10 Best Bed Sheet Brands To Know Before Making Your Next Purchase

Pandemic made sure that we stay indoors and due to staying indoors, it seems like we spend most of our quarantine in our bedroom. The bedroom is the space where we sleep at night and is a personal space. We are our original self in there and feel safe and secure. We spend most of our time there if not out there socializing or doing worldly chores. Bedding is a focal point of your bedroom. You can take bedding as a fashion for our beds, where we style it the way we like. A space reflecting our personality and vibe, and most importantly it should make us feel stress-free and relaxed. 

Best Bedding Brands In India

We do not acknowledge it much but shopping for beddings does take our time and attention. There are so many aspects to look for like fabric, colors, patterns, shape, length, designs, number of pillows, number of cushions, number of duvets, number of sheets and covers; etc. If you are new to decorating and shopping for your beddings and are worried about which brands to look for, do not be anxious, we are here to solve this for you. Here is a list of brands for beddings in India:

1. Pizuna

Pizuna lines are known for offering breathable and cool 100% long-staple cotton bed sheets for a delightful experience. Their approach in the market is a bit unique and different from the rest. They are not a follower of the traditional supply chain as they believe in keeping the customer and the worker satisfied equally. They partner directly with the suppliers to source the best quality craftsmanship and the finest material. The products are designed in-house and are directly brought to the customers from the manufacturing units. Pizuna linens offer the Fine Yarn Technique which is employed in weaving and processing which results in a long-lasting, soft, and temperature balancing thinner staple cotton yarn. The sheets will give you a luxurious and smooth feel. One of their goals is to remove carbon footprint by 2025 and to attain this over 1000 saplings are planted every year in rural areas. Pizuna lines specialize in bedsheets, linens sheets, duvet covers set, and pillowcases. Because they believe in sustainability, they responsibly conduct their business and as well as engage themselves in the betterment of society too. 

2. Saphed

Saphed is an Indian-based textile company from Mumbai. They strive to create quality linen products for the modern house. Saphed works to revive the importance of the oldest fabric; linen; known to humankind. They practice and celebrate sustainability, renewal, and local craftsmanship. Saphed’s main goal is to stretch the boundaries of the Indian manufacturers and contribute to the global renaissance. Their products like apparel and beddings are inspired by Indian geography and culture. If you love earthy tones and want to give your bedroom a minimal look, Saphed is the go-to brand for you. They have this amazing collection of linens as bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, tablecloths, runners, curtains, and more; and the quality is top-notch. 

3. Trance

Trance home Linens offers soft, chemical-free, and washable home linen products like comforters, quilts, duvet covers, bedsheets, bedcovers, cushion covers, pillow covers, and others. It started in 2003 and is an Indian-based company. The bedsheets of Trance have a thread count of 400, which is known to feel great and better to rest on. It is created with the correct texture strength and launderability. Their product is known to be top-notch, combined with the weave, long-lasting, and is made out of premium cotton. 

4. Fab India

FabIndia was founded in 1960 by John Bissell to market the diverse crafts of India. Earlier in the 1980s, it was known to create garments made from handwoven and handprinted fabrics. Now it has a wide range of products like organic foods, personal care, home linens, handcrafted jewelry, etc. FabIndia is one of the largest private platforms for products that are derived from traditional crafts and knowledge. Their home linen collections are absolutely amazing. They are colorful but soothing at the same time. During the pandemic, their work-from-home edition is something to look for and the varieties will definitely make shopping time and money worthy. 

5. Trident

If you love bold and prints, Trident’s collection is splendid. Give a nice alluring look to your bedroom with these sheets produced by using cotton. The products are lightweight with delightful assortments of floral or printed designs. Trident has always been sustainable and they have a range of products made out of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste, minimal water consumption, and minimal chemical. They do not compromise with the quality and they have received recognition for being sustainable. 

6. Spaces

Space is a brand that believes in the beauty and importance of personal space. They understand that space becomes personal when you add your piece of memories and things that reflects your personality. And most importantly personal spaces are meant to be safe and comfortable. Space offers linen which is designed thoughtfully to make the living experience comfortable. The products are elegant, breathable, and lightweight, which makes Space one of the best home linen brands in India. Their patent innovation, called the HygroCotton range, can adjust to temperature up to 2* C. This innovation was done to make the customers feel warmer when it’s cold and vice-versa. They create linens with quick-dry, antimicrobial, and eco-friendly materials. 

7. Huesland

Huesland started in 2014 as a small online based out in Ahmedabad. Earlier they were known as Ahmedabad cotton as their products were 100 % cotton made. Over time, they established themselves and carried the legacy of Ahmedabad Cotton and they became a household name. Huesland home linen products are pocket-friendly and are comfortable. They do not use polyester and cotton is a much better alternative to unnatural and heat-generating polyester fabrics. Their bedsheets feel soothing to the skin and there is no risk of rash or irritation. As a manufacturer, they pass on great cost savings to the customers because the products are priced for the internet age from where it directly goes to the consumer. Basically, the consumers can buy their linens directly from the manufacturers. Huesland’s collection features both minimalistic & maximalist designs, vibrant patterns, and colors that will look superb with any interior décor.

8. Indian Fabrico

Indian Fabrico offers a range of home linen with a blend of tradition and modernity which compliments all kinds of interiors. Their products include Rajasthani-inspired apparel, accessories, and corporate gift items too. They are one of the leading brands offering high-quality Rajasthani printed home furnishing items. Indian Fabrico specializes in premium cotton bed sheets made with pure cotton Rajasthani fabrics like Bangru, Sangeneri, and Bandhej. The designs are a combination of bright colors and beautiful folk, floral and animal patterns which might add to the aesthetics of the interior. They also feature diwan sets, comforters, cushion covers, and AC quilts or Dohar. 

9. Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia’s products are 100% hand-picked cotton-based. They use low-impact dyes to make the product lightweight. They are in the business for the past 70 years and they believe in offering quality products. Blue Dahlia crafted a range of sustainable bedding solutions that do not compromise with the quality. Their range of products is eco-friendly and uses Oeko-Tex certifies safe dyes. They reuse 99% of water and have a rainwater harvesting system that collects more than 5 million liters of water per annum. 80% of the power is sourced from the windmills. Blue Dahlia offers customization and that allows the customer to talk to the designer and ask for the bedsheets according to their choice and making. 

10. Story@home

Story@home is in the business for the past 12 years and is based in Vadodara, Gujarat. It is owned by Elite Decor Pvt. Ltd, which is one of the best home decor brands. Story@home aims to mix up culture, traditions with modernity in creating products that will reach the heart and soul of the person. Each item is made with love and thought to satisfy the customer and is made for everyone. They have a wide range of affordable and superb Home Decor products which include bed sheets, curtains, blankets, dohars, comforters, pillow covers, cushion covers, etc. Every category has a wide variety of colors and patterns. 


Bedsheets have been around for many years and it has been giving a good resting experience or not. Earlier people used to have one set and would wash it every day as there was no washing machine around them and there was a shortage of other facilities too. Now things are different, beddings are equally important and hardly you will count it under luxury category. As the world is becoming eco-conscious, so the brands for beddings too. The above list is a few brands from where you can buy and explore options. 

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