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10 Amazing Benefits of Combing Your Hair

We all have indeed come across and heard of all those old wives’ tales of combing hair 100 times a day. That sounds like more of arm cardio, and it is not necessary to comb your hair so many times a day. Combing your hair has many benefits, but doing too much of it isn’t good either as it could lead to hair breakage.

Well, not just tales, but there are a lot of benefits behind combing your hair along with many scientific ones as well. 

Benefits of Combing Hair

You may be super quick to reach out to your comb when an unruly knot shows face. However, there have been multiple benefits of combing hair apart from just detangling and for your hair’s shine and health. The sebaceous glands produce natural oils, and by combing your hair, you are ensuring that you spread the oil all over your hair for equal nourishment.

Combing hair also has other scientific benefits. With that being said, below is a curated list of the 10 best benefits of combing hair. Keep scrolling to find out!

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Your hair gets its nutrients and nourishment through the bloodstream, and hence when you comb or brush your hair, you initiate and encourage blood to rise and flow to the surface, which causes micro-circulation. This increased blood circulation results in more oxygen and nutrients, leading to nourishing your hair and promoting hair growth.

Though brushing your hair regularly can improve your blood circulation, however, rigorous brushing can also cause breakage and damages. While brushing your hair is good but overdoing it can cause damage.

2. Activates the Sebaceous Glands

Combing of hair leads to the activation of the sebaceous glands. These glands are the tiny little fellows that produce that scalps natural oil called sebum.

Sebum keeps your scalp and hair moisturized and creates a coat on the scalp’s surface to keep the right pH level on the scalp, which is another essential component of healthy hair. 

3. Loosen Dead Skin

Brushing and combing your hair every day will help you loosen and remove the dead skin from your scalp, which often leads to clogged pores on the scalp’s surface and blocks the follicles on the scalp. It would then lead to irritation and an itchy scalp, which will then affect the growth of hair. 

4. Promotes Hair Health and Shine

The sebaceous glands located in your hair follicles produce natural oils called sebum, which acts as a lubricant on your scalp. While combing your hair, you tend to distribute this crude oil from the hair’s root right up to the ends. It results in healthy and shiny-looking hair.

If a little tip like brushing your hair in the right way with the right tools can give you the shine you are looking for, why not give it a shot? 

5. Promotes Hair Growth

If you wish to have sleek, shiny, and manageable hair, brushing it regularly would promote hair growth. When you comb your hair, your comb’s bristles gently massage your scalp, which increases blood flow. More blood reaching your scalp means more nutrients and oxygen would stimulate the follicles of your hair. It will make them look healthier and also will promote hair growth. 

Please note that combing your hair regularly would not regrow your hair, but it would boost hair growth. A lot of people misunderstand this primary factor. With this being said, it is also vital to keep a watch on the product you are using to brush your hair. Be watchful of your hair texture and accordingly use the right products and hairbrush.

6. Prevents The Hair From Looking Greasy

Mostly all of us are battling one of the biggest problems: the greasiness of the scalp. It can get annoying. Most of it has also got to do with the weather around where we live. Apart from the weather, our scalp becomes greasy as the natural oil, known as sebum. It is secreted by sebaceous glands that don’t spread through the hair and accumulate all over the scalp.

You can easily prevent it by ensuring we comb and brush our hair so that our scalp’s natural oil gets evenly distributed from the scalp right up to the end of every hair strand. Give this a try, and we are sure that your hair would turn less oily and greasy.

7. Prevents Unnecessary Breakage and Hair Loss

Avoiding combing your hair regularly and preferably at least twice a day can lead to unwanted, annoying knots in your hair. These knots can get painful and also cause unnecessary breakage of your tresses. While it is essential to brush your hair daily, it is also necessary to keep in mind the kind of comb or brush that you are using, as even that plays a very vital role.

Studies have proven that a wooden comb is also better to use as compared to a plastic brush. It is believed as wooden combs generally have wide bristles, which will slowly glide your hair and prevent any breakage and hair loss. 

8. Adds Volume and Bounce to The Hair

Combing your hair from time to time and taking care of it will keep the shine, volume, and bounce intact. Just like the others, even maintaining your hair hygiene is very important. If you brush your hair regularly, your scalp will be nourished, and also blood circulation would be held, which would lead to healthier-looking hair.

9. Removes Stubborn Dirt Particles From Your Hair

With natural oils present on our scalp, it is widespread for dirt particles and foreign substances to settle on the scalp’s surface. Brushing it from time to time would help get rid of this.

For better help, we would suggest using organic or wooden combs as they do not cause a lot of friction on your scalp while combing and are also an eco-friendly option to opt for.

10. Helps In The Prevention Of Dandruff

Dandruff has proven to be one of the most troublesome problems of the scalp. It feels like a never-ending battle of flaky-white scalp particles. However, combing your hair from time to time and maintaining basic hair hygiene would help control and prevent dandruff to no small extent.

Remember to use a gentle comb or preferably a wooden comb as it is much softer and gentler on your scalp and hair. It will also avoid causing any friction or harm to your hair or scalp.

How Often Should You Brush or Comb Your Hair?

Experts believe that the frequency of brushing or combing your hair would depend upon the texture and the length of the hair. Everyone has different hair types, and similarly, curly hair is very other from straight and wavy hair, and hence all need to be treated differently. 

Generally, people with straight or wavy hair are recommended to comb their hair twice a day. It has also proven to be beneficial, as well. Twice a day could be like when getting ready in the morning and then before going to bed. When it comes to people with textured hair or curly hair, they should avoid combing and brushing their hair regularly and limit to only doing it on hair wash days. It will help to keep their hair from frizzing and losing its natural texture. 

We’re an absolute sucker for combing and brushing your hair; you either do it once a day or even once a week, depending upon your hair type and your mood. You may need more massive brush bristles to get rid of those stubborn unruly knots. But we would like you to concentrate and focus on combing your hair and taking care of it as it is essential for your scalp. And as we have also always known that a healthy scalp = healthy and luscious hair.

Also, as per the American Academy of Dermatology, your hair does not need 100 strokes of brushing a day. It is a myth believed by a lot of people. So, avoid vigorously brushing your hair as it may lead to hair breakage and damage. 


Combing and brushing hair has always been known to be a game-changer for the hair. It will help you get rid of nasty tangles in your hair and boost blood circulation in your body, which will further promote your hair’s growth. We hope these benefits would have helped you in some way or the other.  

If you know of any other benefits or something you have benefited from by brushing your hair, do let us know by writing to us! Until then, take good care of your hair, ladies.