Top 30+ Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs 

Are you the new bride-to-be? Are you looking for that perfect and ultimate mehndi design that is Arabic-inspired for your legs? If yes, then you are on the right platform. Mehndi is a wedding ritual that happens intending to beautify the bride and the groom with mehndi. It is celebrated with all the vigor, zest, and ceremonial rituals. The much-awaited wedding ceremony also involves some perplexing decisions related to what mehndi design one should resort to, which one is distinct, and further questions like the pricing and its worth. We have curated a list of 30+ Arabic mehndi designs for legs that are worth-appreciating and giving a try.

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs 

Who does not love those elaborate dark henna gracing one’s soft skins with its delicious aroma and glamorous charm.? We all love to have unique designs that set us apart from the crowd. When it comes to mehndi designs for legs, we have to go through a tough time choosing the right one. There is a tonne of mehndi designs that we have got covered, especially for you. We have tried to gather the best Arabic mehndi designs providing you with much-needed life and glory. So, put your thinking caps on and start scrolling. 

1. The Sleek Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Mehndi By Pav

The intricate detailing with the bold bead-like designs with the dome-effect and the encircled beauty displays a wonderful overall mehndi design. We all crave thin strokes of mehndi as they look trendy, elegant, and classy. This one is an ultimate mehndi design wherein you can go all bold with the light-handed craft of henna. 

2. The Classic Arabic Mehndi Design 

This one is another cutesy Arabic mehndi design where sleek patterns are the key. The circle in the middle with the in-depth work on the fingers looks enchanting yet not so over-the-top. One can easily carry this mehndi design with western and eastern outfits. With little work here and there, this mehndi look is effortlessly gorgeous. 

3. The Dramatic Extravaganza 

Mehndi: Pinterest

This one is extraordinarily flashy, high-end, and voguish. The smooth and soft handling of the encircled networks on the legs with a full-detailing on the feet looks ravishing and breathtaking. It seems as if a lot of effort has is put but there are breathing spaces contrasted with overly-filled designs that balance the whole game out. 

4. The Peacock Edition 

Mehndi: Pinterest

Well, we think we are in love with the beaded effect wherein the drooping details amplify the whole look, be it your ornamental designs or your mehndi looks; drops have our heart. The subtle work on the fingers with the heart-shaped effect ultimately leading to the conical circles seems mesmerizing in its nature. 

5. The Ultimate Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Pinterest

This mehndi design on the feet is giving an illusion of black jewelry. The leafy lines connecting the big circle at the middle is a gorgeous innovation to the garden-variety mehndi designs for the legs. You can sport this mehndi pattern with casual western outfits to make your look not just beautiful, but also super comfy without going extra. 

6. The flower-inspired Mehndi Design 

Floral designs never go out of trend, especially when flowers are given an Arabic touch with beautiful, intricate, and delicate circles. The effect of swirling thread looks a class apart. Juttis or regular sandals; both will look extremely trendy with this floral mehndi design. 

7. The Jewellery-Inspired Arabic Design 

This one is another breathtaking jewelry-inspired Arabic mehndi design that looks drop-dead gorgeous. The extra dark working of henna along with the cent percent detailing is a rock-solid mehndi design. Light colors like beige and white and pastels would go with this jewelry-inspired mehndi design. 

8. The Ultimate Stunner 

Mehndi: Pinterest

If you are looking for a more minimalist and traditional Arabic mehndi design, you can go for this stunning pattern. The tips are delicately covered with intricate henna designing, and the diamond-shaped center presents an appealing overall mehndi look. Less is always more, so if you love this one, then make it to the fore. 

9. The Henna (full) Feet 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

We all love elaborate decorations and lavish displays when it comes to our wedding day. All the brides-to-be want to elegantly present their love for mehndi and what better way than getting sleek and intricate work done all over the feet to the knees. This looks super charming, decent, and even easy to keep. 

10. The Hearty Affair 

Hearts will always be in trend because love is timeless. And, so should be our mehndi on our big day. This heart-shaped design is a simple mehndi design that looks jaw-dropping and filled with vibrancy and color. Sometimes, it is about the contrast of the nail color with the color of henna which looks well-kept and enchanting. 

11. The Elaborate Mehndi Design 

The net-like effects with the triangular designs look spectacular with pastel colors. Elaborate and larger than life mehndi designs to bring the oomph factor alive is a must for any kind of a mehndi design. The Arabic-inspired circle touching the knee appears to be a readymade patch of an embroidered mirror. 

12. The Circling Drama 

Mehndi: Bittu Mehendi Art

Now, we have another great alternative to the lavish and accentuated mehndi designs. The leaf motifs with the circle at the top and blank spaces provided in the distinct places are defined in such an incredible manner that we cannot stop ourselves from hooting for this one. It is a beautifully balanced appeal that will suit all occasions gracefully. 

13. The Crafty Henna  

Mehndi: Henna By Divya

The highlight of this complete mehndi look is the dots that have been provided between two separate Arabic-inspired mehndi designs. The art on the fingers with the soft handling of an adequate amount of dots almost everywhere is a new rendition to an everyday mehndi look. If you are looking for a different and unique mehndi design, this one is a superb pick. 

14. The Leaf-inspired Mehndi Design 

Woah! That is the only word that comes to our mind when we come across such heavenly pictures filled with the motifs of leaves. The interconnectedness of the leaves one after the other is an exceptionally brilliant work. The whole look defines so much of an effort, love and craft that how much ever we try, we just cannot take our eyes off its beauty. 

15. The Net Effect 

This one is also a net-like mehndi design with a different design of diamonds and circles. The fingers are all filled with detailing and thin strokes. The traditional peacock style also matches the overall vibe of the mehndi as the nets give an unconventional touch to the complete design transforming it into a dazzling craft. 

16. The Unconventional Traditional Look 

The dark and light interplay present a perfect mehndi design for modern times. The black-colored mehndi with the white nail paints has a mesmerizing effect wherein the circle looks charming and the net designs on the fingers is an extraordinarily excellent thought with an ultimate implementation. 

17. The Love Connection 

It is always better to choose the road less taken and designs less chosen. We hardly see brides getting mehndi on their side feet. But, this bail mehndi design on the sides is an artistic masterpiece. The design looks expensive, effortless, and super mod. It is easy to carry and looks tremendously trendy and fashionable. 

18. The Glorious Queen Effect 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

Crowns are the leading designs when it comes to the choices of modern-day brides. This mehndi design too looks inspired by the crowned glory and has Arabic-inspired intricacy with a circle at the middle. The whole look is appealing to our eyes and is stellar for your wedding day. 

19. The Symmetrical Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

Uniqueness and diversity are the two main components when we look for designs in the market irrespective of the genre of designs. Symmetry has always been fashionista’s favorite as they have an eye-catching appeal, a balancing factor, and a state of poised elegance. This mehndi design is also about being equal and whole in its appearance and feel. 

20. The Bail Design 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

Minimalism is the new trend and people are following this almost everywhere. This bail design is a super snappy pattern that you can easily rock with western and eastern apparels. The slight mehndi design on the fingers is giving the feels of smoothness, effortlessness, and delicacy. It is a super-rich design for those who love bail patterns. 

21. The Modern Look 

Mehndi: Sarara Mehndi

We have seen many designs that resemble a net and a bail but when one’s creative instincts kick in, it leads to such great designs that we just cannot ignore them. This beautiful net-and-dotted effect with a bail that moves to the side is an excellent choice for all the brides-to-be this season. 

22. The Magnificent Charm 

This mehndi design is another remarkable bail design but is quite different in its construction where soft curves eventually are getting intermixed with the bail which then blooms with flowers all over your feet. This is a very happy design and would suit all our gorgeous brides. 

23. The Upward Bail

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

This brings us to another marvelous bail design wherein henna on the fingers is ultimately leading to an upward-moving bail. The flower design with the intermingling of the thumb mehndi is a sight to behold. The whole henna look gets a big thumbs-up from our side. 

24. Lotus-Inspired Mehndi Look 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

Lotuses have always been a preferred choice when it comes to designing new prints or motifs or bringing uniqueness and versatility to the overall look. This Arabic-inspired mehndi design is made of thin lines of henna that looks super luxurious, high-end, and extremely subtle. 

25. The Balanced Look 

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

When you are done with the heavy henna looks on each leg and want to give those extra-loaded looks a break, you can resort to these mehndi designs. The side heart exhibits a balanced look that generally is made individually on the feet. It is a great alternative to your usual heart-shaped mehndi designs. 

26. The Soft Mehndi Appeal 

Mehndi: Anjali Henna

We have already seen many knee-length mehndi designs but trust us, you need to add this design to your bag. It is not just about the effortless craft of henna but also the different shapes that the artist has employed in presenting such an extraordinary piece of art. 

27. The Ravishing Simplicity 

Net is a very common but the most preferred mehndi design as they look traditional yet classy, super decent, and minimalist. It is a minimalistic artwork that gives a different vibe to your everyday look. The floral net with a band-like structure at the center of the feet is none less than a treasure. 

28. The Epitome of Creativity

Mehndi: Zareen Henna & Beauty

Well, we have not seen such a quirky design in quite some time now. The floral nets detailing with a pointe-effect to the feet is such a ballerina-like effect. The design is not only decent, but it has a touch of naughtiness, playfulness, and class. Well, we are in love with this design. 

29. The Enchanting Chains 

It is a jewelry-inspired mehndi look wherein the chain effect has an expensive and embellished appeal. The light henna on the fingers with a circle at the center has a prepossessing presentation. You want it the simple way, go for this easy-breezy mehndi design. 

30. The Connecting Bail Design 

Mehndi: Henna by Maziah

So we have another brilliant masterpiece wherein dark henna leads to a beautiful, bold, netted appeal with dots and the traditional peacock design. These bails are hard to find as we tend to move towards more simple bail starting from the index finger, but we rarely experiment and try new designs. This one is an entrancing bail design that will beautify your overall look on your special day. 

31. The Stellar Pattern 

Mehndi: Henna by Payal

This stellar pattern of intricacy and changing details is a stunner. The dots connecting the dome-like effect is a captivating sight and can be carried with utmost grace and confidence with bright reds, yellows, and greens. 

32. The Glamorous Beauty

Mehndi: Henna by Payal

How about getting your mehndi done the way you get inked? This Arabic mehndi design is a modern addition to a huge chart of mehndi designs available. It might be too modish for some, but if you dare to flaunt it with confidence and elegance, this one is a classy design to have. 


If you are the new bride-to-be and are in a desperate search for new-age mehndi designs for legs, these 30+ Arabic mehndi designs for legs will help you choose just the right design for you. We also hope that you would love this catalog of mehndi designs as much as we do. Good luck! 

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