give you glowing skin and take away the dullness of your face. 

The VLCC Gold Radiance Facial kit consists of 7 products: a toner, comfrey cleanser, gold face scrub, gold gel, gold cream, gold peel-off mask, and an oil-free moisturizer. 

The Gold Radiance Facial Kit by VLCC is priced at Rs 900 approx.

4. Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Value Kit

Another facial kit that made it to our list of the best 12 is the Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit. This kit works well when you want to get your glow back but in an instant. This Jovees Fruit facial kit consists of blackberry and citrus cleanser, papaya and pineapple massage cream, basil skin toning gel, almond, facial honey scrub, apple and avocado face pack, and also a tea tree refreshing and rejuvenating face cream. Grab this fruity facial kit if you are someone who likes to use fruit-based products.

The Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit is priced at Rs 225 approx. 

5. VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

Most brands now have come out with a wide range of fruit facial kits. This particular one from VLCC, the Papaya Fruit Facial Kit, is the best from their range of fruit facial kits. Papaya is popularly known in the beauty industry. It helps erase blemishes and pigmentation on the face, reduces spots and uneven skin tone, and tightens the skin. With all these benefits that this kit offers, it also has other benefits like preventing acne and brightening the skin.

The VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit is priced at Rs 200 approx.

6. Instant Glow With Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Biotique is famous for its natural and chemical-free products. Consumers widely love them for the same reason. This facial kit will leave you with an instant glow on your face that would be hard to ignore. This kit contains a papaya scrub, clove face pack, saffron face massage gel, and a saffron youth dew cream. The ingredients used in this facial kit are a 100% ayurvedic recipe free from chemicals and ingredients harmful to the skin. 

The Instant Glow With Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit is priced at Rs 250 approx.

7. Diamond Facial Kit By VLCC

For a lot of women, VLCC is the go-to brand for facial kits. Along with their fruit facial kits and the gold facial kit, this Diamond Facial kit is also trendy among women and parlors. This facial kit includes a toner, comfrey cleanser, diamond scrub, diamond detox lotion, diamond massage gel, diamond wash-off mass, and an oil-free moisturizing gel. Isn’t this a fabulous combination? Looking for a diamond-like glow? It should be your pick, then!

 The Diamond Facial Kit By VLCC is available for Rs 200 approx.

8. Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Facial Kit

This luxurious kit by Oriflame Sweden is a blend of products put together with tropical fruit ingredients. This facial kit consists of a cleanser, face massage cream, face scrub, and a face mask. This love nature facial kit is known to control excessive oil and purify the skin. The products in this kit will you matte and glowing skin. 

Grab this Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Facial Kit for Rs 1000 approx.

9. Khadi Natural Gold Radiance Mini Facial Kit

The Khadi Natural Gold Radiance Mini Facial Kit is perfect for any skin type and works wonders on all skin types. This mini kit would help to luster and restore the lost glow on your face and help reduce blemishes and marks. This 24 karats gold radiance facial kit promises healthier-looking skin. For best results, use this twice a week before your big day.

The Khadi Natural Gold Radiance Mini Facial Kit is available for Rs 300 approx.

10. O3+ Glow As You Go Facial Kit

If you’re someone with normal to oily skin, then this O3+ Glow As You Go Facial Kit is your pick. It is also known to be the best for the skin during the summer heat. You can reinvent your skin with 4 of its miraculous products that are a part of the kit, and they are the Volcano scrub, brightening and whitening face wash, derma fresh face mask, and aloe derma hydrating gel. This face kit promises to take away all the dullness from your face and give your face a hydrating look before your big day.

Grab this O3+ Glow As You Go Facial Kit for Rs 1500 approx.

11. Innisfree Tangerine Vita C Facial Kit

Innisfree is a Korean Beauty Brand that is loved and adored globally. This Tangerine Vita C Facial Kit is one of its best products. The Tangerine Vita C facial kit includes an oil-free cleanser, a face toner, serum, face gel cream, and a face mist that smells heavenly. 

You can grab this Innisfree Tangerine Vita C Facial Kit for Rs 3200 approx.

12. Aroma Magic Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial Kit 

Give your face a calming and soothing detox session with this Aroma Magic Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial Kit. It will help to lighten, tighten, and brighten your face after just one use. This kit comes with power-packed ingredients such as activated charcoal and bamboo, best known to reduce dark spots and open clogged pores.

This Aroma Magic Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial Kit is available for Rs 1400 approx.

Things A Bride Should Consider Before Choosing A Facial Kit 

Planning to give yourself some time for self-pampering before your big day? Well, we think that is a fab idea. A facial can make your skin and mind feel a little more relaxed and rejuvenated. Along with an incredible facial also comes certain do’s and don’ts as you want to be mindful of a few things to ensure you do not have breakouts right before your big day. Here are a few things that you should consider before you decide on a facial kit for yourself to help you a little.

  1. Find The Right Facial Kit As Per Your Skin Type

There is a facial kit for every skin type, as everyone’s skin isn’t the same. You’ve got to understand your skin type and pick a kit that would suit your skin. A product that may have worked on your friend may not work wonders on your skin type and may result in breakouts and dull-looking skin. If you are someone with oily skin, avoid using a facial kit that is overly moisturizing, leading to breakouts. It is essential to research well on the facial kit ingredients and then choose what would balance out with your skin. With your big day approaching, there is absolutely no room for trial and error.

  1. Do Not Wax Or Shave Your Face Before You Use A Facial Kit

Planned to get rid of the unwanted facial hair? Avoid doing so a couple of days before you plan on getting a facial done. Most facial kits also have this mentioned on their box as doing so would make your skin very sensitive, which isn’t advisable. If you have sensitive skin, then waxing or shaving your face before a facial would leave your skin looking red and blotchy. 

  1. Know Your Products Well

Knowing and understanding the products you are going to use on your face is very important. Read the instructions on the facial kit well before you start applying any of the products on your face. Do not opt for products that have ingredients that may be harmful to your face.

  1. The Final Outcome

Different facial kits promise different outcomes. You need to choose and pick the one that suits your needs. While some may like a natural look, and others may like a visible gold, diamond, or pearl-like glow post using a facial kit.

  1. Price And Brand Of The Facial Kit

The brand name plays a vital role in skin care products as you should stick to products that have a good reputation for quality and the best ingredients in the beauty industry. Ensure to keep in mind the brand and the price of the facial kit before you decide on the one you want to use. 


Getting that flawless and glowing skin before your big day isn’t difficult if you use the right products with the right ingredients in them. Almost every day, there comes a new fad of skincare routines to look at and follow. While that can get overwhelming, do not get overwhelmed, and only follow what you think is right for your skin type.

Remember that you would only be able to achieve glowing skin on the outside based on what you feed yourself on the inside. A good diet, an ample amount of water, significant 8 hours of sleep, and the use of the right products would help you achieve flawless skin.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these facial kits and think they are amazing.

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