Top 50+ Backhand Mehndi Designs for Your Wedding

We all want something different and unique for our wedding, functions, festivities, and many other occasions. Whether you a girl or woman, we all are fans of Mehndi, and henceforth, Mehndi business or different types of Mehndi designs are in demand. When it comes to Mehndi we think about floral patterns, peacock design, Arabic designs but these days Backhand Mehndi Designs especially the jewellery pattern and geometric design has become the latest trend.

Latest Backhand Mehndi Design

The specialty of jewellery mehndi design is that it is apt for those ladies, girls, or women who are least interested in front mehndi or are bored of those floral patterns at the backside. This design is just like you are adding an accessory or a piece of jewellery like an ornament to your beautiful hands.

Listed below are some of the best backhand mehndi designs which we are sure, you don’t want to miss. So, keep on scrolling as we take you to the world of mehndi designs!

1. Triangular Henna Designs 

This design is trending at weddings these days. It is done in so much detail. It is designed in an inverted-V. The two triangles are beautifully connected and designed at the back. The other dotted patterns complement this unique style.

2. Jewellery Style Mehndi Finger Designs

This design is beautiful and most suitable for engagement and other festivities. It is patterned in a heart shape and looks stunning on your hand. The dotted patterns add beauty to it.

3. Mehndi Jewelry Design

This design is known as Jhumla style and looks lovely on young girls especially. You can add a beautiful flower along with a chain on the sides. This will give a floral touch to your mehndi and will add essence to your occasion.

4. Finger Band Mehndi

Mehndi: Henna by Taj

This Mehndi style looks like a mehndi in the form of a ring. The design dotted lines and dotted patterns which makes the mehndi look attractive.

5. White Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design has henna in white color with pearls on it. This design is so much like an ornament that you don’t need heavy jewellery or an accessory to add glow to it.

6. Ring Attached with a Chain Design

An alluring Arabic design that would take your hearts away; is in high demand these days. It is a detail-oriented design where you see two rings like chains are made to give it a jewellery effect. You can flaunt it and pair it with dark-colored nail paint.

7. The Cobwebs of Intricacy 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The beautiful intricacy of the Mehndi design is eye-catching as there seems to be an illusion of nets where it is connected with the diamond-like mehndi dots. This makes the overall design super elegant and awe-inspiring. Also, the handful of Mehndi design makes it look elaborate and luxurious. 

8. The Geometric Mehndi Design 

The powerful play of bold and light, thin and heavy is amazingly presented through this ultra-decent geometry-inspired Mehndi design. The empty spaces in the designs are like peaceful pauses that are artistically allowed to breathe and amplify the beauty of the hands. This creates an overall great design when you want to go minimalistic and keep it all light yet trendy. 

9. The Dropping Beads Design 

This exuberant mehndi design resembles the colorful picturesque hands of a bride on her wedding day. We can also call it a no jewellery look. The dropping beads effect is the star of this design that attracts so many eyes effortlessly. Also, the unique blend of red shade with black is a phenomenal thought to implement. 

10. The Floral Extravaganza 

The flower crafted with delicate nets and thick borders construct an overall beautiful art piece. The design will suit lehengas and western blouses or crop tops. The bracelet-like appeal of the mehndi is super gorgeous and trendy. The lantern effect on the wrist is unique and super gorgeous for an everyday, casual yet trendy look. 

11. The Breathing Henna 

The beautiful, intricate, and delicate crafting designs all over the hand is an art that has left us speechless and in awe. The breathing spaces that have been provided by the henna artist is well executed and looks elegant and classy with an extraordinarily charming appeal. 

12. The Crowned Circle 

The enchanting circle at the center with a crown-like mehndi design at the wrist appears to be unconventionally traditional. The thin crafting of mehndi all over the hand looks precious, pricy, and super delicate. The arty drawing of this mehndi design would go well with Indo-western outfits like long skirts and western gowns. 

13. The Ultimate Boldness 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The fully crafted mehndi design at the back of the hand with a darkened boundary or outlining gives that much-needed oomph to the entire henna design. The dome-effect presents a certain boldness that looks epic and Augusts in nature. This would suit heavy bridal dresses and bright, vibrant colors. 

14. A Handful of Henna 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The extremely complex yet so beautiful and bewitching mehndi design that beautifies the elegance of your hand is a must-try for your wedding day. A gorgeous red-colored bridal lehenga with a bold and dark mehndi all across the arms is enchanting and looks super presentable and bride-like. This design is traditional and will suit almost all occasions and all attires extraordinarily well. 

15. The Beaded Effect 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The delicate and intricate brown-colored mehndi design looks elegant and super gorgeous when paired with a pastel-colored lehenga. The design appears to be enchanting and decent with a minimalistic touch. This would suit all those brides who do not want to have an over-the-top touch rather want a more blended-with-the-crowd appeal. 

16. The Floral Nets 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The sweet placing of flowers with light detailing on all the fingers except the index finger looks in-trend and quirky. This one is an exceptional mehndi design for all those brides who want to look simple yet charming on their wedding day. 

17. The Heart Effect 

Mehndi: Henna By Hina

The heart-shaped effect on the backhand appears to be a soothing simplistic design. Nowadays, more brides are looking for a minimalist mehndi design that does come as a treat to the eyes but does not look all over. This one is an interesting mehndi design that would epitomize our traditional crafts with a touch of modernity and uniqueness. 

18. The Bail Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

This mehndi design is a modern-day exception where a single bail design looks enchanting and capturing to us. The softened yet complex bail design is hard to implement but looks so tender and warm that it would suit all your western outfits. Engagement brides can go for this mehndi design as this would look incredibly stylish. 

19. Modern Elegance 

Mehndi: Alankritaa By Rashi

This mehndi design is an unconventional art piece as it displays a partial hand full with henna and the other half is left blank which allows for more space for apparent creativity. This would suit bright and vibrant colors effortlessly well. 

20. The Rosy Connection

The rose-inspired look presents another modern take over the minimalistic tradition. The nets that have been drawn connecting the two roses are an excellent addition to the normal mehndi look. Flaunt this design with western apparel and you are all set to go. 

21. The Princess Affair  

The dark coloring around the flowers in the box looks princess-like. The floral accessories along with the geometrically infused flowers with that perfect glittery nail art is a tremendously stunning mehndi design that will make you rock your wedding event. 

22. The Vibrancy of Little Creatures

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

This one is another great mehndi design that would make you look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day. The birdy effect on both hands has an aesthetic appeal that makes this design stand apart. 

23. Rock On Look! 

We too are short of hands as this design speaks for itself. You know how to rock your event when you know how to rock your mehndi. This one is for all our naughty, quirky, and cute brides who want to design their mehndi in ways other than the apparent ubiquity

24. The Initials-Inspired Mehndi Design 

Gone are the times when front hand mehndi design had your initials. Now is the moment for change and this initial-inspired back hand mehndi design is an ultimate extension to the common mehndi designs available almost everywhere. 

25. The Quirky Mehndi Design 

Photo: Dushyant Raval Photography

How about getting your favorite words a part of your mehndi design? Proposal stories are always close to our hearts and what better way to express our joy than displaying an overt sense of affection through rituals like one’s mehndi. Hence, this one gets full points from our side. 

26. The Versed Effect

We all have verses that are our favorites and if we do not want to get them inked, we can make them a part of our mehndi designs. This is a modish rendition of the other gorgeous designs already available.

27. The Minimalist Tradition 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The dotted circles and red-colored tips on the backhand have reminded us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s mehndi look in the famous movie Devdas. 

This would suit all those brides who want to look chic and modish on their special day without tonnes of henna on their hands. 

28. The Middle Pathways 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The delicate carving of mehndi designs with a center parting is mesmerizing and we cannot stop gushing over these traditional yet intricate designs that look mod and unconventional in all its glory. 

29. The Kings and Queens

Photo: Recall Pictures

The smooth crafting of king and queen on both hands presents a certain classic effect to the overall mehndi design. The elegance, the posture, and the thin drawing of mehndi; all have a balanced, unified, and symmetrical appeal. 

30. The Sporty Design 

Mehndi: Jaya Mehndi Design

Another beautiful rendition to mehndi designs is this chess-inspired sporty look. The pattern not only involves the chess game but also a modern streak to it that it looks eye-catching and super bold to flaunt. 

31. The Simplistic Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Rouge Henna

The changing delicacy of henna styled so elegantly with red and golden-colored dupatta is a sight to behold. For all our traditional brides who want to set a benchmark with the ‘old is gold’ tag, this one is for you! 

32. The Leaf-Inspired Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Nurah S Henna

White-colored nails with dark henna glow filled with courage and boldness. The peacock-leaf look is alluring to the eye as it has artistic excellence like no other. 

33. Name it Mehndi Design 

Who said getting your partner’s name written on your mehndi is a traditional approach. It is a new age’s unconventional look that makes you look mesmerizing and top-notch amazing if worn with confidence and love. 

34. The Enchanting Wedding Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Bharathi Sanghani

Your overall grooming plays a definite role in how well your overall look comes out to be. This Mehendi design too has a remarkably elfin vibe as it has a certain softness and intricacy that makes it look magical and heavenly. 

35. The Modish Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Amrit Henna

The minimum henna used in the creation of the Arabic-inspired circle at the center with the contemporary fragility on the fingers is a heartwarming sight. You can wear this mehndi design with pastel-colored outfits; be it eastern or western, it will suit both. 

36. The Majestic Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Bharathi Sanghani

This one is another heavenly mehndi edition that all brides would love. This would particularly beloved by those who want their mehndi to be elaborate, long, and more detailed. If you like more, give this one a try! 

37. The Detailed Intricacy 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The knitted leaves and heartfelt stare of mehndi on the backhand has a vibe that left us awestruck and inspired to work for those small, intricate details of the craft. If you prefer thin, light strokes of mehndi with complex designs and patterns, this one is for you. 

38. The Uniquely Patterned Mehndi Design 

The midway of geometric mehndi designs with nets at the side is a well-favored look. This has a new-fashioned appeal that provides those western feels and would suit gowns and long skirts with crop tops reasonably well. 

39. The Play of Light and Dark 

We have seen many floral mehndi designs but an interplay of light and dark is a wonderful pattern that many of our brides-to-be would admire. Pair this heavy mehndi design with a rush-colored, luxurious, and extensive bridal lehenga and you would look no less than a queen. 

40. The Embellished Illusion 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The magnanimity of this mehndi design is worth appreciating. The design is so smooth, delicate, and soft that this would work enormously well with both western and eastern, traditional outfits. 

41. The Lotus-Inspired Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

The mehndi design in the picture is neither too loud nor does it look like just a speck of color. It is a more harmonious, symmetrical, and proportional design that would look super chic and trendy for your big day. 

42. The Marvelous Sight 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

This is one of those mehndi designs that we all love to carry. It is in-trend, is mod, has that oomph factor, and is especially decent and elegant in its appeal. For all our brides-to-be, this one is the ultimate catcher. 

43. The Angelic Effect 

Mehndi: Henna by Payal

We all live to look a certain way on our wedding day and if we have such amazing fairytale-like angelic mehndi designs to choose from, we are blessed with his choicest blessings. This backhand mehndi design is subtle, unique, and extremely refreshing. 

44. The Stellar Network of Henna 

Mehndi: Roze Henna

The network that has been crafted so wonderfully by the henna artist is applauding as it looks modern yet traditional, simple yet trendy, and would suit almost all occasions. 

45. The Knitted Flowers 

The most desired mehndi design out of the whole lot is the net or knitted effect. The crafting of nets can be done in diverse ways and one of them being dotted knitted mehndi design with fingers drenched with unique and intricate patterns. 

46. The Connected Bail Design 

This one is another floral variation with a light and delicate mehndi design. Since it is more on the minimalistic side, it would suit more western apparel. 

47. The Vibrant Red-coloured Affair 

The dark-brown colored mehndi design can also be shortlisted by the new brides-to-be as brown mehndi designs with bright, heavy lehengas look drop-dead gorgeous. 

48. The Distinct Pinks

The mirror effect at the middle of the circle with the effects of pinks looks ravishing and stunning with an elegance worth-praising. 

49. The Topping of Embellishments 

The minimalist henna design on the finger paired with silver jewellery is a new addition to an everyday mehndi design. 

50. The Magnificent Circles 

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

The dark circles all over the hands display quite a unique sight. This design looks extraordinary and would suit traditional attires greatly. The fine drawing of the pattern is award-winning and looks luxurious for the big day. 

51. #Hashtag Mehndi Design

How about including your hashtag in your bridal mehndi and steal the show?


Well, we hope you would love this extensive list of 50 jaw-dropping mehndi designs for your backhand. And, choose the right design for your big day. 

By Sumanya Sehgal

Sumanya Sehgal is an avid creator of random thoughts, Urdu shayari and English poetry. She is an ardent Romantic drawn to the idea of channelising one’s emotions through writing to create a world of her own. Reading and makeup being the ultimate recreation for her, she dreams to travel the world with an open and receptive heart.

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