13 Best Eyeshadow Palettes to Try in 2021

Some women love creating a new tinge every day, and others like being consistent with the same matte nude look. Right? 

Women passionately love makeup, and the art of creating beautiful patterns on their faces using makeup brushes and other products is a challenging task for them. They love choosing their tools with a lot of care and attention.

Womenxo is always ready to help you choose the best products for you and your skin. And here we are talking about your favorite product, which lets you create a new look every day. Yes, we are talking about eyeshadows. Eyeshadows are the soul of your eye makeup. Especially these days when you are wearing a mask, only your eyes can speak now. It would help if you gave extra attention to your eye makeup. 

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

There are so many eyeshadow palettes available in the market. Women quickly get confused about which one to choose and which shades will make their eyes look incredible. Let’s first see the best options from hundreds of products and then check the guidelines before choosing one. If you love vibrant colors, then you might like neon or shimmery palettes. But if you are more of a sophisticated makeup admirer, then nude palettes with all of the light brown shades are made for you. Smokey eyes, these days, are everybody’s favorite.

At the same time, Instagram is full of influencers trying new butterfly eye makeup, rainbow and unicorn art on their eyes. You might want to try these looks on you. So if you are thinking of doing something like this, then first choose one or two eyeshadow palettes from the options given below. 

1. The Blushed Nudes Palettes by Maybelline New York

This soft nude-toned eyeshadow palette comes with 12 cute shades. These have a super fantastic texture and are very easy to blend into your skin. These are specially designed for ladies who love camera flashes. If you are ready to get clicked, then try these shades for a glamorous look. The colors range from dazzling nudes to metallic gold. So don’t worry if you want to create a dark smokey look. You can use this nude palette. Make sure to mix and match the colors every day.

Price: Rs 654/-

2. Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow

Play up the drama with these cute shades on your eyes by Lakme. These contain high-intensity powders that are capable of making your eye game on point. The unique applicator makes it easy to use and ready to apply. This Eyeshadow palette contains four shades in one pack and comes in 5 different kinds. They have Desert Rose, Royal Peacock, Mystic Nudes, Smokey Dusk, and Silk Route. The texture of this eyeshadow is the best thing about it. It not only highlights your eyes but also creates a beautiful overall look. It is suitable for knockoff office-look, festive evening, or an everyday stylish look. Can’t wait to flaunt your eye makeup talent to your followers on Instagram? Buy this palette and thank us later.

Price: Rs 585/-

3. Wet n Wild Color Rose in the Air Icon

So dear makeup lovers, what if I tell you that Wet n Wild is offering some of the best shades of eyeshadows under Rs 500? If you are a loyal follower of the world’s beauty trends, you will know how famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is. Yes, ladies, this palette has almost the same shades and colors. They have three shades – Nude Awakening, comfort zone, and Rose in the Air. But Rose in the Air is our favorite. Smile wide because it is a cruelty-free eyeshadow palette. But it is not available in the offline market. But we are always ready to help. Buy this product from the link given below.

Price: Rs 373/-

4. M.A.C. Eyeshadow X9 Burgundy Times Nine

You can create countless color combinations with these dark shaded eyeshadow palettes. These are saturated soft and smooth shades with handy compact packaging. There are nine shades in one pack, and this eyeshadow comes in two shades – Burgundy and Amber times. So if you want matte eye shadows, then try this product. This palette is a little bit expensive, but the smooth texture and shades make this worth buying.

Price: Rs 3700/-

5. L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Neons

This palette from L.A. Girl is filled with 12 highly pigmented neon and cold shades. It is for every girl who wants to stand out. This palette comes with a double-sided eye shadow makeup brush, mirror, and a case. So don’t worry, you can carry this everywhere. It is mainly for those who want to experiment and love creating new and funky looks. 

Price: Rs 979/-

6. Kiko Milano Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette

Kiko products have no parabens, no mineral oil, or any other harmful chemicals, thus the right product for your face. This international brand comes with different eyeshadows in some lovely shades. It is an all shimmer eyeshadow, so decide before buying this. They work well with a wet brush and define your eyes well. This palette has a compact design that comes with a mirror. All the shades are pigmented and glittery. You can also apply this as your highlighter as this is free from harmful chemicals that can harm your face.

Price: Rs 1975/-

7. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

With the unique foil formula and creamy texture, this eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty is all you need to create a lustrous glow. This product is all about glamour and drama. It combines 18 luxurious shades that are talc-free. So buy and make the most amplified metallic look. Aren’t you feeling so good already by thinking of 18 colors in just one palette? Go and grab one from Nykaa and enjoy all the shades of love?

Price: Rs 5375/-

8. Makeup Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette

You are going to fall in love with this palette. Packed with the warm array of pinks, golds, and burgundies, this pack comes with 18 panned eyeshadows. Each shade in this palette has a creamy base. A creamy base allows the shade to blend smoothly. You will get a wide variety of colors. It has matte, reflective well as pearl, and glittery shades. This product is 100% cruelty-free. Go and get your neutral eyeshadows palette online.

Price: Rs 1750/-

9. Faces Canada Ultimate Pro Eye Shadow Palette

From sultry, glamorous to demure looks, this eyeshadow palette comes with ten attractive warm colors to create those looks you crave for. The intensely pigmented shades will make you fall in love. These are remarkably long-lasting and easy to apply. The news addition of glitter and mermaid takes the ultimate pro eyeshadow palette to 4 shades. 

Price: Rs 749/-

10. Nykaa, Wink it!

Nyka offers this palette at a very reasonable price having 12 smudge-proof and waterproof eyeshadows. These last for at least 12 hours. These matter to shimmer shades will get you rocking that simple, subtle daytime look to red carpet ready glamour. The velvety texture makes it easy to blend the colors on your skin. Let’s look at what options you get in this particular brand. 

  • Caramel Crunch
  • Double Chocolate Chip
  • Peach sorbet
  • Crushed berries
  • Sweet sundae

Choose the Double Chocolate chip palette if you are obsessed with dark smokey eye looks.

Price: Rs 1199/-

11. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette

The ‘Illuminate Look’ is the latest trend marching on most international runways this season. This whole package comes with six versatile shades that blend beautifully. It is a limited-edition eye shadow palette designed by fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. These shades offered by them are suitable for Indian skin tones. The palette has a two-sided sponge applicator with high-intensity powders that blend without making it look extra. Professionals love this palette, and it’s said to be their favorite. 

Price: Rs 895/-

12. ColorBar Hoop Me Up Eyeshadow Palette

This kit from Colorbar has seven rich colors. This bright palette treats your lid with care and love. The shades in this palette melt flawlessly into the skin. It has a unique wet and dry formula for a professional finish. Its long-lasting creamy formula will hook you up with all your summer needs – bright pops of light and color with a touch of luxury for the girl who likes to play!

Price: Rs 1,023/-

13. Nykaa Eyes On Me! 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette

This Eyeshadow palette is best for beginners ready to learn how to blend colors and make a crease on your eyes. If a subtle and soft look is what you are looking for, try the ten shades of this palette. It will give you a variety of versatile colors. They have the daydreaming palette, sundowner stunner, Beachside peach, Smokey at eight, and Tinsel Twilight. 

Price: Rs 599/-

How to choose the best eyeshadow palettes

When used right, Eyeshadows look stunning; however, choosing the perfect palette can be quite tricky. There can be some shades you like while you might not be using them. But if you follow the guidelines below, you will choose the best eyeshadow palette for you.

1. Choose matte or shimmer based eyeshadow palette according to your preferences.

If you like matte shades more, you should check whether you are buying matte eyeshadows or shimmery ones. Matte shades give you more sophisticated looks, while shimmery ones create a more dramatic and fun look.

2. Consider selecting a palette that flatter your eye color. 

Compliment your eye color with the kind of shades you apply.

  • For brown eyes: Try brick red, forest green, or navy blue more. Buy the palette which has these shades because these shades look beautiful on your brown eyes.
  • For amber or hazel eyes: You should try brown and golden shimmered tones. They will attract extra attention to your eyes.
  • For green eyes: Buy that eyeshadow palette with pinks and purples.
  • For grey or black eyes: Choose earthy colors like bronze and copper.

3. Neutral Tones or Bright shadows or darker shades

If you want something that can create a perfect office look, you should try buying nude toned eyeshadows with a matte finish. Neutral colors are ideal if you apply eyeshadows daily, and bright neon shades are suitable when you are trying something new for day parties.

4. Buy Darker, shimmery tones for your eyes if you are going somewhere out at night

Dark shades like shimmery navy blue or metallic brown looks amazing in low light. Even if you aren’t a lover of shimmery shades, we promise they will look incredible at night.

5. Palettes with Mirrors are best for traveling

Are you a traveler and a makeup person both? Then your preference should be buying the palettes which come with a mirror. It will make your task easier. And also buy the compacted small packaging.


Either you are a professional or a beginner, choosing the perfect eyeshadow palette is a big challenge for you. We hope you found this article super helpful. So next time, before buying a new eyeshadow palette for you. Try out our recommendations and also keep the things mentioned above in your mind. Because eyes play a vital role in catching instant attention, they speak, they communicate without words. And you ladies want to look flawless.

Here are some other tips and tricks for makeup lovers. Experiment with new colors and don’t think so much when somebody says that these colors are not for your body tone. You are free to try any color you want. You look beautiful anyway. Another tip for you here – Use a setting spray on your makeup brush before applying eyeshadows. This hack will set your eyeshadows for longer hours. It would dampen the bristles, which in turn would pack on more shadows while intensifying the color. Now you don’t need to apply extra layers of eyeshadow. Always apply eyeshadow primer before applying your eye makeup. Try creating depth to make your eyes look dark and more profound. These were the extra tips that you can try while applying your eyeshadows. 

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