10 Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring You

Relations are not very easy to tackle. Many efforts, patience, trust, and compromise are required when it comes to a good and healthy relationship. Every relation has its ups and downs., one day you would feel as if it’s the most loving relationship, and the other day it might make you feel stressed and burdened. The feeling of being ignored is simply the worst one, especially when the person who is doing it is none other than your boyfriend.

You love someone from all your heart, and it seems like everything is going so well until suddenly their responses come less and less until you feel like they are purposely ignoring you. The feeling of being ignored is not just sad but frustrating too. It’s the effort and behavior from both the sides to keep the relationship running. If he ignores you when you text and call and it’s only been a few hours, then that’s probably not something to worry.

However, if it’s more than a couple of days or so and you’re still being ignored, then no one would blame you for being a little concerned. Now, how to figure it out if it’s ignorance or just your overthinking and being insecure. You need to notice about his day to day activities, if he’s active on Facebook or other social media, hanging out with friends.

If he is active and liking, commenting on photos of his friends, but can’t even respond to your calls, then something is fishy. It’s also important to realize that being ignored by your boyfriend is not necessarily your fault. There might be reasons such as stress, some family responsibilities, workload, and many others. 

Here’s what we suggest you do when your boyfriend ignores you

1. Figure Out The Reason First

When a person whom you love and ready to die for starts ignoring you, there are chances of some strong reasons behind the ignorance. Therefore, despite reacting to the situation and making it even more complicated, it’s better to find ignorance’s primary cause and reason.

There might be chances that something you did or said in the past hurt him to the point that he could do nothing, but ignore you. So it’s better to find for the foundation cause and try to search for primary reasons behind the problem and then think of how to solve it and get the relationship back on track at the earliest.

2. Give Him Space & Do Not Over Text/Call Him

If you think he is ignoring you, do not rush and take any decisions. Give him some time to open up to you properly. Do not start assuming things on your own and reach out to any conclusions unless and until you are sure about the situation and the reason behind it.

You’ve all the right to question him but NOW, is not the right time. Stop stressing yourself, and do not bother yourself too much. Try diverting and distracting your mind and attention towards any of your hobbies or favorite pass time etc.

3. Try & See Things From His Perspective

There might be many reasons you may think he is ignoring you, but actually, the ignorance might have nothing to do with it.

a) Chances of him being busy? And you being habitual of being around him and talking to him 24*7 and when all of this suddenly stops, and you urgently feel like talking to him and being around him, he being unavailable makes you feel ignored and frustrated.

b) He isn’t feeling well. He might be trying to deal with some headache, cold, or any other issue, and being a little stoic, he thought of not to burden you and giving you the unnecessary stress and decided not to reply to your texts and relax a little.

c) He must be genuinely stressed and tired of the workload or any other reason he wants to escape from everything and wants a little space to recover all the drained energy for a couple of days and then catch up.

d) Maybe he’s going through some family issues that he is uncomfortable discussing with you and tries to keep everything to himself. Poking into the things and getting into the details might irritate him. That’s why he has kept it all to himself because once you get involved in the family matters, it might get even more complicated and even more uncomfortable for him.

e) Work pressure? The deadline is approaching, and the boss is irritating, and the future of the job is in danger. Maybe he’s trying to focus on the work and deadlines, and you are suddenly a distraction.

4. Give a Break

If you think things have been a bit too much “FULL ON,” try pulling them back for a while and giving him space back that you’ve been trying to inhabit. It doesn’t mean that you would have to withdraw affection or not to see him at all. It just means learning to distance yourself a little and taking it easy rather than taking it too harsh on yourself and the relation.

Try not to text and call him for the entire day, and if you decide to do so, try and stick to the decision. After all this, if he still hasn’t reached out, try connecting to him and seeing what he expects from a relationship. Whereas if you’re expecting something that he won’t be able to give you, you may want to look somewhere else for a boyfriend.

5. Value Yourself & Make Him Realise Your Worth

It’s always been a human tendency not to value the important things and people that we get quickly in our lives.

Your boyfriend is lucky enough to have gotten your love, attention, and affection in today’s materialistic world, but if you feel that he doesn’t care or ignore you, it’s quite sure that you deserve a better person than him. Staying single is far better than being with someone who demeans you and makes you feel low about yourself, makes you think that you are not wanted or loved, and ignored every day. And hence it’s essential to value yourself and make him realize your worth.

6. The Waiting Game

If a girl is interested in some guy, she replies to his calls and texts immediately as soon as she gets them. But remember, always being so available and responding to him right away will give him hints and reasons always to take you for granted as per his convenience. Men love to get chased and hence do not get caught so easily. Make him wait as long as it’s needed but make sure it’s not too long that will make him lose interest. It may sound silly, but it always works. It definitely will make him crave for you.


7. Try & Use This Weapon Called ‘Jealously’

Now, this is a little tricky one. Jealousy can make him miss you. But if the weapon is not used wisely, it may also result in ending up the relationship. It entirely depends on how daring you act after a fight or an argument or how long the time has passed, using a little jealousy to provoke him that will kick him into the higher gear.

Using it is as simple as going out for lunch/dinner/coffee with a friend to someplace that you know he likes to visit or posting some random picture on social media with a happy caption. Do not just overload his feed with your posts but make him realize that life would anyway move on with or without him and maybe just what it takes to understand what he has lost.

8. Cook or Book Something Special

If your man is foody and thinks food changes his mind, why not use food to solve the issues. Cook his favorite food or any snack that you know he loves. It is one of the ways that reminds him of you.


9. A Handwritten Note/Letter

It might sound a little stereotype, but it works amazingly in this world of texts and FaceTime how about trying writing a letter full of emotions and love. Pen down all that you feel for him and everything you want him to know.

You never know this letter might melt down his heart and make him feel for you. Also, this letter would always stay with him and remind him of you.

10. If You Feel You’re Being Cheated, End It

After trying all the ways possible, if you still feel nothing is working. You’ve put in all the efforts, and you’re still not happy, and the relationship feels more of a burden and stress, get out of it. Trust us. You’ll feel a lot better with someone who treats you with respect and loves you with all his heart without expecting anything from you.


Relationships are just not easy to handle. It requires so much love, patience, efforts, and trust to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Whereas if you still feel you need to give it a chance after trying all the ways mentioned above and putting in all the efforts, you may also seek assistance from a trained couple counselor to help you work on your relationship management skills.