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Top 20 Bra Brands In India For Your Ultimate Comfort & Style

The bra is an essential item of clothing in any woman’s closet; we can’t do without them! Bras need to be supportive, comfortable, and luxurious at the same time. A beautiful bra gives confidence and gives a sense of self-love and poise to the woman wearing it. Many women spend years looking for the perfect bra. One that fits their body type and is super comfortable is truly hard to find.

They are available in various colors, fits, textures. There is a bra for every piece of clothing you can wear, be it strapless, backless, or even a sports bra.

Don’t even get me started on the types of bras that exist. There are padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, lacy, bras specially made to be worn with T-shirts. The price range of bras can vary based on the kind that you buy. When you have choices, you are bound to be confused about what to wear and which brand to buy. So we have compiled the best bra brands in India.

Best Bra Brands in India with Details

1. Triumph

Triumph is one of the best bra brands available in India and also the most popular one. Having branches in 50 countries, Triumph International is headquartered at Bad Zurzach. It provides women with the best quality bra with elegant cuts and styles. The brand offers lingerie that is not only comfortable but also fashionable.

2. Enamor

Enamor is one of the leading women’s bra brands. It is known to be a brand that changes according to the customer’s preferences and tastes. Enamor bras are available in a variety of fabrics for the modern Indian woman. From pushup bras to minimizers, from bikinis to sexy lingerie, this brand has it all. It is one of the best affordable bra brands in India.

3. Jockey

Jockey is originally an American brand that has made its way into the Indian market. If you are looking for comfort, then this is the brand for you. They have bras made out of the softest cotton material. Jockey is famous for being the first innerwear brand to set up exclusive brand outlets all over India.

4. Nike

Nike is mainly known for its sports bras that are seamless and super comfortable. These bras are specially designed to keep them going and are a trendy choice amongst women.

5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the best international luxury fashion houses. It is known to every person on earth, and most people in India, courtesy Disha Patani. If you are looking for luxury and budget is not a problem for you, then this is your brand. They have all the bras that you could ever need, from bralettes to in-style bras.

6. Van Heusen

Apart from being one of the best, Van Heusen is also a top-selling innerwear brand. Their bras are not only comfortable but also durable. Made for the best fabric available, Van Heusen uses the latest technology to craft their innerwear products.

7. Pretty Secrets

Image: Larissa D’Sa/Instagram

Headquartered in India, Pretty Secrets is one of the premium online lingerie brands with a very loyal and satisfied consumer base.
They offer a variety of trendy and comfortable athleisure bras and women’s innerwear.

They provide their customer with the best without emptying their pockets. The best part is that Pretty Secrets is not only limited to bras. There are sexy bodysuits, lingerie, bras, swimsuits, and a lot more to choose from.

8. Marks and Spencer

This British Multinational brand is a favorite among the women of India. The bras by Marks and Spencers are not only of superior quality but are made of a very breathable fabric that is a blessing during the hot Indian summers. They have a lot of variety, and their bras are trendy and comforting.

9. Lovable

Lovable is one of the top three most popular bra brands in India. Lovable gets its license from Lovable World Trading Company, USA. With comfort being their top priority, this brand’s products are specifically meant for those women who are sports enthusiasts and love to work out.

10. Clovia

Image: Shreya Chadda/Instagram

Clovia is a premium brand that is also very affordable. It is made for Indian women who prefer comfort and quality over anything else. Their products act like a second skin that gives you the perfect fit. They have a collection that boasts of the most flattering designs of fabrics and cuts.

11. Amante

Amante started its operations in 2007 and now has multiple stores all over India. This bra brand offers styles that give you all-day comfort along with a dreamy fit. Amante offers trendy, comfortable, and sensual intimate wear for women who prefer to keep it classy and sassy.

12. Zivame

Image: Anjali Kapoor/Instagram

Zivame is one of India’s best-known innerwear brands. It was established in 2013 and then changed how Indian women find the perfect fit for themselves. The bras by Zivame cater to the needs of all body types. It is a special blessing for the plus-size women in India. Zivame ensures the best for curvier women.

13. Rosaline

Not many people know this, but Rosaline is a private label bra brand by Zivame. Rosaline has a lot to offer; their bras are super cool, ultra-soft, trendy, and chic. A brand all about comfort, they have quite an exclusive collection for the modern woman.

14. Shyaway

Shyaway has been able to build quite a reputation for itself in the past few years. It is the perfect brand for those who are looking for qualitative, exclusive, and affordable bras. Tailored specially for an Indian woman, it gives a lot of attention in making every intimate piece of clothing.

15. B’witch

If you like to experiment with their innerwear, then B’witch is the perfect brand for you. Apart from comfort, this brand’s bras offer exotic patterns and styles that will help you make a statement as no other brand does. B’witch is best suited for women who wish to go beyond those conventional bra designs and try something new.

16. Juliet

Juliet is one of the most trusted bra brands in the whole country. They have a strong presence not just online, but in local stores as well. Juliet is known for providing comfortable and super fit bras to women of all ages. Whether you want a cotton bra, some fancy bra, or one that is lightly padded, you do not need to look any further.

17. Parfait Bras

If you are looking for comfort and style in one bra, you can rely upon Parfait for it. Parfait products are pretty affordable, as well as stylish. It is a brand that has gathered a lot of attention with the help of its products. This Indian brand could be the answer to all your bra requirements.

18. Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee is one of the notable brands in India. One of the best qualities of this bra brand is that it provides stylish bras that can be worn with almost every dress. Whether you wish to adorn an Indian dress or a western one, bras from Daisy Dee would be a perfect companion.

19. Da’intimo

Da’intimo is a flagship of Avante export. Intimate wear by this brand aims to make every woman look glamorous and beautiful every day. Da’intimo bras help in giving a beautiful shape to your curves along with keeping you comfortable all day. They offer bras with some of the most delicate fabrics and the best Italian laces that can add a sensuous appeal to your everyday look.

20. Under Armour

The last brand on the list is this well-known bra brand in the world of sports. Under Armour is recognized only because of its best sports bras. They ensure high support and comfort. These bras are meant to enhance your breasts’ shape and reduce movement while you are busy with physical activities.

Things to Consider before Choosing Bra Brands

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing the brand of your bra. While most women are aware of wearing an appropriately supportive bra while working out or doing intense physical activity, many are still unaware of health issues due to wearing a non-supportive bra.

Investing in the right supportive bra is very important if you intend to work out or participate in sports. It helps to control the movement of breasts while working out and prevents them from getting sore and retaining their shape. What your lifestyle needs is of utmost importance while choosing a brand of sports bra.

The next thing to consider while choosing a brand is the brand’s availability, be it online or a store near you. We recommend you going to a store while looking for the perfect fitting bra for you. You can feel the fabric and even try it before you buy it to check whether you are truly comfortable with it.

Some brands like Marks and Spencer help you correctly measure your bust size so that you can find the perfect size and fit for yourself. Having a sales assistant at an offline store could also be immense help as they might be able to suggest perfect styles that you might not have picked out for yourself. It truly adds to the experience and is very helpful.

Of course, the bras’ quality and comfort are essential aspects that should be your top priority while choosing the brand. Wearing the wrong size or fit of bra could lead to discomfort, loss of shape, or irritate the breasts. It can also, in some cases, have potential long-term health impacts.

Your budget is also an important thing to consider before going for a brand. Most of India’s top bra brands are quite affordable and provide their customers with the best they have to offer. There are brands like Calvin and Klein that are not feasible for everybody. But there is something for every budget range available in India.


The bra is essential for every woman, and one that suits them perfectly must be found. After all, we have to wear them for most of our lives, and they provide the support that our body needs. The perfect bra has the power to change your whole look and make you feel good about yourself, whereas a wrong bra can knock down your entire style. While choosing a bra, keep in mind that it should be one that does not leave any red rashes on your body. There are many other reasons also for wearing a bra that fits you well.

Wearing the wrong bra can lead to breast pain and can also cause breast skin and tissue damage. Not only this, an ill-fitting bra can cause permanent changes to the body like deep grooves in the shoulders caused by pressure from the straps. You should always be careful that different manufacturers have different sizing for their products, so your size will never be the same if you switch brands.

Your measurement also keeps changing throughout life due to weight changes, pregnancy, or lifestyle changes; hence your needs and size will most likely also change over the years. A bra that might have been a perfect fit for you two years ago might not be ideal today.

So whether you need a sports bra for working out, a nursing bra to support your nursing needs, a practical t-shirt bra for everyday use, or just a sexy lacy number to make you feel good; we hope you can find a perfect one with help from this information.