10+ Different Types of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-to-be Should Know

Brides-to-be get all excited and nervous as their wedding day approaches. They start feeling all the butterflies within and are surrounded by confusion and perplexities. To ease their confusion, we have come to the rescue. The brides need to have a proper visualization as the wedding approaches of how well they want their eye glitter to be or which sorts of curls they would love on their engagement ceremony. There is a need to go through a list of packages that will allow the space to think over the different variations distinct makeup artists are providing. This would make comparisons and analysis better and smoother. 

Best Bridal Packages 

Makeup: Sakshi Sood

We bring for you a list of the 10+ best bridal packages that will blow your mind with their efficacy and quality. All the brides-to-be have to go through so many trials when it comes to their wedding attires but they procrastinate when it comes to makeup trials. And, that too, when they know that makeup can amplify or ruin their whole look on a special day. Bridal packages provide charges for all the wedding ceremonies ranging from engagement to Mehndi and the wedding day. The prices are mentioned according to per function with all the technicalities provided as to whether you want to go for Airbrush makeup or High Definition makeup. We provide you with a huge list of the grandest makeup packages that are going to make you look astronomically beautiful on all your special occasions. So, give this article a read and find your favorite bridal package now. 

1. Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Makeup: Samaira Sandhu

How does it feel when our dreams come true? Ecstatic and elated. Out of the world, maybe. A wedding brings a hundred cents more happiness and excitement than a normal situation would induce. Similarly, all our brides-to-be would be wishing to get dressed like this little red princess for her wedding day. The whole look is ravishing and spectacular. Well, you must be intrigued as to how you will achieve that glam effect on your special occasion? Go for airbrush bridal makeup. The makeup application takes place through sprays and its ‘globular’ technique. The whole effect though the spray application allows for a very thin film of makeup over the skin which does not look cakey and chalky at all. Most of the brides go for airbrush bridal makeup as it looks more put together and rich when applied generously all over the skin. Another great benefit is that this bridal makeup reduces the efforts taken for blending with sponges, brushes, or fingers. 

2. High Definition Bridal Makeup 

Photo: Israni Photography

The play of glitters and crease eyeshadows is creating an alluring image altogether. The overall hairdo is matching stunningly with the bold red-colored lipstick and rosy blush-inspired makeup. Jewellery is a quintessential part of the overall bridal makeup. They need to go with your wedding attire and your wedding makeup. Nowadays, most of the girls are going for high definition or HD bridal makeup so to say for their bridal makeover. The high definition uses some of the lightest products with an efficacy that is par excellence. The skin imperfections get all covered under the HD flawless base and look super gorgeous and impeccably beautiful on the wedding day. So, if you want to have that perfect, wrinkle, or blemish-free skin for all your special occasions, you can surely go for the High Definition Bridal Makeup and that too at an affordable price range. So, go grab your package now. 

3. Matte Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Paveena Rathour

Now is the trend of pastel pinks and greens. You will spot many women sporting the same pastel-colored lehengas. While it is important to stand different in the whole crowd, the difference can be brought by remaining in the same shade of colors but choosing more brighter versions and contrasting it with elegant jewellery pieces and decent mehndi designs. Or, designs that are extremely new and well-thought-of. Matte Bridal Makeup has been brought as a new trend quite naturally by giving an extreme light makeover to the bride which is not at all dewy or glossy. The bride chooses for herself the amount of matte effect she wants and contrasts the color with her overall outfit. So, they need to be in regular communication with the makeup artists as it allows them to know the artist’s as well as their tastes better. This will also help in creating more makeup-inspired masterpieces in the future. If you too want this beautiful amalgamation of colors, book a matte bridal makeup that will make you look out of the world on your big day. 

4. Mineral Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Makeup by Shubhdeep

The sparkling eye makeup with glossy lips is a super-rich beauty and makeup trend that makeup lovers are adoring these days. We may spot hundreds of women wearing bold pinks and red but a few gorgeously adorned glossy lips always steal the show. You can look for wearing those glossed-up lips on your wedding day instead of going for matte makeup. High definition makeup with that dewy, silky finish is the talk of the town. While we have always decided to get ready a certain way with heavy foundations but what about using more mineral-based products and get that dewy, glossy finish. Mineral Bridal Makeup is a true charmer when it comes to fulfilling all your pre-set or thought-of ideas and visualizations along with taking care of your skin as the products do not contain skin irritants. There are more natural minerals like zinc and titanium dioxide and non-nano particles that will not penetrate the skin barrier and affect its natural state. It’s never too late to scroll through the lavish profile of brides who have taken mineral bridal makeovers and have looked extravagant and lush on their wedding day. 

5. Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup 

Bride: Mani K Jassal

These gorgeous smokey eyes are evergreen when they are adorned with straight and sleek hair. The pastel colors go extremely well with smokey eyes and nude lips. If you want to go for a smoked-out eye with sleek hair at the back, then go for makeovers that are specially curated for smokey eyes. This bridal makeover knows how to provide you with the best of the makeovers making you groove to the rhythms of beauty. Nowadays, girls are more inclined towards pastels with light, glowing and dewy makeup. This look is a more celebrity-inspired makeover. This would also suit occasions like your engagement or your reception party. Smokey eye bridal makeup can be your go-to makeup look for that evergreen, sleek and crisp look providing you with the one cherished look for life. So, grab your slot with your favorite makeup artist and dance on their aesthetical smokey rhythms. 

6. Traditional Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Makeup by SP Eastland

Many of you are in love with those bold reds and crimson and it seems to be your color. Even on a regular day, when you feel like dressing a tad bit better, red lips with a simple minimal eyeliner seem to look stunning and gorgeous. And, when you have your favorite makeup artist by your side, you know you are going to rock it. The bridal packages start from nominal prices to real heavy deals but it is the concept and the idea that matters the most. Traditional Bridal Makeup is your one-stop destination wherein you can get all your makeup needs answered with satisfaction. Book your slot now! 

7. Natural Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Tania Makeup Artist

There are times when we feel like going for absolute subtle makeup. A simple and minimalist eye glitter with bold red lips feels like a dream. Expert makeup artistry can provide you with the best of their makeup ideas and concepts. They will help in accentuating your natural features and provide you with extra glam and beauty. A highlighter is a beauty lover’s weakness. You do not want to step outside your place without a dab of your favorite highlighter. She knows how to listen to your needs and give you your desired results effortlessly, be it your favorite lip color or your most favorite highlighter. 

8. Dewy Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Swati Chadha

We look at bridal packages just as the makeup and hair that is going to make us look prim and proper on our special day. But, it is more than just that. There is a bridal package that goes on the part of the makeup artist and there is another package that the bride has to keep in mind. It is quintessential for the bride to have a fair knowledge and a visualization of how she wants to look on her wedding day. It should be a complete picture and all the accessories, jewellery and attire should be ready accordingly. These two packages work together and create masterpieces like the one created with highlights and all the dewiness. 

9. Regular Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: MADE by Pammy & Gurveen

Reds look super beautiful on a bride on her wedding day. It amplifies the whole look and creates an aura that looks like an extreme blossoming of roses. The bath, the heavy necklace, and the headband create a powerful image that matches the level of celebrity-inspired makeup. Even regular bridal makeup has the power to change your makeup game to another level altogether. The alluring appeal of the red-colored lehenga with the jewellery and the subtle makeup again reminds us of the need on the part of the bride to be ready with her bridal package. She gives an extremely fabulous makeover that you will be transformed into a head-turner in no time. So, what are you even waiting for, book your bridal package fast? And always remember, whatever your dress color may be, or whichever highest quality heavy jewellery you may be wearing, if you carry it all with a smile and confidence, it is all worth the effort. Smile changes the whole aura and creates an effortless beautilicious makeover look which makes you drool with happiness. 

10. Organic Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Vibha Gusain Photo: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Brights always become the center of attraction because of their vivacity and luxe nature. And, the quirky, crisp look provided by a makeup artist who promotes organic makeup has naturally elevated the complete look. The blush-effect provides a natural pinky coral effect that appears to be an alluring sight for the people around. And, even for oneself, the feel of the blush from within, of having that nice natural glow, and also of flaunting those sharp naughty eye look is elevating and liberating. If you want to look extra glowy with simple makeup, charming effect, and glamour appeal, get your appointment done with a makeup artist that uses organic makeup products. Organic has the power to make you look beautiful from within. 

11. Nude Bridal Makeup 

Photo: The House of Pixels

The coral effect on the lips with the soft glitter eye look provides room for the artist to play with different colors. The idea of using glitters is that they go well with all matte eyeshadows. The silver or gold glitters match with nude creases tremendously. There are certain lip shades which when contrasted with glitter eyes look super trendy. And, this coral nude effect gels up quite well with the glittering eyes. Your favorite makeup artist can be your savior as she has all the art to provide you with the amped-up look on the eyes, pinky blushed effect, and also, nude coral lipstick appeal. We hope that you go for nude bridal makeup and experience the best of the makeover skills for real. 

12. High Shine Bridal Makeup 

Makeup: Allure Salon & Spa

We are drooling over this beautiful and appealing picture of the beautiful bride. The blue eyeshadows provided with the mauve lip shade look drop-dead gorgeous. You can flaunt this look on your engagement day or your reception ceremony or also, on your wedding day if paired with a contrasting pink lehenga. The whole look would be just mind-blowing. The image completes the list when accounted for providing the best bridal makeover package. The whole look would look more put together and unified. And, the different contrasts go extremely well as the blue and mauve are two different colors yet they look so enticing together. So, those who love color contrasts should go for bright colors and blinding highlighters to look like a dynamic princess on their wedding day. 

How to Choose A Bridal Package that is Best for You?

Makeup: Tamanna Rooz

There are many points that we need to keep in mind before booking or opting for any bridal makeup package. Some of those points are listed below:- 

  • Always book a bridal package that suits your needs and requirements and not your desires. This way you will save more cost and get a makeover done that suits your skin requirements. 
  • Before picking your favorite bridal package, always go through the portfolio of the makeup artist as it provides a fair idea as to how well equipped the artist is in her work and how much variation they have accomplished with each bride. 
  • Always look for contacts before booking the bridal package as regular communication is important for a smooth makeover process on the wedding day. 
  • Look for hair and makeover in a bridal makeover package but build your package beforehand which considers picking the right jewellery in contrast with the attire also. Remember, a bridal package is a cumulative effort of a makeup artist and her client. 


If you are planning for buying or booking your favorite bridal packages with nominal charges and aesthetically appealing transformations in terms of the makeovers and hair, we hope you would love this list of 10+ best bridal packages with effective and researched prices and reviews. If you did, give it a big thumbs up and let us know your favorite bridal package in the comments below. Good luck!

Featured Photo: Sunny Dhiman Photography

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