Tips To Avoid Getting Period On Your Wedding Date

From your lehenga to makeup, jewelry, and decor, you have planned everything to T, but the last thing you want to ruin your perfect wedding planning is your period falling on the date of your wedding, right? Even if you have calculated the dates, followed the pattern for some time, still, your monthly cycle may not be quite the same and it’s dreadful!

However, you will do anything and everything to avoid getting periods on your wedding date, but below mentioned are some methods that can really help!

How To Avoid Getting Period On Your Wedding?

Weddings and Period never go hand in hand. I mean nobody likes getting her period during the most important occasions of her life. Whether you are wearing a pastel-colored outfit or a traditional red outfit, you don’t want to be constantly worried about ‘what if I get a blood spot on my outfit’ and being uncomfortable throughout the ceremony (please, no cramps!). And more importantly, you don’t want t ruin your wedding night or honeymoon, goddammit!

But what if your period does clash with your wedding date? What are you supposed to do? Here are some tips to avoid or delay getting a period on your wedding date or honeymoon?

1. Use a Period Tracker

If you are someone who isn’t blessed with a regular period cycle (just like me), or completely unaware about what day each your period arrives, then you must use a period tracker to track your monthly cycle.

Apart from tracking your cycle, you can also know for how long the period lasts, when you have the heaviest or lightest flow, and what are the symptoms like headache, bloating, fatigue, etc. With a tracker, you will feel more prepared and know in advance if your period will clash with your wedding date or not.

2. Talk To Your Gynae About Getting Your Periods Delayed

Oral contraceptive pills are one of the most effective ways to delaying your period, but you must only use them once in a while, or when it’s needed the most, and that too with proper advice or consultation from your gynecologist.

You can start taking these a few months before your wedding day, taking them just around your wedding day, won’t be of much effectiveness.

3. Consider Talking To Your Doctor About Skipping It

Yes, with proper consultation, you can safely skip your periods using a few methods, it’s called period rescheduling or period manipulating. It can be done by taking hormonal contraceptives that only your doctor will recommend.

If you experience heavy bleeding, weakness, or nausea during your periods, it’s one of the best options to skip your period around your wedding day, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

4. Foods to Postpone or Prepone your Periods

A) Postpone your periods

There are a few home remedies that you can try and help delay your periods until after the wedding like having gram lentil soup for a week every day before your period.

Avoid eating spicy foods (these you should avoid before your wedding, in any case) as they can make your period come early.

B) Prepone your periods

Eating food that produces heat in the body can prepone your mensuration cycle, like Turmeric, spicy food, almonds, jaggery, etc.

If you ask us, we suggest you pre-pone them so you won’t be constantly worried and can enjoy a honeymoon tension-free!

5. Make Sure You’re Fully Prepared

If you do end up having your period on the big day, despite eating the said food, taking medicines, or doing any other home remedies, you must plan ahead. Make sure you pack sanitary pads, panty liners, invest in period panties, tampons, some light medicine, or dark chocolate for cramps.

If you have an emergency kit, make sure to add all these things to it. Also, do not hesitate to take help from your bridesmaids, an extra hand is always appreciated.

6. Consider Investing in a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are actually not as scary as they sound. They are easy to insert into the vagina and cover the opening to the cervix. They can easily and safely go on for 5-6 hours, you just have to empty the cup after every few hours. They stay for much longer than a tampon or a sanitary napkin, but you can choose to wear them to prevent leakage.

7. Don’t Let Your Period Ruin Your Special Day

This is the most beautiful and special occasion of your lifetime, do not let periods ruin it for you. Ask for help and try to stay calm as much as possible. Stay light-headed, everything will fall into place smoothly. 

Wedding Day Precautions That Are Must

Outfit: Sabyasachi
  1. Always be prepared with an emergency kit and pack essential things like a sanitary napkin, extra panty, painkillers (only after consulting your gynecologist), and baby wipes for quick clean-ups.
  2. Wear a sanitary napkin that is safe and long-lasting.
  3. Ask your friends to keep a check on your outfit for stains, time, and now as you can’t keep turning back and checking all the time.
  4. Avoid wearing heels as they can cause back pain or extra cramps on your legs.
  5. Get a foot massage scheduled the day before in case your schedule allows it.
  6. Instead of having sit-down pheras, consider having a small sofa or cushion-type seating, to make yourself more comfortable.
  7. Avoid having fried food or coffee.
  8. Rather eat nuts, sunflower seeds, green tea, and a lot of fruits.
  9. Sip on some ginger tea to make sure that your nerves are calm and steady.
  10. Last, not most important, stay calm, and not let this ruin your most beautiful day.


The thought of getting your periods on your wedding day is rather not fascinating, but dreadful. We recommend you keep a track of your mensuration cycle and speak to your gynecologist about delaying or skipping your periods. Given your medical history, your doctor will recommend what’s best for you. We would also suggest getting some period-proof underwear, either as a backup or as your full-on protection.

But one mantra that can take you through it all is – Stay calm and enjoy every bit of your day!